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16 Girls Bathroom Decorating Ideas That Are Seriously Cool

Many bathrooms lack personality, leaving girls uninspired by the cold, sterile space.

But it shouldn’t be that way!

Imagine a bathroom transformed into a place that sparks joy and reflects your daughter’s unique style with these amazing girl bathroom decorating ideas.

This guide unlocks the secrets to creating a dream bathroom that fosters self-care routines and makes bath time a delight.

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Girl’s Bathroom Design & Decorating Ideas

The following tips and ideas will help you create some seriously cool bathrooms that your girls will love.

Pink and Flowers

Perfect for your young princess, this pink floral bathroom idea will have your little girl giggling in the bubbles soon enough.

Source: HGTV

The Victorian wallpaper adds a nice touch to an ultra pink floral bathroom idea. 

Not only is this theme ideal for a real character-filled bathroom, but it is also a way to maximize small bathroom spaces.

Blue Ocean

Why not play with some mosaic tiles to create a stunning masterpiece for your little girl?

This mosaic floor really opens the bathroom space and brings in an element of fun.

Source: Goodshomedesign

Tiles are a practical way to liven up the space, while resisting damp and mildew formation.

Add in a few plush color-coded towels and your little girl is all set.

Jacuzzi in the Clouds

Add a classic element of cloudy bliss by adding in drapery to soften your bathroom tub.

Source: Homeport Motel

Your regular bathroom tub can easily become a foamy hangout for your girls by adding in a bubble bath mat to create your own jacuzzi at home.

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Inspired Victorian Bathroom

A basin doesn’t have to be boring, and with this Victorian-themed basin, your daughter can really enjoy her bathroom and beauty routines.

Source: Valeriya Nurgaleeva

The addition of a great pre-industrial look brushed silver faucet matches the pale mint wall color exquisitely.

With the addition of the faded wood panels, you can almost imagine this bathroom being on an old-school steam boat cruising the Mississippi waters in the 1800s.

Pink Power Bathroom

Even if your little girl isn’t a Powerpuff Girl or really into Hello Kitty, she will adore this pink-themed bathroom with clean lines and cozy features like the Hello Kitty shower curtain.

Source: Pouted

Bubblegum pink accessories help complement the space, while the roller chest of drawers is a nice touch.

Hot Pink and Mint Trendy Bathroom

Every teenage girl tries to stay ahead of trends, and nothing is more trendy this season than hot pink and mint green.

Apply these colors liberally to your teenage girl’s bathroom.

The deep mint wall paint matches the vibrant hot pink wall panels.

Take it one step further by painting the wooden cupboards a deeper shade of hot pink-maroon.

Purple Paradise

Why not thrill your girls with a purple bathroom with unique lilac undertones, mosaic shower panel finishes, and a structured basin vanity?

Source: Short Hills Marble & Tile

Top it all off with a large scale mirror with an impressive decorative frame.

Tie everything together with a stunning floral shower curtain to frame the bath and shower combo area.

Modern Girl Bathroom Style

For a stylish teen, a bling and pink bathroom is ideal.

We love this pink classic bathroom with a built-in vanity section, studded bathroom stool, and matching faux candle lights.

Source: Pouted

With loads of clean and open floor space, there is enough room for your little princess to get dressed, parade, and have fun.

Small Girls Bathroom

Small size bathrooms can be a challenge, but don’t let that deter you from experimenting with great patterns and powerful motifs.

We love this great idea of using embossed jacquard-style wallpaper to give the small space a powerful impact.

Source: BHG

Note the minimalist basin pedestal and how it opens up a lot of floor space.

Simple black and white accessories allow the true beauty of the space to shine.

In a small space bathroom, be sure to minimize color variety. By opening up the space with a monochromatic color palette, you can enlarge the space.

Source: Theartofcreating

This idea of using black and white color tones is great at making the small bathroom space into a stylish reflection ideal for a young college-age girl.

Large Bathroom for Girls

If you have a large bathroom for your girls, then consider compartmentalizing all the functions of the bathroom.

Utilize the space in sections to enable a better flow of traffic in the space, while maximizing the time you get to spend in the bathroom.

Source: Boston Design Guide

This idea of adding an area where you can zoom or hangout with your friends is ideal for teens who want to stay in touch while applying their makeup, and with the internet, you can browse makeup tutorials or skincare routines.

By using similar tones throughout the bathroom, you can unify a large space. Create interest with a focal point such as some great wall art.

Source: Wayfair

Teenage Girl Bathroom

Teenagers are rebellious and always enjoy doing the opposite, so why not make great bathroom decisions to match this?

We love this upcycled guitar case that has been converted to store jewelry and other odds and ends you may find in your teenage girl’s bathroom space.

Girl’s Bathroom Furniture Ideas

If the space allows it, add a great revamped furniture item like this classic repurposed garden stool for your girly bathroom bliss.

Repurpose other items like a suitcase and some chair legs to make a crafty chair that will beg for someone to take a seat.

Match it up to your overall theme with great fabric and coordinated colors.

Add whimsical furniture ideas like this striped and painted bathroom vanity.

Source: Tracey’s Fancy

The goal is always to create something that speaks of the personality of your daughter.

You could even add an egg chair to hang out in your bathroom while you run the taps.

Girls Bathroom Signs

Bathrooms aren’t billboards, but adding some signage can really personalize your little girl’s bathroom experience.

Source: Think Unicorn

This mermaid-unicorn signage on the shower curtain can really make every girl’s heart smile.

The boldness of the design is contrasted with the plain-colored bathroom.

Here, it really is about creating focus to the bathroom space.

Alternatively, adding a large wall decal sticker can bring some humor to a bland space.

Tiles for Girls Bathroom

Tiles can be a costly renovation, and if your girl is still chameleoning her way through phases, it may be worth it to opt for a DIY solution.

Like these wallpaper upcycled tiles that feature unicorn colors and great antique designs.

Source: Hobbs Superior Handmade Supply

Paint for Girl’s Bathroom

When selecting paint colors, choose colors that have a similar tone profile to ensure there is continuity in the colors of the bathroom.

Consider using paint to create a feature wall in your bathroom.

Bright colors can liven up a space with a few down-toned colors for unity.

Boy and Girl Shared Bathroom

The obvious option is to go for a plain-colored bathroom to ensure the boys and girls don’t argue about what colors the bathroom should be.

Getting double basins is a must as each person should have their own space.

Having two basins also provides a great way to make the girls’ basin different from the boys’ one.

Girls could add lovely soaps to a basket on the vanity, while boys may add some toy cars with loofahs inside to help them feel like they belong.

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