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How to Clean Your Bathroom and Toilet with Shaving Cream

Let’s face it. You’ve probably tried using different cleaning products in the bathroom, especially on the floors. But stains and smells can still stick like a sore thumb.

Did you know that shaving cream is the new super cleaner for the bathroom? It can rival most commercial toilet bowl cleaners you’ve been using.

Plus, it could be the new miracle cure for a very common bathroom problem – the smell of urine that you can’t seem to get rid of no matter how well you clean the bathroom floor!

Here’s how and why you should clean your bathroom with shaving cream.

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Can Shaving Cream Clean the Bathroom?

Shaving cream is used to lubricate and moisturize facial hair, softening it up so you can shave it easily. So, what does it have to do with cleaning the bathroom?

Well, if you took some time when reading the ingredients listed on your shaving cream label, you would notice that it contains substances similar to ingredients in most home cleaning products and household soaps.

For instance, shaving cream contains active ingredients like emulsifiers, surfactants, and cleansing agents. All of these are responsible for the foaming and cleaning properties of shaving cream, allowing it to dissolve many types of stubborn bathroom stains.

Can Shaving Cream Remove Urine Smell in a Toilet?

Besides removing stains, shaving cream can also remove the odor of urine from your toilet bowl. Shaving cream has a pleasant scent that is excellent for eliminating urine’s foul odor.

But more than that, the foaming properties and thick consistency of shaving cream allow it to access and clean hard-to-reach areas like behind the toilet and in between bathroom tiles. That makes it effective in destroying uric acid crystals thoroughly, so no foul smell is left after you’re done cleaning.

It’s important to note that while it’s okay to use shaving cream on bathroom floors you should not use shaving cream if you have wooden floors installed. Wood is highly absorbent, and shaving cream can damage your wood floor’s finish, causing discoloration and warping over time.

How to Clean the Bathroom with Shaving Cream

The next time you need to clean the bathroom, grab that can of shaving cream from your bathroom shelf instead of your usual toilet bowl cleaner. The brand doesn’t matter. Any shaving cream you have lying around will work for cleaning the bathroom floor, doors, and bathroom mirror.

Here’s how to clean different parts of your bathroom with shaving cream.

Cleaning Bathroom Floor with Shaving Cream

Oftentimes, the floor of a bathroom is a haven for dust, soap scum, mold, and mildew. It can even smell like urine, and the smell can be especially bad if you have young children. Weekly cleaning is necessary to sanitize and keep your floors spot-free. But what if your usual bathroom floor cleaner just doesn’t cut it?

It’s time to try using shaving cream to clean your bathroom floors.

Step 1. Take out all items lying on the bathroom floor so you have a clear space to clean.

Step 2. Wear gloves and begin applying shaving cream on your bathroom floor. You’ll probably end up using a lot of shaving cream depending on how massive your bathroom is, although you will only need a thin layer of cream. Make sure you apply the foam on all parts of the floor, especially corners, under the sink, and around the toilet. You can use a small brush to reach hard-to-access areas. 

Step 3. Once you’re done, allow the shaving cream to rest on the floor for at least 15 minutes, but don’t let it dry out on the surface.

Step 4. Using a squeegee, wipe the shaving cream away. You can use a dustpan for collecting the shaving cream.

Step 5. Once you’ve removed most of the shaving cream from the floor, use a wet rag to remove whatever cream remains on the surface. If not a rag, you can also use a damp mop.

Step 6. Let the bathroom floor dry naturally, and you will have a clean and odor-free bathroom.

Shaving cream effectively cleans out bathroom floors and gets rid of those awful, lingering smells, whether it’s from urine or mold and mildew growing in the area. But you can also use it with several other homemade cleaning solutions like vinegar to get even better results. Vinegar and shaving cream mixed together is good for disinfecting and deep cleaning of the bathroom floor.

Cleaning a Glass Shower Door with Shaving Cream

Doors are another part of the bathroom that gets dirty and stained after a while. Soap scum, dust, and hard water can stick to it, leaving the surface with yucky stains and chalk-like film. Stains on shower doors can also be due to mold and mildew growth as a result of poor bathroom ventilation.

Dirt is never a good sight for any glass shower door, but shaving cream can help keep it clean and shiny.

Step 1. Spray shaving cream on the bathroom glass door surface and make sure to spread the foam around, covering every part of the glass door.

Step 2. Let the foaming cream do its work, especially if there are stubborn stains on the glass surface. Leave it for a couple of minutes before following the next step.

Step 3. Get a clean, dry rag and start wiping the foam away from the bathroom door. If there are any remaining stains on the surface, spot clean them with shaving cream, then wipe the door off again after a few minutes.

Shaving cream should clean stains and scum from your glass shower door. It will also leave a shiny film in its wake, making it harder for dust and soap scum to stick to the surface. The film on the glass will also lead to little or no fogging.

Cleaning Bathroom Mirror with Shaving Cream

Shaving cream isn’t only for cleaning purposes. It is also perfect for making the bathroom mirror less foggy, which is pretty common if you love hot showers and baths. The fog is caused by water vapors settling on the mirror’s surface. Yes, you can always wipe the fog away with a clean microfiber cloth, but have you noticed that there’s still a slight fogginess left behind after a couple of minutes?

Meanwhile, if you clean the bathroom mirror with shaving cream, it can get rid of fog quickly and make your mirror fog-free for several weeks.

Step 1. Spray a small amount of shaving cream on your bathroom mirror. Make sure to cover the entire mirror from top to bottom and side to side.

Step 2. Wipe the shaving cream off using a dry microfiber towel. Never use abrasive materials or a rough sponge during this step to avoid damaging the mirror’s surface.

There’s no need to rinse the shaving cream from the mirror with water. You’ll find that your bathroom mirror is spotless and sparkling after just wiping it down with a towel.

Using shaving cream on your bathroom mirror makes an awesome cleaning routine at least once or twice a month or when the mirror could use a wipe down.

Shaving Cream Is a Great Option for Cleaning Bathroom 

There are plenty of potential sources of dirt, stains, and other gross smells in your bathroom. Dust is pretty common, plus the usual soap scum and mineral buildup if you have hard water issues. Urine and its smell with stale air are also contributing factors to the gross smell in your bathroom.

If your usual bathroom cleaners and conventional cleaning methods are not enough to get rid of stains and odors, shaving cream can help. It has most of the same ingredients found in cleaning products but also has other properties that make cleaning the bathroom more effective.

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