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9 Ways to Store a Bar Soap in the Shower and Make it Last Longer

I am sure I speak your mind when I say that you wish your bar soap would last longer.

This is not necessarily about the price of the soap, but the mere fact that it suits your skin says it all.

shower soap

Shower gels are great, but you can’t deny that bar soaps are more environmentally friendly as they can replace many plastic goods.

Finally, bar soap has less water. As such, it lasts a little bit longer than its non-bar counterparts.

But wouldn’t you want your favorite soap to last even longer?

Well, we learned a few tricks to bring your wish into reality.

Soap Storage Tips & Tricks

Here are our favorite tips on how to store a bar soap in the shower to extend its life!

1. Store it High and Dry

The farther your soap is from water, the longer it will last.

Keeping your bar soap close to water makes it melt faster, and we don’t want that.

There are lots of soap dishes out there.

Next time you are shopping, remember to pick one, preferably the ones with holes to prevent your bar soap from retaining water after your shower.

2. Let it air dry

Before you rush in for another shower, ensure your soap has dried thoroughly.

Simple, the more people make use of bar soap, the quicker it will require a replacement.

More users mean the soap may still be wet when another person uses it.

As a result, the soap is constantly damp, and that doesn’t have longevity written over it.

Use self-draining soap trays or floating dishes to speed up air-drying of your bars.

3. Store tiny bits of soap in a pouch or soap bag

Once your soap is starting to look like a flat surface, we suggest you save it in a soap-saving pouch.

Thin soap pieces are tricky to bathe with and get washed away.

Once your bag has enough small pieces, it starts to act as a comfy bar of its own.

You can also get creative, turn these tiny pieces into a liquid soap (check out our tip #9) or reuse them later with a sponge.

We don’t want any bit to go to waste.

4. Cut your soap bar into tiny bits

Ok, before you squeeze your face, hear me out.

When you cut your bar soap into bits, it lasts longer because the rest won’t get wet at once.

It also has a side benefit: you can travel light.

Cut a piece of your soap, store it in a tiny container, and you are good to go!

5. Use a washcloth

Your skin is not capable of producing and maintaining lather from soap, unlike other materials.

A washcloth is more appropriate as it makes more lather, reducing the amount of soap used per shower.

It is a cost-effective idea to use a sponge when taking a bath.

That is the goal, right?

Any chance to lengthen the lifespan of your soap. It also cleans your body better than using only your hands to shower.

6. Take cold showers

Steamy showers are relaxing, but so is the level of your soap.

Hot water reduces the quantity of your soap faster than when you use cold water.

A cool shower helps your soap last longer by maintaining its shape, consistency and producing more lather.

7. Consider the ingredient in the soap

I know you may not have the time to check the ingredients on every bar soap you buy, but taking a few seconds to do so will make a lot of difference.

That’s why doing your research and finding what soap works for you is crucial.

Once you do, ensure you check out for its ingredients.

Soaps produced out of harder oils and fats will last longer than soaps made out of liquid oils.

8. Let the soap cure

I thought just to put it out there.

Unwrap a bar of soap and let it air for 6-8 weeks.

Yes, I said it.

The soap and its ingredients will harden a bit, making it last longer when put to use.

9. Dilute your bar soap

Need a DIY shower gel?

Then I suggest you get an empty container, pieces of bar soap, and water ready.

Diluting your bar soap will help stretch the use of your soap.

Follow these simple steps:

  • Grate the pieces of your soap
  • Take the grated soap and pour it into an empty container
  • Add a cup of clean water and let it sit out overnight
  • Mix well before use


Bar soaps made from natural ingredients are the best for your skin and total wellbeing.

You will see better results when you use soaps that contain ingredients that suit your skin.

Note that the environment in which a bar soap is stored and the ingredients used to make it determine to a large extent how long it will last.

We hope these tips would help extend the lifespan of your favorite soap as you make proper use of all its essence.