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How to Shave Your Legs in the Shower or Bathtub

If you prefer waxing or lasering, you may have never had the issue of how to shave your legs in the bathtub or shower before.

However, shaving your legs can be challenging. It takes some coordination to get into all the bends and corners without scraping or nicking yourself.

Shaving in the bath or shower starts with exfoliating. Lubricate your leg hair with a good-quality shaving foam, use a sharp razor, and be sure to place your leg firmly on the side of the bath or on the shower bench. Use long even strokes to shave, then rinse, moisturize, and enjoy.

It sounds easy to glide your razor and have smooth and silky legs, but what if I told you there’s an easy way, with some preparation, to get the perfect and easy leg shave. 

With this step-by-step guide, you will learn to shave your legs like a pro in the shower or bathtub.

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Is It Safe to Shave Legs in the Shower or Bathtub?

Shaving your legs can be done in both the shower or bathtub. Where you shave your legs is really a personal choice more than about safety.

Whether in the tub or shower, the goal is to get a close shave without nicking or cutting yourself, and most importantly, without falling over or slipping.

The benefit of shaving in the bath is that you can’t really slip and fall since you are seated in the tub.

In the shower, you have the benefit of being able to reach all of your legs while propping them up on the shower bench or using a shower seat.

Safety in the shower or bath is about preventing slipping and the pain and injury of a dangerous fall. Statistics indicate that a staggering 235,000 people in the U.S visit their emergency rooms for bathroom-related falls.

Being able to safely and successfully shave can help prevent you becoming one of these statistics.

Should You Shave Your Legs Before or After a Shower?

The fact is that hair which has been wetted or soaked in water is softer and shaves more easily. Shaving legs before a shower will increase the risk of shaving cuts and nicks as the dry hair will pull more easily, drawing the skin under the blade.

After a shower, your leg hair will be softer, and they will shave much more easily. It is then a simple matter of rinsing or wiping your legs to get rid of any remaining shaving foam and hair bits.

Is It Better to Shave in the Bath or Shower?

There are several pros and cons to shaving in the bath or shower.

A bath will give you softer leg hair that will cut or shave much better. However, a shower can give you better access to your legs and any other parts of your body you wish to shave. With the aid of a shower bench, it is much better and easier to shave in the shower.

Of course, there are cons to either of these options. Shaving in the bath comes with the additional threat of slipping when getting in or out. There is also the risk of slipping and cutting yourself.

Showering has the risk of feeling dizzy and fainting in the shower. While standing in the shower can seem like an ideal way to shave all the curves in your legs, this isn’t for everyone.

To shave successfully in the shower requires good balance and coordination as you need to prop one leg up on a shower bench or on a plastic seat.

Which is better? That depends on your personal preference and what you find easier.

How to Shave Legs in the Shower

To shave your legs in the shower, it is best to first wet your legs, then switch off the shower faucet.

Apply your favorite shaving foam or other shaving product, use a sharp razor, lift one leg up on the shower bench, and shave in slow long strokes. Once you’ve shaved one leg, shave your other leg.

If you have a small shower that doesn’t have a bench like most walk-in showers do, you may need to brace your back against one wall and press your foot against the opposite wall, which may be uncomfortable if you need to hold the position for a while.

Once you’ve finished shaving, open the shower faucet or taps and rinse your body completely, being sure to remove any shaving foam as leftover foam on your skin can cause irritation.

How to Shave Legs in the Bathtub

In the bathtub, it’s best to soak your legs for five minutes to soften the hair.

Then raise one leg against the side of the bath, apply shaving foam, use a sharp razor, and shave in overlapping strokes. Then proceed to the other leg.

Be sure to rinse thoroughly and apply a moisturizing lotion to finish off that perfect look.


Is it better to shave legs at night or in the morning?

For a smoother look, it is best to shave your legs in the morning before going out. Leg hair can grow by up to 0.27 mm per day, so even half a day of growth can lead to your legs no longer being smooth.

How often should I shave my legs?

This is a personal choice. Some people choose not to shave their leg hair at all. If you wish to maintain a smooth leg, then shaving daily is advisable. This will prevent ingrown hairs and keep that smooth look.

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