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Do Plumbers Give Free Estimates? [How to Find Them]

When you have some plumbing work that needs to be done, a free estimate is the best way to start things off.

These estimates give you an idea of the work involved and how much it will cost you before spending anything on a bathroom renovation project or repair.

But free quotes are not always free. Many factors affect the availability of free quotes, such as how busy the plumbing company is, the size of the job, and the distance the plumber must travel.

Are there sneaky ways that plumbers do charge you for free estimates?

Plumbing companies that give free quotes are out there. This article will show you ways to find them and how you can go about getting a free quote. But before that, we will cover why some plumbers give free estimates, and others do not.

Let’s dive in.

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Do Plumbers Give Free Quotes?

There are plumbers who provide free quotes, and there are others who don’t. A plumber has several factors to consider in determining whether or not to provide a free quote.

Plumbers For Free Quotes

Generally speaking, offering free quotes will get a company more customers. By showing up at a customer’s door for free, the plumber goes from a stranger to a professional that’s building trust with a client.

According to the employment specialist from Jooble, “Sometimes plumbers offer free quotes to keep pace with their competition. Because if every other plumbing company in town offers free quotes, it can hurt their business if they do not offer them as well.”

Plumbers Against Free Quotes

Some plumbers are against free quotes, and for good reasons. Some customers will call every plumber around for a free quote. Hopefully, one plumber will get the job while the rest waste their time and gasoline.

Most companies that are against free quotes but for whatever reason still give them often have a way of making that money back hidden somewhere in the pricing model.

Free quotes only help plumbing companies if they turn into work; otherwise, they waste the company’s time and money.

How to Find Plumbers That Give Free Estimates

Search Online

The most simple way to find free quotes is to perform a search on your mobile or laptop for ‘plumbers near me free estimate.’ The search results will lead you to a local plumbing company’s website, and there will be a form you need to fill out in order to start your free estimate.

Searching online is likely the most simple and effective way to find a free estimate. But beware that some websites may sell your information, and you could be hounded with emails and phone calls months after your plumbing work was completed.

One way to avoid this is if you have a home warranty that covers your plumbing system, as all you will need to do is file the claim for help, and the rest is handled by your home warranty provider.

Classified Ads

Before the internet, classified ads were one of the main ways to find a handyman or plumber. Though the readership of print sources has declined with the internet, checking your local newspaper’s classifieds is still a good way to find a plumber.

The plumber’s classified ad will usually tell you whether or not they give free quotes. And if you are unsure or have more questions, the company’s address and phone number are often listed on the ad, allowing you to call or go down and see them in person.

Word of Mouth

It can be hard to trust a stranger to come work on your home. This is when word of mouth comes into play. It’s much easier to trust the recommendation of a friend, family member, or associate.

Through the experiences of someone you know, you can determine if the plumber they used did good quality work, gave free quotes, and how competitive their pricing was.

Be aware that things might have changed if your friend or family member got their plumbing work done a long time ago.

How to Get a Quote From a Plumber

Over the Phone

You can usually find a plumber’s phone number by searching for local plumbing companies. This is a way to take the initiative and get straight to the point because when you put in a quote online, the company will just end up calling you anyway.

You can use the phone call as an opportunity to ask any questions you have and start the process of your free estimate. The person you speak with will ask you some questions about the plumbing work you need, and depending on how you answer them will determine if you qualify for a free estimate.

Get a Quote Online

Getting a quote online is one of the easiest and most popular methods to obtain a free quote, but it can also be the slowest.

First, you will fill out a form with some of your information like your phone number and the type of work you need. It can then take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours for them to get back to you.

If you have some type of plumbing emergency like burst pipes or just want the work done quickly, you should instead call your local plumber.

If you are in no rush or are just shopping around, then getting quotes online is a good option.


If you prefer to meet the people that are going to work on your home, you could drive down to your plumber’s place of business.

While getting a quote in person is somewhat unorthodox, it’s highly unlikely the company will turn you away and tell you to call them.

Getting a quote in person allows you to build trust with the company much more quickly than a phone call or online quote. But due to the pandemic and the restrictions that come with it getting a quote in person will not be possible in all areas.


Do you pay plumbers upfront?

Most plumbers will ask for a certain percent of the initial quote upfront to begin working. This upfront payment is usually around 10% of the quote. After that, the rest of their payment is received through a pay-as-you-go system or when the job is complete.

How do I get a receipt for a plumber?

Once the plumber’s work is completed and you have paid for it in full, you will receive an invoice that acts just like a receipt.

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