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15 Alternatives to Shower Curtains to Spice Up Your Bathroom

Tired of the same old shower curtain?

You’re not alone!

While traditional shower curtains have served us well, they can be prone to mold, emit harmful chemicals, and simply feel outdated.

There’s a whole world of stylish and functional shower curtain alternatives waiting to transform your bathroom experience.

This guide explores 15 innovative ideas to keep water contained and add a touch of personality to your shower space.

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Plastic Shower Curtain Alternatives

Whether you want a more eco-friendly shower curtain alternative or simply want to embrace a more natural aesthetic for your shower space, these curtain alternatives will give your shower a fantastic upgrade.

1. Natural Linen Shower Curtain

Pure linen is attractive and luxurious, and this fabric can transform any shower space.

Moreover, it is a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to plastic and vinyl shower curtains.

Our Top Pick
Natural Linen Shower Curtain, 72"L x 72"W, Various Color Options

Made from flax linen fabric, it retains natural speckled texture that is soft and light on the skin. The subtle linen flecks and cross-hatch texture on the fabric creates a unique and elegant look, bringing a neutral cozy to your bathroom.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
04/15/2024 11:06 am GMT

Linen is lightweight and breathable, and while it adds a level of privacy, it can still let light pass through.

It also absorbs moisture and dries quickly after you take your shower.

This natural, bio-friendly shower curtain alternative is a lot more sustainable than traditional shower curtains.

You can throw it in the washing machine for regular cleaning.

When using this alternative, remember to hang the linen using rustproof metal grommets to extend its usable life.

2. Polished Cotton Shower Curtain

Cotton is a common material for bed linens, but did you know it’s also an affordable yet classy alternative to plastic shower curtains?

Cotton fabric is simple, not expensive, and you can craft it to your unique taste and preference.

Our Top Pick
HALL & PERRY 100% Cotton Shower Curtain with Tassels, 72"x72"

The curtain is made with 100% cotton fabric that has a linen like texture and quality.

Important Note: This shower curtain is not waterproof so please remember to put a waterproof liner behind the curtain!

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
04/15/2024 11:14 am GMT

It’s also easily washable, making it a better option than plastic shower curtains.


Opt for organic cotton if you want a healthier and bio-friendly alternative to shower curtains.

3. Hemp Shower Curtain

Hemp is another excellent alternative to traditional shower curtains.

This underused fabric is thin and light, providing enough privacy while you take a shower while still allowing a lot of natural light in.

Natural and Non Toxic
Bean Products Hemp Shower Curtain Size: 70" x 74"

This high quality shower curtain can be used with a tub, bath or stall shower. These shower curtains are all handmade with all natural and non toxic materials unlike other conventional shower curtains.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
04/15/2024 08:11 am GMT

The natural pale brown coloring of hemp fabric also works great for a farmhouse aesthetic in your bathroom.

It will also complement well with a minimalist style for your shower and a neutral color palette.

Besides that, hemp is a natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial fabric material.

It also dries quickly after getting soaked while you shower.

4. Macramé Shower Curtain

Add a unique bohemian look to your shower with a macramé curtain.

Our Top Pick
Large Macramé Boho Curtain, 50" W x 78" L

Each piece is intricately handwoven, with beautiful fringes that enhance its design. These curtains add a touch of elegance to your home décor. Can be used as a macramé shower curtain.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
04/15/2024 11:28 am GMT

Instead of weaving, macramé uses knotting techniques to create one-of-a-kind designs and patterns using ropes and yarns.

If you love the relaxed and homey boho-chic vibe, this macramé shower curtain can spice up your shower space.

You can buy a macramé shower hanger or make one yourself.

Lavish Your Shower Beyond Curtains

There are many ways to reinvent your shower space if you are tired of shower curtains.

These will require a little more investment, time, and effort to install but are excellent alternatives to plain, old shower curtains if you want a lavish-looking shower.

5. Salvaged Wooden Door

If you have an unused wooden frame at home, you don’t have to throw it out yet.

A salvaged wooden door would make an incredible and inexpensive alternative to shower curtains.

Repurposed wood, especially an old door with intricate detailing, can add a unique farmhouse style to your shower.


Remember to treat the wood, especially the side facing the shower, to protect it and extend its usable life.

6. Repurposed Metal

Besides old wooden doors, you can also repurpose metal panels and install them in exchange for your old shower curtain.

Whether you have an old metal sheet lying around at home, find it from a thrift store, vintage shop, or yard sale, this shower curtain alternative is still one of the cheapest options. 

Think outside the box and let out your inner bohemian.


