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How to Shower After Microblading

There’s a reason why your aesthetician will tell you not to get your microbladed brows wet for a certain amount of time. But it’s not because the water will wash out your tattooed brows, as many people believe – once the pigment adheres to your skin during microblading treatment, it remains there for a while.

Nevertheless, factors such as water, steam from your hot shower, and even sweat can alter the shade of your eyebrows. All these things can cause fading in the perfect brows you just did and paid for.

Are you unsure if you can shower after microblading? Here’s everything to know about taking care of your microbladed brows.


Microblading and Showering – What You Need to Know

Aestheticians will often advise ‘NO WATER’ after microblading. But that only means not to wash your face or take a shower like you normally would. Additionally, you cannot take a bath, go swimming or relax in the sauna or jacuzzi.

Microblading doesn’t prohibit you from showering afterward. You need to take a shower for good hygiene, and you will have to clean the wound. The real question is how soon you can shower after the treatment, and there’s no easy way to answer that.

The post-treatment care of your microbladed brows is crucial when it comes to their appearance and longevity. There are a few things and activities you should avoid during the first two weeks, including excessive sweating and getting your new brows drenched in water.

What Happens If You Get Eyebrows Wet After Microblading?

Simply put, getting your freshly microbladed brows wet can damage it. Water, or any liquid for that matter, increases the risk of fading or getting uneven brows. In worst-case scenarios, you might need the entire procedure redone.

But first, understand how microblading works. It’s a semi-permanent technique, meaning the ink used doesn’t go as deep as the dermis as it does in a permanent tattoo. Hence, there’s always a chance for the pigment to fall out when any liquid mixes and saturates the ink.

So, what makes microbladed brows fall out and fade?

  • Sweat. Since sweat is coming from inside the skin, it can push out the pigments, leaving you faded and uneven microblading strokes. That means no sun exposure or heavy workouts for the first two weeks.

  • Water. It’s best recommended to avoid getting your microbladed brows wet during the healing process, which takes at least two weeks. Sweating is easy enough to avoid, but water is difficult. You’ll have to wash your face or take a shower at some point, and that can risk your new brows fading, especially when not done right.

How Soon Can I Wash My Face After Microblading?

You can wash your face on day 1 following the appointment. Wash your face and clean excess lymph fluid.

Washing your face on day one after microblading should be fine, but there’s a catch. You have to be incredibly cautious about how to do it, particularly around the treated area. The key is gentle cleaning, not washing the entire face.

How to Wash Face After Microblading

If you need to, here’s how to wash your face after microblading without compromising your new brows.

  1. Carefully wash your face, excluding the treated area. This can be a challenge, but if you’re careful enough, you can wash your face without getting your microbladed brows wet.

  1. Use a sponge or cloth. Instead of directly splashing your face with water, you can use a moistened cloth or sponge to avoid getting your new brows wet.

  1. Find a way to protect your brow area. You can purchase shower eye shields designed to keep your freshly microbladed brows dry while you wash your face or ask your aesthetician about it.

  1. Clean any excess fluid around the treated area. After washing your face, gently blot the treated area using a clean washcloth or a damp cotton pad to absorb any excess lymph fluid and prevent scabbing.

When Can I Wash My Eyes and Brows After Microblading?

You can wash your newly microbladed brows on day 2 following treatment. Some would reiterate the no-water rule for microbladed eyebrows the first two weeks, but that is not true. If you keep your brows uncleaned, you risk heavy scabbing, and worse, getting an infection.

How to Wash Eyes After Microblading

So, yes, you can wash your eyebrows on day two. But again, do it gently and without soaking the brows.

  1. Wash brows gently with water and mild soap. Avoid rubbing the treated area. Instead, splash it lightly with water and do a smooth, patting motion using a mild, antibacterial soap. You can use your fingertips to clean your microbladed brows.

  1. Rinse with water. Again, do it gently, and don’t take too long when washing your brows. Ten seconds should be enough.

  1. Gently pat dry. Use clean tissue or a towel to dry your brows.

When Can I Shower After Microblading?

You can take a shower on day 3 following microblading treatment. Wash your hair or take a shower.

Ideally, you’d want to wait until the third day after your microblading session to attempt to take a shower. Although you can wash your hair hours after the treatment, it can be tricky to do that without getting your brows wet. So, if you can hold off on the shower until day three or after you’re done washing the brows, the safer it will be.

How to Shower After Microblading

The biggest downfall to your newly microbladed eyebrows is not getting them wet. The only thing is, it might be more complicated than you initially thought. Even after you washed and cleaned them, you still must avoid soaking your brows in water, difficult to do when taking a shower.

These tips can help you keep microbladed eyebrows dry while showering:

  1. Shower with warm water. Too much steam from hot showers can get into your microbladed brows, and it poses the same risks of getting uneven and faded brows. Use lukewarm water instead.

  1. Wear shower eye shields. Shower shields, also called shower visors, are specifically developed for protecting brows and lashes after microblading procedure. Snorkeling goggles might work too, just make sure they sit tight and protect your eyebrows from shower stream.

  1. Wear a sun visor hat. If you don’t have shower shields or snorkeling goggles, a sun visor cap can also protect your brows and keep the water from spraying onto them.

  1. Keep your face away from the showerhead. Wash your hair in the shower but do your best to keep your face dry the entire time. You don’t want the shower steam splashing right onto your eyebrows. Using a flexible showerhead will also help give you more control over the water while you shower.

  1. Keep clean, dry paper towels handy. If your microbladed brows accidentally get moist from the shower steam, make sure you have a clean paper towel handy for patting dry your brows right away.

  1. Take short showers. Keep your showers brief as too much steam, even from warm showers, can harm your freshly microbladed brows. 

Know Your Post-Microblading Hygiene

Although microbladed eyebrows can take four to six weeks to heal completely, you don’t have to wait that long to take a shower. You can wash your hair after microblading or even enjoy a short shower on day three following the treatment but remember to keep important post-microblading care tips in mind: gentle cleaning and washing with water and antibacterial soap.

Another thing, avoid using your typical skincare products and makeup for the first two weeks, except for the healing cream or ointment provided for you—opt-out of facial massages and steaming during this period too.

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