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Fish Tank in the Bathroom: Is It a Good Idea?

Thinking of putting a fish tank in your bathroom?

Though unconventional, this idea is catching on.

Imagine the tranquility of a bathroom-turned-aquatic oasis, away from daily noise and glare.

However, blending fish tanks with bathrooms poses unique challenges, including managing steam and chemicals.

Discover how to navigate these challenges and create a serene underwater sanctuary in your bathroom.

fish tank bathroom

Can You Put a Fish Tank in the Bathroom?

It is absolutely possible to set up a fish tank in the bathroom, as long as it’s done safely and so that it won’t negatively affect the fish inside.

A beautiful aquarium with colorful fishes swimming inside would bring a peaceful and relaxing vibe to the bathroom.

Imagine a certain type of hypnotism as you take a luxurious bath while looking at your small artificial reef.

It’s also very near a water source, making it convenient to maintain the tank when changing the water.

Those are some of the reasons why placing a fish tank in the bathroom is a great idea.

But before you start setting up the fish tank in the bathroom, ask these questions first.

Does Your Bathroom Have Space to Set Up an Aquarium?

Take a look at the available space in your bathroom.

A fish tank in a cramped bathroom isn’t really a good idea and might even be a hazard.

Besides having enough space to put the tank, you also need space to access the tank when you are feeding the fish or changing the water.

Not to mention, your fish tank needs extra space for filters, heater controllers, and air pumps.

Can Your Bathroom Properly Support a Fish Tank?

When you’re carrying an empty fish tank, it’s easy to forget how heavy it can get once fully set up.

Generally, the larger the size of the tank, the heavier it will be.

Considering that a gallon of water weighs around 8.3 pounds.

For instance, if you have a 10-gallon fish tank plus the weight of the tank itself, make sure the location can support the hefty weight.

Fish Tank Placement Ideas in the Bathroom

Where you’re going to put a fish tank in the bathroom is something you have to figure out before starting to set up the tank.

Remember, once your aquarium is installed, to move it even a few inches, you’d have to disassemble the entire thing.

The best place for your fish tank depends on several factors: the size and shape of the tank and the layout of your bathroom.

But choosing where to put a fish tank in the bathroom doesn’t have to be guesswork.

Here are some examples:

  • Small fish tanks can go on top of the vanity counter

  • Built-in aquariums can go on the bathroom wall or shower enclosure

  • Your fish tank can be perched on top of a sturdy piece of furniture or a shelf

  • On top of an aquarium stand, for larger tanks and if you have the bathroom space for it

Other Considerations When Putting a Fish Tank in the Bathroom

Even though the bathroom is an excellent place to keep a fish tank, you need to be aware that certain items inside the bathroom, as well as the environment itself, can be harmful to your fish.

Bathroom Cleaning Agents (and other harsh chemicals)

If you have a fish tank installed in the bathroom, you may want to ditch any harsh chemicals, or at least be careful when handling them around a fish tank.

Chemicals from many bathroom products like bleach, other cleaning agents, and even air fresheners can affect the water quality in the fish tank.

Temperature Fluctuations

Stress is arguably the top cause of a fish’s death in an aquarium, and many fishes are sensitive to temperature changes.

So if you like taking plenty of hot, long showers, the steam can be an issue.

Once there’s steam in the air, your bathroom can quickly get warm, and this rapid fluctuation in the temperature every time you take a shower can make things difficult for the fish to handle.

However, you can negate the effects of temperature fluctuations by installing a larger-sized fish tank in the bathroom.

Larger tanks can handle steam even if you take regular hot showers.

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