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Should You Shower After a Massage? Yes, But…

It can be tempting to hop in the shower right after getting a massage to rinse off the sticky oil, but should you?

One of the most confusing things about post-massage care is whether to go for a shower afterward or not.

Both a hot shower and a massage can be relaxing, so it’s only beneficial to do one after the other. Or is it?

If you are uncertain whether it’s a good idea to shower immediately following a massage, this article will help you decide.

shower after massage

Should You Shower After Getting a Massage?

Experienced and professional massage therapists agree that getting a shower before a massage session is a fantastic idea.

It helps you rinse off sweat and environmental pollutants to get your skin ready for therapy or treatment, but how about showering after a massage?

As there is no standard practice, it won’t be a straightforward yes or no answer.

However, it’s essential to understand what a massage does to your body to determine if showering after a therapy session is the best option.

A massage does many things for your body and wellness, including relieving muscle tension and aches and eliminating fatigue.

Whether you received aromatherapy, reflexology, or oil massage, it helps to facilitate blood circulation, allowing new blood to flow through your body’s congested areas.

Meanwhile, when you take a shower, you also increase the blood circulation at the surface of your skin.

When you think about it, a massage and shower right after the other could provide double benefits of improving your blood flow.

In a sense, that is correct, but it wouldn’t be safe. Too much blood flow can cause surface congestion.

Have you felt extra tired and sleepy after getting a deep tissue massage, for instance?

That is often the case as the stress and toxins leave your body. In some cases, you might even feel flu-like symptoms.

If you think that hopping in the shower can refresh you and wake you up a bit, you will be mistaken. It could only relax your muscles even further, which can lead you to feel faint afterward.

Showering right after getting a massage can do more harm than good, and that leads to the next question.

How Soon Can You Shower After a Massage?

As a general rule, it’s essential to take a breather after getting a massage. How long to wait will primarily depend on your preference.

A few hours buffer period should allow your body to soak in the benefits of the massage and heal.

It’s also safe to ask the massage therapist for advice about how soon you can get a shower after the session.

If you are itching to wash off or if it’s your preferred after massage regimen, at least wait for an hour before hitting the shower.

When to Skip the Shower After a Massage?

Hopping into the shower after a relaxing massage can help you feel squeaky clean, but in some cases, opting out of the shower can help your body get the most out of your massage.

Check out some instances where you might want to skip the shower for a few more hours or until the next day.

After an Aromatherapy Massage

An aromatherapy massage is a combination of a traditional massage session and aromatherapy. Instead of typical massage use oil applied to your skin, the massage therapist will include essential oils to your massage lotion.

To get the most benefit from your aromatherapy massage session, you need to spend enough time letting the essential oil seep into your skin. Showering after an aromatherapy massage will only limit the wellness benefits you can get from it.

After a CBD Oil Massage

CBD oil massages are a lot similar to aromatherapy massages. You have to spend ample time for your skin to absorb the CBD oil as much as it can before rinsing off.

After a Cupping Massage Session

Cupping sessions are effective in loosening muscles and increasing blood circulation. It’s also great for drawing out toxins from the deeper tissues into the skin’s surface. It opens your skin pores, so it’s easier for your body to release out toxins.

Because of this, your skin becomes more fragile and sensitive to temperature, especially in parts where the cups were placed.

Showering may only result in inflammation and skin damage, especially if you take a hot shower. Meanwhile, coldness can also enter your open skin pores if you take a cold shower after a cupping session, which isn’t good either.

Ultimately, it’s safer to opt-out of showering right after a cupping massage session.

Hot vs Cold Shower After a Massage

Ultimately, showering after a massage will depend on your preference.

If you decide to hop into the shower right after your massage session, it’s crucial to be careful about one thing: the water temperature.

Here’s a simple guide to help you choose whether a hot or cold shower is preferable after a massage.

  • Hopping into a hot shower after getting a massage can be remarkably soothing, but a too-hot shower can leave you dizzy, especially if you have low blood pressure. So, if you opt for a hot shower as your after massage routine, at least turn down the heat.

  • Choose lukewarm water if you want to help your body relax without aggravating your muscles.

  • If you feel sore after a massage, a cold shower has a way to relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

Either way, keep your post-massage shower as brief as possible to avoid any accident.


If you are feeling extra slick after a massage session and want to rinse off, you can. However, if you’re going to soak those skin-friendly essential oils into your skin for maximum wellness benefits, you might want to skip the shower for several hours or overnight.

The bottom line is you can hop right into the shower after a massage session if it’s your preferred post-massage care, but remember to take your shower safely. Monitor the water temperature and take time to listen to your body before jumping right into the shower after a massage.

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