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Why Does My Shower Curtain Blow In and How to Stop It

Sick of a wet shower curtain blowing in and sticking to you mid-shower?

We’ve all been there!

But ditching the curtain isn’t the answer.

Learn the reasons behind this annoying phenomenon and how to keep your shower curtain from blowing in with some nifty tricks.

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Why Does the Shower Curtain Blow In?

Before we discuss how to keep the shower curtain from billowing, let’s find out what’s causing it first.

So, why does the shower curtain blow in?

The most common reason for the shower curtain to blow in while you take a hot shower is the temperature inside the shower.

The hot air inside the shower, generated by the hot water, rises, and the cold air from outside the shower replaces it.

That cold air is heavier and pushes against the base of the curtain; hence, making the shower curtain billow in.

While the first reason is only true for hot showers, you may still have been attacked by the shower curtain while taking a cold shower.

This is because the strength of the shower stream can generate a pressure difference (regardless of the water temperature) which causes a change in air pressure resulting in a blowing shower curtain. 

As the showerhead releases a stream of water, a gust of air comes along with it, causing the air pressure to drop surrounding the flow of water.

This same drop allows the air outside of the shower to force its way in, whooshing the shower curtain inward.

Any swirling air inside the shower can also be the reason for the curtain blowing in and sticking to your skin while showering.

This may be from different sources, like an open bathroom window or your bathroom fan.

How to Keep Your Shower Curtain From Blowing In

Whatever the cause of the shower curtain flying at you every time you take a shower, there are some simple ways to fix this problem.

Wet the Bottom of the Shower Curtain

Wet the bottom portion of the shower curtain with water, but make sure to do this before you take a shower.

The damp part of the shower curtain will be heavier when it is wet, so it will be harder for the cold air from outside the shower to blow the curtain inwards.

Part of the curtain, the dry part in the middle, will likely get blown in still, but it won’t reach you or stick to your skin while you are taking a shower anymore.

Use a Heavy Shower Curtain

If the difference in pressure between the air inside and outside the shower can easily blow the curtain inwards, the shower curtain you have is likely too thin and lightweight.

Similar to wetting the bottom of the curtain to create weight, you can also fix the problem by simply buying a heavier shower curtain.

If you’re okay with getting a new shower curtain, go for one made with a heavier material.

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Another option is to use a dual-layer curtain, or two curtains hanging side by side.

This will stop the airflow from each side, thus, preventing each of them from billowing.

Add in a Thick Shower Curtain Liner

If you don’t have a liner with your shower curtain, it might be a good time to think about getting one.

A shower curtain-liner combo makes it harder for the airflow to blow the curtain inwards.

Similar to choosing a new shower curtain, however, you should pick a heavier curtain liner instead of a lightweight and inexpensive option.

You can typically find shower curtain liners in various thicknesses from gauge-3 to gauge-10.

Thicker and heavier versions are less likely to blow in while you’re in the shower.

Use Shower Curtain Clips

Another way to keep the shower curtain from blowing in is to use curtain clips.

Curtain clips are peel-and-stick clips that are attached to the wall in your shower.

Shower curtain clips usually serve as a way to reduce splashes when taking a shower, but clamping one side of your curtain can also prevent the curtain from blowing in or wrapping around your body.

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Suction Cups and Binder Clips Combo

If you don’t want to spend extra money on new curtain clips, perhaps you have suction cups and binder clips at home.

These two items are also effective at keeping the shower curtain in place while you shower.

Attach a pair of suction cups to the wall on either side.

Clip the binder clips to your shower curtain and use the wire lip to secure the curtain on the nubs of the suction cups whenever you take a shower.

If you want something reasonably aesthetic and are willing to spend a bit more money, you can also purchase curtain clips with suction cups and attach them to the wall to hold the shower curtain in place.

Hang Something from the Shower Curtain Rod

Another DIY solution to keep the shower curtain from attacking you while showering is to hang an item of considerable weight on the shower rod.

You can hang anything that will add weight, but a hanging shower organizer is a good idea.

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This will do two things: 1) keep the shower curtain from blowing and sticking to your upper body and 2) provide extra storage space for your shower products.

A great way to weigh down your shower curtains and prevent them from billowing is by using magnets.

Place magnets near the bottom of the curtain, and they should hold each other in place, no sewing needed.

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Attach Large Washers

If you don’t want to spend your money on curtain weights or if you can’t find one that works for your setup, washers will work as well.

You probably already have them at home, and if not, you can easily and cheaply get them from home improvement centers and hardware stores.

A large washer or a couple of smaller washers looped together can be stitched on each side of the bottom part of the shower curtain to keep it from blowing in.

It may not be the most aesthetically pleasing option, but you can always paint the washers to match your shower curtain, so they don’t stick out so much.

Use Fish Sinkers

If you have fish sinkers, you can hand stitch a couple of them at the bottom of the shower curtain instead of the washers.

Plus, they don’t rust and can add some interesting designs!

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