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15 Boys Bathroom Ideas to Foster a Perfect Sense of Style

Boys are always rough and tumble, and getting cleaned up can be a mission if your boys hate their bathroom.

Luckily, it is easy to create a bathroom space your boys will love, where soap becomes their friend and cleanliness the order of the day.

To design a bathroom that is appealing to boys, it is important to use colors that are relevant, patterns and motifs that will have your son happily singing in the shower, and warmth to encourage daily duties to cleanliness. The best boys bathroom ideas require creativity and playfulness.

We have the best bathroom ideas for boys right here to turn your little ruffian into Prince Charming.

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Boys Bathroom Ideas

Gray and Navy Blue 

Why not turn a boring bathroom into a navy blue and gray sailor’s heaven?

Your young man will love the striped patterns, anchor motifs, and clean lines of this bathroom idea.

A stenciled or painted ceiling adds a focal point to leave your son daydreaming while he soaps up in the tub.

Use smaller size tiles to unify the floor and walls, while picking up the main color with a darker shade of navy on the bathroom vanities.

If white towels aren’t the best idea with a younger boy, then try blue or gray towels with a splash of red to dry off your little sailor.

Blue and Green

Boys love vibrant colors, and blue and green are a great color combination to build a creative bathroom color scheme around.

Whether you are creating a Jungle Book inspired oasis, or designing a cheerful forest space for your young man to learn his cleaning routine in, these colors will have him quite content in his own little bathroom.

A great idea is to paint wood rails and opt for this as a wall treatment instead of using ceramic tiles, though this is best used for a bathroom with plenty of ventilation to prevent a buildup of mold.

Manly Bathroom 

At some point, your youngster will start to grow up, and he may no longer enjoy bright colors.

This is when going subtle with a monochromatic color scheme is a good idea.

A simple all-white bathroom will provide a space where he can get ready for big dates, while the white brings a cool and clean feel to your home.

We love the combination of black slate floor tiles with the plain white buffed wall tiles for a very understated look.

You can also jazz up the feel with a daily towel change with different colored towels and textures or unique colors to flood the serene space with a little splash of color.

Bathrooms With Awesome Benches

Benches in bathrooms are fast becoming a thing, so why not add one to your youngster’s shower?

A shower bench is a great way to provide extra surface area that can be used for shower gels, loofahs, and a few other shower must-haves.

You can even use an economical shower head if your son enjoys watching TV in the shower or wants to hang out on his phone in the shower.

Just remember to get them a waterproof phone case.

Cozy Bathroom

Bring in some of nature’s tones for a cozy bathroom idea.

Masculine tones of black, brown, and white are complemented with coir bathroom mats, a DIY ladder-style waterproof towel rail, and a log as extra surface area for bathroom accessories.

Boys aren’t nearly as interested in little arty objects or accessories, so keep it plain and clean.

They will adore an easy-to-use bathroom where they can quickly clean up and carry on with life.

Bathroom For Little Boys

Little boys have grown beyond toy cars and rubber ducks, and creating a fantasy bathroom will be a sure winner in your home.

Thrill your young boy with these reflective bathroom lights to create a sense of the eerie as your son takes a shower that could turn him into the Incredible Hulk in no time at all.

Combine the reflective qualities of the lights with plain gray walls, subtle natural toned wood vanities, and a clean and functional square basin.

When the lights are off, you can enjoy your adult bathroom, but with the flick of a switch, your little boy will start to marvel.

Bathroom For Toddlers

On a tight budget? We’ve got the best idea for decorating your toddler’s bathroom in a fun and playful way.

Simply paint an accent wall with chalkboard paint, and leave a few jars of colored chalk around.

Your toddler won’t be able to wait to go to the bathroom for bath time.

As a bonus, this is a durable finish that is wipeable and can be colored and designed according to your desires.

Teen Boys Bathroom

One of the best ideas we’ve seen so far is a themed bathroom that will have your fantasy-loving teen enthralled.

This Harry Potter bathroom is sure to be a winner.

Great ideas for towels and wall prints have achieved an authentic look that is not only practical but also pleasing to see.

Additionally, the small space is ideal for a “boarding school” look while still playing to unique accents.

Small Bathroom For Boys

When you have a small space, you can opt for the obvious choice of using a plain color for the whole bathroom, or you can choose something special like this white and gray bathroom pallet. 

In a small size bathroom, space is at a premium, so don’t waste any—even above the loo!

This storage idea is ideal for maximizing space, and you can add some character with a few framed artworks of your son to decorate the walls.

Match the frames to the storage baskets and you’re all set.

Large Bathroom For Boys

A large bathroom usually means substantial floor space.

Add some warmth with a wood floor, or if you want to give your young man the masculine feel of wood but avoid the heavy maintenance, you can opt for wood tile.

The floating vanity can easily hide a step-stool to give short legs a boost up to the basin, while the cane chair is a comfy seat for you to wait if he still needs some supervision when using the bathroom.

If your bathroom has loads of wall or ceiling space, you can opt for large-scale vinyl stickers or decal logos to create a montage your boy can look at while soaping up.

If he’s not a Wonder Woman fan, you can go for Batman (aka Bathman) or any other animated character he likes.

The idea is to use a large-scale print to visually reduce the size of a large bathroom and cut it down to child size.

Funny Boys’ Bathroom

If your son has a sense of humor, he will enjoy these great bathroom elements that bring a chuckle each time he flushes or brushes.

Add a wild color while upcycling a kids toy with this dinosaur toilet roll holder.

Alternatives to this could be adding a toy truck with the paper roll as its load, or an airplane carrying two rolls instead of bombs.

The bathroom should be a creative space that will have your boy proud to use it.

Remind your boy that “X marks the spot” with this playful game of toilet paper tic-tac-toe, while creating some marvelous wall art at the same time.

Modern Boy Bathroom

Boys love technology, and creating a high-tech bathroom that is super cool will definitely appeal to your teenage son.

This bathroom with uber slick features like a cocoon bidet, under vanity lights, and a “waterfall” bath with shower section will have him swooning away.

The clean lines of the marble tiles contrast well with the feature wall, while the muted blue of the vanity unifies the overall look.

We especially like the feature of natural rocks and stone under the vanity, creating an earthy finish.

Minimalistic Boy’s Bathroom

When your son is starting to leave behind his childhood, he may want a more minimalist bathroom.

Gray, black, and white are great color combinations, and you can always add a colored towel to brighten things up.

This bathroom style allows the small color elements like shower gel bottles and shampoo bottles to shine through.

Opt for smaller size tiles to create visual rhythm and interest while avoiding heavy curtains or blinds.

The clean lines of the shower door are ideal and very easy to clean.

Decor Ideas for Guys

Teenagers love being controversial, so why not go for a graffiti look that can create an amazing feature wall?

Underplay the rest of the bathroom with plain black wall tiles, white basin and bath, with a smaller tile used on the floor.

By adding some pizazz with a bright red bathroom rug, you can pick up the main elements of the wall mural. The subway light is a nice touch too.

In every guy, there’s a toddler. This great shower idea is a winner. 

Pacman can chomp away on the glass side panels of this shower while the wooden feature wall gives the space a slightly more adult feel.

The toy truck toilet paper holder is a nice feature, and the blue and red striped bathroom rug brings some warmth and softness to the harder lines of the space.

Man Cave Shower

The man cave is all about technology.

This Japanese steam shower with TV and jacuzzi is an ideal gift for grown-up boys.

It certainly has all the toys you could want in a man cave shower.

Using plain colors, marble ledges around the jacuzzi and clear shower panels, your young man can really indulge while cleaning up or soaking after a long day.

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