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Can You Wear Tiffany Jewelry in the Shower?

We all love gorgeous Tiffany jewelry. Tiffany jewelry items cost a small fortune, so you may never want to take off your necklace or bracelet—not even when you shower!

But can you wear Tiffany jewelry in the shower? Will that stunning Tiffany pendant still be so shiny when you’re done soaping and scrubbing?

Your Tiffany jewelry won’t look brand new when you shower with it, and here’s why.

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Can Tiffany Jewelry Get Wet?

Tiffany jewelry is available in a range of materials from gold, platinum, sterling silver, and amazonite to leather thongs for earthy pendants.

These materials all react to water differently, so the Tiffany website recommends not showering with their jewelry or exposing their jewelry to water or harsh chemicals. [1]

While Tiffany jewelry won’t melt if it gets wet, sterling silver can tarnish if you expose the necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and earrings to water repeatedly.

If the mineral content in shower water doesn’t cause deposits on your jewelry, the chemical content of your soap or shower gel may create an undesirable soap scum buildup.

Will Tiffany Jewelry Rust in the Shower?

Not only will Tiffany jewelry not melt in the shower, but it won’t rust either. Rust isn’t a problem because Tiffany jewelry is made from high-quality rust-proof metals.

Tiffany jewelry is made from 18 karat gold, refined platinum, and sterling silver. These metals won’t rust in water, but sterling silver may tarnish and require more frequent cleaning to keep it lustrous. Gold may fade with water deposits and soap scum.

Since rust is the oxidation of iron, Tiffany jewelry won’t rust since there is no iron content, and the jewelry won’t go green since there is no copper in the metal either. When exposed to shower water, the real threat is the deposit of minerals and chemicals and tarnish from the chlorine that can fade the jewelry.

Can You Get Tiffany Jewelry Scratched While Showering?

Depending on what you use to clean yourself with in the shower, you can potentially scratch a Tiffany jewelry item. When you use a hard shower brush or abrasive cleaner, you may damage a platinum or gold Tiffany jewelry item as the gold is 18 karat, which is a softer gold than the standard 9 karat gold that is used in other jewelry types.

Accidents also happen in showers. If you slip and your Tiffany jewelry comes into contact with the faucet, shower door, or soap bracket, it is quite likely that you can nick or scratch the surface of your jewelry item or dislodge a diamond or semi-precious stone out of its setting.

Can You Shower With Tiffany Necklaces

Some water exposure won’t necessarily damage your Tiffany necklace, but if you shower while wearing your necklace every day, you can expect the color to fade. Discoloration is due to hard water deposits. You see the same hard water deposits as white stains on your shower taps and faucet.

Showering in your Tiffany necklace will cause a deposit of calcium carbonate, which is the white grainy residue that forms in your shower, to occur. To remove this residue, you would have to rely on a weak acid or jewelry cleaning processes (such as polishing and grinding), which can damage the surface of your necklace’s precious metal.

Leather necklace thongs can quickly suffer from water exposure as water will cause the leather to expand, perish, and get moldy. Silver is a soft precious metal, and being exposed repeatedly to a high-pressure shower can also cause the silver to take on a mottled appearance.

Can You Shower With Tiffany Bracelet

Wearing a Tiffany bracelet in the shower is not a good idea. We use our hands a lot in the shower, and the chance of accidentally banging your wrist on the taps or soap dish is high. It is very easy to mechanically damage your Tiffany bracelet in the confines of a shower.

If you love showering with your loofah and use shower gel or soap, you also increase the exposure of your Tiffany bracelet to chemicals and repeated friction. Over time, your Tiffany bracelet will begin to wear away.

Can You Shower With Tiffany Earrings

Showering with a set of Tiffany earrings on is a bad idea. We’ve all had moments where we’ve lost an earring without meaning to do so. In a shower, where we are scrubbing at our bodies, the risk of accidentally ripping out a precious earring is high.

Diamond earrings are often delicate, which means they can easily fit through the shower drain cover. While showering, you could easily lose an expensive earring this way.

Additionally, showering with your highly detailed Tiffany earrings could lead to a massive buildup of soap and limescale. In time, your precious earrings would become unhygienic.

Can You Shower With Tiffany Rings

Like Tiffany bracelets, Tiffany rings will be exposed to water and chemicals in the shower, making it unwise to wear them while showering.

If you do need to shower with your Tiffany rings on, it is a good idea to turn the rings so the diamonds or precious stones face inward. Turning the rings inward protects the stones or diamonds from being knocked loose if your hand should brush against the shower fittings.

Showering with a shower glove is also a good way to protect your Tiffany rings from friction and soap buildup.

Can You Shower With Tiffany Pendants

A pendant tends to hang low over the chest, which can cause a hooking hazard in the shower. It’s best to take off your Tiffany pendant and necklace when showering. If you can’t take these off while showering, then be responsible and turn the pendant to hang over your back as it will be more out of the way.

With the pendant hanging over your back, you will also be less likely to hook it or accidentally rip it off.

While showering, your back is generally the area of your body that receives the least amount of soap, unless you use a body brush. This makes your back the safest and least soapy area to place your pendant.

Tips on Wearing Tiffany Jewelry in the Shower 

It’s not always possible to safely remove your Tiffany jewelry while showering. These tips will help you to keep your precious Tiffany jewelry safe and undamaged:

  • Prepare Before Showering

Before showering, consciously decide where you will move or hang your Tiffany jewelry on your body. Should you turn your rings inward, check your earring clasps, or turn your pendant necklaces around?

  • Wrap Up Your Jewelry

If you can’t take your jewelry off, then protect them by wrapping them up. You can wrap a spare washcloth around your wrist to keep your bracelet safe and secure. Even your rings can be kept safe by wrapping a little cling film around each finger before showering.

  • Prepare Your Home Shower

There is little you can do about the shower at the gym or spa, but you can prepare your home shower to reduce the negative impact of showering with your jewelry on.

At home, installing a water purifier in your shower can help reduce the impact of hard water and limescale deposits. Using a chemically neutral or organic shower gel can help reduce the corrosive effect of your cleaning chemicals on your Tiffany jewelry.

  • Keep a Jewelry Cloth Handy

Each metal has its own type of polishing cloth. You can purchase these from a quality jeweler. Keep the appropriate jewelry cloth handy in your bathroom. Once you have toweled yourself dry, take a few moments to use the appropriate cloth to remove water and soap.

By doing so as soon as you have showered, you will reduce the soap and limescale buildup and prolong your Tiffany jewelry’s life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wear Tiffany jewelry in the pool?

Tiffany jewelry is made of high-quality materials such as sterling silver, gold and platinum, but they can still be affected by the chemicals and temperature of the pool water. According to Tiffany & Co., you should remove all your Tiffany jewelry before swimming in pools or hot tubs.

Can you wear Tiffany jewelry in the ocean?

It’s best to avoid wearing Tiffany jewelry in the ocean. The ocean is a harsh environment for jewelry because of the saltwater and sand. Saltwater can cause corrosion, and sand can scratch and damage the metal and gemstones.

The Ultimate Guide to Wearing Jewelry in the Shower

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