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Where to Hang Wet Towels in a Small Bathroom: 10 Clever Ideas

As someone who lives in a charming (but oh-so-small) apartment, the daily struggle of drying towels in the bathroom is real.

Cramped quarters can stifle even the simplest tasks.

But I’ve finally found some clever ways to keep my towels dry and my small bathroom feeling organized.

Let me share my secrets – 10 brilliant solutions for hanging wet towels in a small bathroom!

small bathroom towels

Towel Storage Ideas for a Small Bathroom

Here are ten ideas for hanging wet towels in a small bathroom that worked like a charm for me.

In most bathrooms, you will find towel rings and bars that come in sets or individually.

A towel bar is an excellent option in larger bathrooms because it gives you enough support and space to hang your towel.

A towel ring is a better choice if you have a small bathroom.

A small ring or bar near your sink will allow you to have easy access to your towel to dry your hands.

Most people don’t go for baskets in their bathrooms, but we have to admit that they’re helpful.

To store wet and dry towels, you need two baskets.

You can be creative and match your basket with your surroundings if you don’t want it to look out of place.

If you can’t figure out what color goes well with your bathroom’s theme, a classic varnished brown may be just fine.

Place your baskets on the tiles next to the corner, or hang them!

Hanging them is okay so that they do not disturb you while you walk or open the bathroom door.

The best way to get the most out of these baskets is to roll your towels rather than fold them.

You probably remember how you rolled your clothes in the box while packing for a vacation last year?

Yes, exactly like that.

A rolled towel is much easier to organize and requires less basket space.

It is not necessary to use walls to place your towels.

A towel rack can be mounted on your door and save your space.

We’re not just talking about the door to your bathroom, no way.

Some shower doors are big enough to accommodate a towel rack.

Wet towels will also dry quicker using this method.

With a bit of luck, you might be able to find a shower door designed with a bar where you can hang your towel.

It looks great and allows you to use all the space that would have been otherwise useless.

The ease that comes with towel hooks can only be experienced.

For someone who hates folding their towels, hooks are the best alternatives.

Although it takes twice as long for your towel to dry on a towel hook, you can try putting it on the shower curtain rod and then transferring it to the towel hook once it dries.

Towel hooks do not take up a lot of wall space and are very easy to install.

All you need is a screwdriver and a screw.

It is a stylish and classy way to display your towels while managing your space.

Towel cabinets are another great way to store your towels.

You could try an open closet or a stylish glass-paneled cabinet that shows you what supplies you have and, most importantly, keeps your towels safe from water and dust.

It would help if you tried getting tall and thin cabinets so that they do not disturb your movement.

You can also use them to store toiletries and other essentials.

Take a look at the space above your toilet seat.

You didn’t notice that before, right?

Well, that right there is a free space!

I like to use this spot for hanging wet towels.

This is a perfect spot as it does not disturb you while using the toilet.

Trust me; if you can store your towels above your toilet seat, you can try the space beneath your sink.

A sink that does not use a pedestal is perfect for the job as it leaves enough room at the bottom to be utilized for other things.

Source: IKEA

You can build an under-sink shelf to store your towels using some basic tools, wood, and creativity.

You can watch DIY videos if you are not a skilled woodworker.

We cannot forget towel stands when suggesting places to hang your towels in a small bathroom.

The towel stand helps you utilize your vertical space to create a shelf where you can hang your towels.

All you need is a little floor space for installation.

Let us clear up any doubts you have.

Doesn’t seem practical, right?

Look at it from this angle.

A small stool can create a new surface to place quite a number of towels.

Its portable size makes it easy to place it in any bathroom without disturbing anyone.

We cannot wrap up tips on where to keep your wet towels without mentioning towel warmers.

Towel warmers offer you the luxurious experience of warm towels anytime you step out of the tub or shower.

The raw material (stainless steel) that towel warmers are made out of is also low maintenance.

They also serve as additional space heaters by providing some supplemental heat.

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