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Can You Put a Shower Curtain Over Glass Shower Doors?

Glass shower doors are elegant, cost-effective, and easy to clean. They can quickly elevate the space from dated to modern and even make your tiny bathroom look much larger than it really is.

Unfortunately, glass shower doors provide little to no privacy. That becomes a problem when you’re not living alone.

One of the possible solutions to ensure privacy in the bathroom is to put shower curtains over your glass shower doors.

Is that a viable option? Let’s find out.

shower curtain over glass shower doors

Shower Curtains Pros and Cons

With traditional shower curtains, you get good and bad.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of shower curtains and find out whether they are the best option for your bathroom. 


  • Lots of different colors, patterns, and materials to choose from

  • Low-cost compared to alternatives


  • Not easy to clean. If you want to wash the curtains thoroughly, you must remove them first

  • Tend to attract soap scum, bacteria, and mold since they get damp pretty often and don’t dry fast. That means they become unsanitary quickly, so you have to replace them after a while

Can You Put a Shower Curtain Over Your Glass Shower Door?

Despite having a glass shower door, you can still use a shower curtain for added privacy.

To put a shower curtain on the glass shower door simply place a spring shower curtain rod on top of the shower door and between the shower walls. Use rings or clips to attach the shower curtain to the rod.

One thing to note is keeping the shower curtain on the inside of the glass door. This way, the curtain will provide privacy while protecting the glass from soap scum and water stains. You can easily remove this shower curtain setup if you want to showcase the clear shower glass alone.

Decorating Glass Shower Doors with Shower Curtain

Vinyl shower curtains are the most common option, but vinyl doesn’t really match the modern aesthetic of glass shower doors. If you are looking for better alternatives that will look good with your shower glass, consider these shower curtain options.

Cotton Shower Curtain

Cotton has a natural appearance that complements well with the minimalistic style of glass shower doors. Both soft and strong, it is perfect for creating a homey, natural aesthetic in the shower.

Cotton shower curtains are also easy to clean since they are machine washable. And if you are looking for one, consider getting a cotton-polyester blend since it’s less likely to shrink when you wash it.

Hemp Shower Curtain

Hemp fabric is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to plastic or vinyl shower curtains. It’s sustainable, eco-friendly, and water-resistant. Hemp shower curtains don’t absorb water easily, so they are less likely to become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Therefore, you don’t have to wash them as often as cotton curtains.

The downside to hemp is that it can feel a bit rough and a little more difficult to clean than cotton, although it becomes softer with washing.

Rollup Shower Blinds

Since shower glass is pretty modern, shower blinds are perfect since they fit well with the modern design. It’s still a lot like a traditional shower curtain but one that rolls up like a window blind.

This alternative gives you plenty of customization in terms of color, style, texture, and even the degree of privacy. You can roll down the shower blind to the desired length and roll it up when not in use, keeping it completely out of the way.

If you want privacy in the shower without a shower curtain hanging, rollup shower blinds can give a cleaner, less-cluttered look. But when rolling up the blind, make sure it’s 100% dry, otherwise, mildew and mold may grow in the metal housing.

Other Ways to Add Privacy to Glass Shower Doors

If privacy is the issue with your shower glass, there are also alternatives other than shower curtains.

Frosted Glass Shower Doors

If you want to use glass doors in your shower while maintaining privacy, frosted glass shower doors may be a suitable choice. Frosted glass shower doors are not as transparent as clear glass shower doors. Their glass surface is treated in several ways to give it a certain percentage of opacity. At the same time, frosted doors allow light in, keeping the impression of wide bathroom space intact.

Use Window Decals

Window clings and decals also work for glass shower doors, giving you instant privacy. You can use any decal that works on glass windows or car windows, so you’ll have plenty of design options to choose from.

Apply a Window Film

Another inexpensive alternative for added shower privacy is window films. And unlike decals, window films are non-adhesive. So, if you apply it to the glass shower door but notice that it’s slightly skewed, you can easily re-apply.

Style and design options for windows films include fully opaque, color-tinted, and frosted with various degrees of privacy.

Get a Folding Screen

A Japanese shoji screen is a fantastic addition to the bathroom if the space is large enough. The beauty of this option is you can use the screen if you require privacy in the shower and fold it when you don’t need it. Plus, shoji screens complement many decors and give the shower a nice spa element.

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