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Curved vs Straight Shower Rod: Which One Should You Get?

Understanding the different types and styles of shower curtain rods available will go a long way toward helping you give your bathroom some flair and keep water where it should be while you’re showering.

The most common question when it comes to types of shower rods is: which is better, a curved or a straight shower rod?

There’s no easy answer to this question because there are pros and cons to both types. The answer also depends on other things like your bathroom space and personal preference.

If you’re looking to update your shower rod soon, the curved vs. straight shower curtain rod comparison below should help you pick the right one for your shower!

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Advantages of Straight Shower Curtain Rods

Shower rods are pretty much always a part of a standard, basic shower setup. You can find them anywhere, and they are relatively inexpensive. Straight rods are common in most homes as well as showers for public spaces like local swimming pools, schools, and hotels.

What’s Great About Straight Shower Rods?

There are many benefits to using a straight curtain rod in your shower:

  • Easily available and affordable. Like previously mentioned, straight shower rods are pretty common. You can purchase them at most, if not all, local shops. This is true whether you are looking for a fixed or adjustable straight shower curtain rod.

But the biggest advantage of straight shower curtain rods is the price tag. Straight shower rods are pretty cheap, so if you’re working with a fixed budget, getting straight shower rods might make more sense.

  • Take minimal bathroom space. Straight shower rods are also pretty simple and won’t take up extra bathroom space, which is fantastic if you are working with a small bathroom. They only take just enough space for you to bathe comfortably.

  • Defined showering space. Using a straight shower rod helps you understand what showering space you have. You get the same space inside the shower as you see from the outside.

What’s NOT So Great About Straight Shower Rods?

Some of the common drawbacks of straight shower rods include:

  • They’re not very stylish. Straight shower rods are very plain and ordinary looking. They don’t add much to your bathroom space. So, if style and design are a top priority for you when choosing the best curtain rod for your shower, straight shower curtain rods may not be the ideal choice.

  • They don’t provide extra shower space. As much as they don’t take extra bathroom space, straight shower rods also don’t provide additional shower space. Whatever shower space you see covered from the outside, that’s the same amount of shower space you have once inside.

  • They get dirty easily. Since there’s only so much space in your shower with a straight curtain rod, your shower curtain is more likely to get dirty in the process. Water can reach it, and so can dirt and soap scum. Not to mention, the curtain could easily rub against you while you’re taking a shower.

Advantages of Curved Shower Curtain Rods

Curved showers rods, like straight rods, are mounted on either side of the shower, but they curve outward in a semi-circle. You will often see curved shower rods in luxurious bathrooms and showers like in nice hotels, but they would make a nice option for homes too. 

What’s Great About Curved Shower Rods?

The curved shape of this rod provides several benefits for every shower.

  • Extra space in the shower. Installing curved shower rods can give you extra shower space. In fact, it can add 33% more shower space than when using a straight shower rod because of its outward semi-circle design. The wider shower area means you can enjoy free movements without worrying about the shower curtain sticking to your skin while you shower.

  • Stylish, making the shower more luxurious and upscale. If you want to update your shower area, switching from a straight to a curved shower rod can do the trick. Curved shower curtains have a luxurious appeal, especially if you combine them with an extra-long shower curtain. This shower rod style is also perfect for modern bathrooms.

  • No fighting with the shower curtain while you’re showering. Like previously mentioned, using a curved shower rod makes your shower area considerably larger. This means that there is less of a risk of being entangled with the shower curtain, which is a pretty common situation in smaller bathrooms. Not to mention, curved shower rods are efficient at keeping the shower water where you need it to be – far away from the bathroom floor.

What’s NOT So Great About Curved Shower Rods?

Although curved shower rods have some great benefits, there are also some challenges you may have to deal with if you choose them for your shower.

  • Not the best choice for smaller bathrooms. As much as a curved shower rod can make your shower area larger, it steals that “extra” shower space from your bathroom. So, it might not be an excellent choice for a super small bathroom.

  • It can be expensive. The luxurious and more upscale style of curved shower rods comes at a price, one that is considerably higher than its straight counterpart.

So, Which One Should You Choose?

Straight and curved shower rods each have advantages and drawbacks, so ultimately, it depends on the features that are most important to you. Perhaps, this summary will help you choose the ideal shower rod style for your needs and preferences.

  • Design and Style: Straight shower rods are old-style, while curved shower rods are more luxurious and modern.

  • Space Usage: Curved shower rods will give you 33% more shower space, but not ideal for small-sized bathrooms.

  • Sanitation: Curved shower rod keeps you away from the shower curtain, so there’s less damp curtain touching your skin. Plus, it’s far away from the shower stream, so the curtain won’t get dirty quickly.

  • Comfort and Safety: Curved shower rods minimize the risk of becoming entangled by the shower curtain. They also efficiently keep water within the shower area only, preventing flooding on the bathroom floor. Thus, resisting accidents and injuries.

  • Price: Straight shower rods have pretty budget-friendly rates.

Between these two styles of shower rods, there is no bad choice. In spite of their negatives, both can be useful in various bathroom scenarios or styles. This simply means that choosing whether to get a curved or straight shower rod comes down to your personal preferences.

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