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What Is a Shower Bench and 5 Reasons You’ll Want One

Imagine shaving your legs comfortably, enjoying a soothing steam, or simply taking a break during your shower.

Shower benches offer a wealth of practical and luxurious benefits.

Discover five reasons why a shower bench can elevate your showering experience to a whole new level.

shower bench

What Is a Shower Bench Used For?

A shower bench can be used for a variety of purposes, from the most apparent one which is to sit down and relax, to shaving your legs, and more.

In fact, sitting and relaxing in the shower can be even therapeutic.

You can make showering a soothing experience for yourself by installing a custom-built shower bench.

Before we get to that, let’s talk about some other surprising benefits of a shower bench.

Benefits of Having a Shower Bench

The benefits of a shower bench are numerous, as they serve many different purposes depending on what you use them for.

Some of these benefits include:


In terms of its design, shower benches can play a large role in the aesthetics of your bathroom and the effect they have depends on your personal taste.

The décor could be traditional or modern or you could opt for a minimalist and even funky design.

While you choose your bathroom accessories, consider a shower bench that will enhance the design and create an overall captivating aesthetic feel.


Shower benches are perfect for storing your shampoo, body wash, facial scrubs, and any other cosmetic products and bathing necessities.

This bench is already taking up extra space in your bathroom, so why not use it to keep other items organized?

Safety & Accessibility

There will always be wet and slippery surfaces in the bathroom and one of the ways to ensure you are safe is by using a shower bench.

This is especially important if you have vulnerable people such as the elderly or people with physical limitations and balance issues that are likely to fall.

It’s no news that bathrooms can be the most dangerous place in the house.

One way to avoid household slip-and-fall accidents in the bathroom is by using a shower bench, as it allows you to sit in the shower.

It also gives a heightened sense of security, and anyone can depend on it for mobility’s sake.

Tip: Shower bench does wonders for your bathroom safety, especially when it’s strategically placed close to draining holes to avoid extra wet floors.


Using a shower bench can create a spa-like bathroom, which many people have always found interest in.

You can create that spa environment in the comfort of your home, which could promote relaxation, especially after a long tiring day.


You can do more things in your bathroom conveniently, such as shaving your legs or drying in between your toes.

If you have a child, you can let them sit on the bench as they take their shower.

Shower Bench Materials

If you have decided to have a shower bench in your bathroom, you must also consider the kind of material it is made of.

The best shower bench materials include teak, wood, granite, marble, or tile. However, your choice should depend on a few things, such as the budget, aesthetics, and maintenance.

If you prefer wood, you might want to opt for teak, as it works best for excessive moisture but if your budget won’t allow it, you can opt for other kinds of wood.

Woods are generally warmer and more comfortable but if you’re particular about aesthetics and long-term use, other options such as stones or tiles will be great.

They are durable and will require less maintenance when compared to wood.

Shower Bench Types

Shower benches come in different types, which could depend on your taste and bathroom space or aesthetics.

Some of them include:

Built-in Shower Bench

Benches built into the wall and floor of the shower are most likely planned during the bathroom’s construction.

They can either be fixed to a corner of the bathroom or run through an entire width of the room.

In most cases, this type of shower bench is tiled along with the rest of the bathroom.

Floating Shower Bench

A floating shower bench allows room for space underneath the bench by attaching to only the wall, unlike the built-in that is attached to the wall and floor.

The extra space underneath can be used for storage.

Folding Shower Bench

Folding shower benches are mostly found in smaller showers, as they are designed to save space.

You can fold them to form a simple seat or open them to sit comfortably with a backrest.

Your choice of a folding shower bench depends on the weight it has to support.

Corner Shower Bench

Like its name suggests, a corner shower bench is placed at the corner and can be built-in or placed artificially, most likely as a wooden bench.

Freestanding Shower Bench

A freestanding shower bench is not in any way attached to the bathroom and can be placed or removed at will.

This especially comes in handy if a shower bench was never in the plan while designing your bathroom.


Where do you put a shower bench?

Where you put your shower bench depends on you and where you think it will serve you the most. However, most people put it on the opposite side of the showerhead for easy accessibility and comfort.

Should a shower bench be sloped?

Yes, but make sure it is slightly sloped, so it doesn’t get too slippery. The idea of a slightly sloped bench is to allow easy drainage when water is collected on the bench. This is especially helpful for built-in and floating shower benches.

Can you heat a shower bench?

Most shower benches are made of wood, metal, or stone and are not designed with a heating option. Heating them might result in damage to the benches or harm to self.

But if you have a built-in shower bench and you plan to install an in-floor heating system for your bathroom renovation, you can run the heat cable onto your custom shower bench to ensure the top of the bench is nice and warm to sit on.

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