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Why Is There a Green, Red, or Blue Light in a Bathroom Fan?

Colored lights in bathroom fans from green, blue or red have intrigued people and been the cause of paranoia, but what are the causes of these lights?

Green or red lights in a bathroom fan usually point to some type of battery, ballast, or power indicator. But there is a wide range of possibilities that can cause these lights to appear in your bathroom, from hidden cameras to light reflections. Usually, the only way to know for sure is to remove the fan’s cover and do a close-up inspection.

With different colored lights that can have numerous sources, it pays to know the likely causes of colored lights in your bathroom.

Get informed about the possible reasons why these lights appear so that you can put this mystery to rest.

green light bathroom fan

Why Is There a Green Light in My Bathroom Fan?

Green lights in your bathroom fan seem to be the most common colored light you’ll see.

In addition, a green light is often used as a power indicator showing that something is running or working correctly.

You may find a green LED light that indicates the backup power system is functioning.

Dehumidifiers also use green lights to show when their sensors are picking up humidity and running the dehumidifier to remove it or that the filter inside of it is good.

Some exhaust fans even use a green light to show that they are not experiencing technical issues.

But you shouldn’t ignore that green lights can mean a piece of equipment is running, such as a camera or other recording device.

Why Is There a Red Light in My Bathroom Fan?

Red lights usually mean the opposite of green lights and point to a low battery or a piece of equipment that’s malfunctioning.

Some bathroom fans have humidity sensors, and they use a red light to warn you that the humidity is very high in your bathroom.

But like green lights, red lights are also used for emergency power systems and recording equipment.

If your bathroom fan is displaying a red light, it usually requires your attention to fix whatever problem it’s experiencing.

Sometimes people purposefully install red lights on bathroom fans because it’s known to help you get back to sleep easier after waking up to use the bathroom.

Why Is There a Blue Light in My Bathroom Fan?

Blue lights are the least common lights found in bathroom fans, but they definitely exist.

Though red and green lights are usually used as indicators and for general equipment status, blue lights can be used instead in some products.

Therefore a blue light can be used for anything a red or green light is used for, but that’s usually not the case.

Blue lights have been intentionally installed in public places and hotels to deter drug users, as the blue light makes it difficult to locate a vein and inject narcotics.

And some people believe that blue lights can keep bugs away, although that’s not a certain fact.

Reflections can also cause blue lights. For example, light from a computer or television screen can bounce off and reflect through vents.

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