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Sewer Smell When Bathroom Fan Is On [FIXED]

Nobody wants to use their bathroom, flip the exhaust fan on, and be greeted with the stench of sewage. P-traps installed on your water pipes were created to prevent sewer smells from entering your bathroom. The smell of...

bathroom through open door

6 Alternatives to Exhaust Fans in the Bathroom

Exhaust fans have been the dominant option when it comes to ventilating bathrooms, but are there other possibly better ways to ventilate the bathroom? Bathroom exhaust fans are not your only choice to achieve proper...

bathroom fan condensation

9 Ways to Stop Condensation in Your Bathroom Fan

Condensation and moisture tend to go hand in hand. What happens when the condensation your bathroom fan is supposed to get rid of instead overwhelms your fan? Condensation can build up inside your bathroom fan in many...

bathroom fan fire

Is Leaving a Bathroom Fan on a Fire Hazard?

Most of us believe that the longer we leave our bathroom fans on, the more moisture they will get rid of, but can an overworked bathroom fan become a fire hazard? We tend to run our bathrooms fans and forget about them...

How to Install a Bathroom Fan in a Drop Ceiling

Installing a bathroom fan in a drop ceiling is not much different than installing a fan on a flat ceiling. Although there are a few critical differences in the installation process, you shouldn’t have too much...

mdf baseboards

Can MDF Baseboard Be Used in the Bathroom?

MDF is a popular baseboard material because it is durable enough for most homes while being very inexpensive. But can you rely on MDF to be sufficiently waterproof to use it in the bathroom? MDF (Medium Density...

caulking bathroom baseboards

Should You Caulk Baseboards in the Bathroom?

Caulking is a vital part of your bathroom and is used everywhere, from the bathtub and fixtures to the sink. But should caulking also be used on your bathroom’s baseboards? Caulking your baseboards will help...

girls bathroom

16 Girls Bathroom Ideas That Are Seriously Cool

Bathrooms are a distinctly girly place, but it can be a challenge to help your little girls or older teenage girls really enjoy their bathrooms. Don’t leave your girls’ bathroom a cold and damp space. There are amazing...