Extend the life of your repurposed metal shower panel by treating the metal with special oils and alloys to prevent rusting.

7. Repurposed Window Partition

Here’s another DIY project to reinvent your shower space beyond adding traditional shower curtains.

An old window may seem like junk, but you can give it a new lease on life and give your shower a uniquely eclectic and bohemian vibe.

Whether you keep the window panels clear or install stained or frosted glass depends on your style and preference.


Treat the window panel, may it be wood or metal, to prevent damage, especially mold, mildew, fungus, and rotting for wooden panels.

8. Shower Screen

By installing shower screens in place of shower curtains, you can inject a sense of mystery into your bathroom.

A frosted screen can add an elegant pattern to any shower and bathroom space.

There are many delicate patterns you can choose from, but any of them can wonderfully bring a shimmering appeal that curtains can’t.

Besides aesthetics, shower screens are also incredibly functional.

You won’t have to worry about water splashing all over the bathroom while you shower.

Plus, the frosted design lets light into the shower while still giving you privacy.

9. Mirror Panel

Mirror panels are old but still an incredibly effective trick to make any space enjoyable, including your shower.

It’s a great alternative to shower curtains if you want a permanent fixture, but besides that, a mirror panel also adds a classic style to your shower and bathroom space.

Additionally, it works both as a protective panel to keep water from splashing everywhere and as a full-length mirror.

There’s also an attractive benefit you can get from installing a mirror panel, like creating an illusion that makes the bathroom more spacious than it actually is.

10. Shower Blinds

Do you want to exchange your old shower curtains for a more modern look in your shower?

Shower blinds are a modern concept and a great alternative to hanging curtains in your shower.

No Rods, No Hooks, No Rings!
Rollup Shower Curtain for Bathroom, 100% PEVA, 56"x95"

This shower roller blind is a revolutionary concept in shower curtains!

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
04/15/2024 08:21 am GMT

It’s especially useful if you have a shower bathtub combo since you can roll it up when you take a bath and roll the blinds down if you want privacy while you shower.


Make sure the shower blinds are 100% dry before rolling it back up into the metal housing to avoid mold and mildew growing.

11. Pivot Shower Door

If you want a simple shower curtain alternative for your walk-in shower, you can install a pivot shower door.

You can find one made of plastic or glass, but the glass option gives a more modern feel to your space.

If you want better privacy while showering, you can texture or stain the glass.

12. Sliding Glass Panel Door

If you want a modern look in exchange for the dusty, old shower curtain, a sliding glass panel door will work great.

It can keep the shower splash contained and looks a lot more elegant than a shower curtain.

This sliding glass panel is a better option if you have a tiny shower or a shower bathtub combo compared to a pivot door.

Privacy can be an issue with a glass panel, but that is an easy fix.

You can simply add shading or patterns to the glass panels to give you enough privacy while in the shower.

13. Glass Tile Enclosure

This option might take more time and money to install but can upgrade your shower into something more luxurious.

Installing glass tiles around your shower area will not only keep your bathroom floor dry while you are showering but will make your shower look stylish and expensive almost forever.

Glass tiles are classic and will always look on-trend.

It’s also impervious to water and relatively low maintenance.

Make Every Shower a Tropical Getaway

You don’t have to go on vacation to feel like you’re on vacation.

Treat yourself with a pseudo getaway every time you shower with these simple shower curtain alternatives that can make you feel like you’re somewhere in the tropics.

14. Bamboo Shower Panels

Bamboo is an eco-friendly and sustainable material, and while you can mostly see it as garden panels, you can also install it in exchange for shower curtains.

It brings a visually appealing tropical look and relaxing vibe into your shower.

For this, you can get bamboo and wire it together to make a shower panel or buy pre-made panels.

Either way, hopping into the shower will feel like you’re taking a rinse somewhere on a beautiful island. 


Choose bamboo shower panels that have been treated against fungi, water damage, and rot.

15. Hanging Plants

Add a bit of tropical creativity to your shower by hanging plants in exchange for curtains.

Some of the best plants you can use for your shower are Peace Lily, English Ivy, Ferns, and Spider Plants.

You can even hang them using macramé plant hangers to add a more exotic vibe. 

Adding plants to your shower space is an excellent way to introduce color, life, and oxygen for a more uplifting shower experience.

Upgrade Your Shower With Curtain Alternatives

Let your inner designer out when looking for the best alternatives to shower curtains.

There are tons of ways to upgrade your space to level up your shower experience, depending on your budget, style, and the vibe you want to achieve.

No matter what you prefer or want, avoiding the traditional shower curtain is a piece of cake with these alternatives.

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