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Shower Workout: 6 Exercises to Do in the Shower

Hey there, busy bee!

Feeling like you can’t squeeze a workout into your day?

We’ve got your back (literally)!

Get ready to transform your shower into your own personal fitness zone.

Explore the benefits of shower workouts and discover the 6 shower exercises that will get your blood pumping and leave you feeling energized, all before you even step out of the bathroom!

shower workout

Is It Safe to Work Out in the Shower?

For the most part, it is safe to exercise in the shower, provided the shower is dry.

If you want to exercise with the shower rose spraying down, you may benefit by installing some handrails.

The added benefit of balancing while you exercise in the shower can really help you drop some pounds while you stretch, wiggle, and pull your way through a quick morning exercise routine.

There are a few hazards associated with exercising in the shower, including the following:

Since a shower is a small space, it is quite likely that you may bump your elbows, knees, or head when you bend or flex or stretch your body in the shower.

It could also restrict the full range of motion you may gain from an exercise rather performed on the exercise mat at your local gym.

If you share your home with your family or your partner, then chances are they also want to use the shower in the mornings, which means you won’t be able to exercise in the shower without being told to hurry up.

This can be annoying unless you set a timer and negotiate that you may not be bothered until the timer has run out.

Benefits of Exercising in the Shower

Here are a few benefits of exercising in the shower.

Climate Control

A shower can be a warm and inviting space to do some stretching or light body callanetics in winter.

Where regular exercising may be less appealing in winter because you need to first get out of your warm bed and then go stretch out on a cold mat, a shower is warm and steamy.

Less Sweaty

Following a shower, you can easily do some stretching and lifting while in the shower.

Then it’s simply a matter of a quick rinse and you’re ready to towel down, get dressed, and head into your day.

Added Privacy

Your shower is a private area, and you are unlikely to be disturbed there.

By exercising in the shower, you know you won’t be bothered by your family while you exercise.

Shower as a Warm Up and Cool Down

If you only have so much time in the morning, it really helps to have a quick cheat for a warm up and also to cool down.

By taking a quick hot shower, you can warm up your major muscle groups.

You can then exercise in the shower, and when done, take a second quick shower that is lukewarm to cool and your body will feel invigorated and refreshed.

How to Exercise in the Shower

There are several exercises you can do in the shower.

Consider these according to the body parts they exercise.

The Head

Standing upright in the shower, gently roll your head in a half circle from left to right, keeping your chin on your chest.

When you reach the right shoulder, pause for a moment, then roll your head to the left shoulder.

Repeat three times on each side.


Still standing, gently rotate both shoulders forward for five circles, then reverse and rotate backwards for five circles.

Repeat this in sets of three to a side.

Back Mobility

Standing with your back against one wall in the shower, bring your left arm across your chest and move it over to the right, sliding your left palm as far along the shower wall as you can.

Allow your spine to rotate until you reach a comfortable stretch.

Hold for five seconds, then slowly return to the middle point and repeat on the other side.

Be sure to keep your butt on the wall so your hips face forward.

Upper Body Strength

Standing straight and facing one shower wall, lean forward, placing both hands, palms down, on the opposite wall.

You should be leaning against that wall with the opposite wall supporting your feet so you don’t slip.

Now use your arms to do vertical push-ups by touching the wall with your chin and then pushing away to full arm’s length.

Repeat this for 15 push-ups.

Leg Strength

You don’t have to be a ballerina to benefit from this exercise.

The plié relevé is a great leg strengthening exercise.

In the shower, place your feet together with the heels touching and the toes pointing out as far as you can to the sides.

You can hold onto a wall or a shower grip bar for support as this can be a balance challenge.

Now bend your knees outward, letting your body settle down toward the shower floor.

Pause for three to five seconds, then gently rise up again until you are standing straight.

Be sure to keep your upper body upright with this exercise.

A useful tip is to push your chest outward when you bend or rise.

This prevents your back from curving unnaturally at the shoulders.

Repeat this downward and outward bend at least three to five times.

Let Rip and Dance

Why not dance in the shower?

While you soap up, swing your arms, shake your hips, and stamp your feet while holding onto a shower grip bar (of course).

Safety Tips When Exercising in the Shower

Showering and exercising aren’t mutually exclusive.

Avoid applying soap to the bottoms of your feet while exercising, and try to keep your hands rinsed of soap too.

Using a rubber shower mat to help you avoid slipping in the shower is a great idea.

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If your shower doesn’t have safety rails installed, it’s a good idea to do so.

Not only will these rails help you avoid falling, but they are also great aids for exercises.

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