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Is It a Bad Idea to Brush Your Teeth in the Shower?

To brush or not to brush… your teeth in the shower? That’s the question.

Some say it’s okay and has its advantages while others think it’s just gross.

Let’s find out if there’s really a difference.

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Brushing Your Teeth in the Shower – Is It Gross or Just Fine?

The primary concern of brushing your teeth in the shower is all about hygiene and sanitation.

Having cleaned your shower recently, you probably noticed how much dirt and grime accumulate there.

There is also the possibility of mold and mildew growth. And don’t forget the musty, nasty odor in the bathroom when you skipped your weekly cleaning.

Now, would you really want to be brushing your teeth there?

Why Do Some People Brush in the Shower?

So, if the shower is not the most sanitary place in a house, why do some people brush their teeth there? There are several reasons.

For some, brushing in the shower seems like a great idea to save on water bills. Other people brush their teeth in the shower because that’s their only option. For example, when they are living in dorm rooms without a kitchenette or proper sink. Some people choose to brush in the shower to save time during a hectic morning.

Is Brushing Teeth in the Shower Sanitary?

Considering what goes on in the shower, including the nearby toilet, brushing your teeth there doesn’t seem the most sanitary thing to do.

It’s not a secret that the shower and bath is often the grossest place in a house, usually a breeding ground for bacteria and bugs. Brushing in the shower and leaving your toothbrush there exposes you to a greater variety of germs, which could lead to unwanted health problems.

The Pros and Cons of Brushing Teeth in the Shower

If you are like most people, you assume brushing your teeth twice a day is the most important thing. It’s always better to brush your teeth than not brush them at all, no matter where you brush them. And while it’s mostly true, brushing your teeth specifically in the shower has its pros and cons.

Reasons to Brush Teeth in the Shower

So, why is brushing your teeth in the shower might be a good idea:

  • It May Save Water. It is probably one of the most common reasons why people choose to brush their teeth in the shower. Many believe that it conserves water, but it still depends on your habit. Do you let the shower tap run as you brush your teeth in the shower? If that’s the case, you’re more likely wasting than saving water.

  • It Could Create Less Mess. For others, brushing their teeth in the same place where they wash up or take a shower means there will be only one place that gets messy and that they have to clean afterward. Ultimately, however, it doesn’t make a huge impact when it comes to the bathroom’s cleanliness.

  • It Could Save You Time. By far, this is the most common reason why some people brush their teeth in the shower.  But brushing your teeth only takes a few minutes, which is very little time saved compared to the hygiene you’re most likely sacrificing.

Reasons NOT to Brush Teeth in the Shower

Now, why would brushing your teeth in the shower be a bad idea?

  • You May Not be Brushing Your Teeth Thoroughly Without a Mirror. Let’s face it, brushing your teeth in front of a mirror helps a lot when it comes to brushing thoroughly. When you brush your teeth in the shower, you don’t have a mirror to see what you’ve missed or how you’re doing.

  • You May Become Distracted in the Shower. There are a lot of things that could distract your teeth-brushing while in the shower. Whether it’s the inviting, warm water flowing or you wanting to belt out your shower song, it might hinder you from dedicating at least a full two minutes to brush your teeth thoroughly.

  • Flossing is Impossible. If daily flossing is part of your oral hygiene, that’s almost impossible to do while in the shower.

  • It Encourages Bacteria Growth on Your Toothbrush. Lastly, bacteria growth is the most serious downside of brushing your teeth in the shower. The damp and warm shower environment is the best place to encourage bacteria and mold to grow. Those who brush in the shower most likely leave their toothbrush there as well, exposing it to harmful effects of both.

It’s easy to see that the consequences of brushing your teeth in the shower far outweigh its pros. While you can still brush your teeth in the shower if you need to, it’s best to avoid making it a habit.

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