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The Pros And Cons Of Black Bathroom Fixtures

Black bathroom fixtures are very popular at the moment but have their own set of challenges.

You may wonder if black bathroom fixtures are really worth all the drama and cost.

Let’s look at the range of black bathroom fixtures and see if they will work in your home.

black bathroom faucet

What Are [Common] Black Bathroom Fixtures?

Traditionally, bathroom fixtures such as tubs, basins, shower pans, and toilets have been white in color.

The pristine white ceramic surface or enamel coating on cast iron tubs have served homeowners well in creating a clean-looking bathroom that fits with most ceramic tiles, paint schemes, and PVC panels.

The white or silver bathroom fixtures trend has changed. Different color enamels and ceramics made their appearance.

Today, we have black bathroom fixture sets taking the bathroom market by storm. You can buy black bathroom fixtures like taps, mixers or faucets, drain covers, showerheads, shower hoses, bathtub faucets, bathtubs, shower trays, and even toilets.

If you want, you can opt for an all-black bathroom from floor to ceiling.

Faucets And Tapware 

Taps and faucets are available in all-black finishes, black with gold, or black and different color enamel trim. A black and chrome faucet makes a stunning feature statement in an all-white bathroom.

There are also different shapes, shades of black, and types of black finishes available. You can choose from black finishes like enamel and black coatings in PVC and resin too.

Nothing completes a contemporary, ultra-chic, or stylish look like modern black bathroom faucets and matching black taps.

Bathtubs, Toilets, And Sinks 

Why not mix your bathroom fixtures with black toilets, bathtubs, and sinks too?

You can choose between black fiberglass bathtubs and black enamel cast iron tubs. Or you can choose a black toilet in high gloss ceramic to match the black sink that can be either black glass or black ceramic.


In addition to the black tapware and fixtures like toilets and shower pans, you can also buy black fittings to complement your bathroom or kitchen scheme.

Consider a black towel rail or black air vent covers. Black door handles can add to the look.


If you are going for an industrial look, black shower rails, shower pipes, and the pipes or flexi hose under your basins can also be completed in a black finish.

Difference Between Matte Black And Glossy Black Fixtures

When choosing your next black bathroom fittings set, you may have to opt for a matte black or a glossy black fixture set. A matte black fixture set has muted black tones, while a glossy black fixture set has a high gloss, tinted enamel appearance.

A matte black fixture set may not show scrapes and scratches as easily, but when it is damaged, it will be harder to repair. When choosing a glossy black fixture set, you will have to be careful as the high gloss will show off every scrape and nick. Repairing high gloss can be somewhat easier though as a clear glaze layer can be applied to remove any imperfections.

What Are Matte Black Bathroom Fixtures?

A matte black bathroom fixture such as faucets, plumbing, taps, and towel rails may have been sprayed with a black finish over the standard steel or galvanized taps. A powdered pigment is loaded into a sealant that is sprayed onto the steel fittings, creating the matte black appearance.

What Are Glossy Black Bathroom Fixtures?

While a glossy black bathroom fixture is made by spraying the bathroom fixtures or using a shiny black enamel coating over the cast iron bathtub, there are some small differences in manufacturing.

For starters, the black pigment is sealed with a clear layer that gives the black bathroom fixtures a glossy finish. Depending on the style, the fixture may also have been finished in a clear coat that has glossy metallic shavings to add luster and sparkle for a high gloss finish.

Matte Black Bathroom Fixtures Pros And Cons

Choosing matte black bathroom fixtures has several pros and cons that make these either really great or terrible choices, depending on your unique bathroom setup


  • Matte black faucets are very stylish and look striking in any bathroom scheme.

  • Matte black or powder black bathroom fixtures are ideal for a hygienic look that will require little maintenance, where a high sheen surface requires constant wiping and may show marks.

  • When choosing a matte black bathtub or shower pan, you are assured that any minor nicks and scrapes will be hidden in the matte finish. Minor nicks won’t become glaring flaws.


  • Matte black bathroom fixtures can easily appear dull if your bathroom is dark.

  • Over time, matte black bathroom faucets will fade from being handled often. The powder coating will rub through and you will have unsightly marks that require respraying.

  • Poor quality matte black bathroom fixtures can chip and nick if the coating is not well-applied or too thin. This can result in an unsightly polkadot appearance.

Can You Paint Your Existing Faucets Matte Black?

You may be tempted to paint your existing faucets black. After all, isn’t it simply a case of unscrewing them, placing them in a box and spray painting them? It’s not quite that simple.

Yes, you can paint existing faucets black if your current faucets are good quality and not a simple galvanized finish. To ensure your paint job lasts, choose the best quality paint, preferably something in an epoxy base. You would also have to apply a clear coat to seal the paint from water and prevent it rubbing off with friction.

The bottom line is that even the best paint faucets matte black project will eventually rub and wear away, becoming an eyesore so it’s better to buy black faucets.

Glossy Black Bathroom Fixtures Pros And Cons

Glossy black bathroom fixtures have their own set of pros and cons to keep in mind when choosing to go all black in your bathroom.


  • A modern bathroom thrives on shine. Choosing chrome and black bathroom faucets is a classic style statement that will leave your guests thrilled to wash up.

  • With many black bathroom appliances making an appearance, you can complete the look with your high sheen black bathroom scale, black bathroom humidifier, and now glossy black bathroom faucet and towel rail.

  • To make things convenient, glossy black bathroom fixture sets are available online at reasonable prices, and the quality looks fairly good when you choose a gloss finish.


  • High gloss black faucets tend to show dirt and hard water buildup much easier than matte black or regular bathroom ware do.

  • Tapware and faucets require regular maintenance to change out tap washers and clean out clogged pipes. This means clamping and turning taps with wrenches, which can result in scratches and marks.

  • High gloss black bathroom fixtures and taps have a serious flaw in that you can’t clean them with any wax or chemically based cleaning products as these will strip away the clear coat that keeps the black fixtures glossy.

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