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Can You Wear Pura Vida Bracelets in the Shower?

If you love Pura Vida bracelets, you probably worry about the care routine and longevity of these unique handcrafted bracelets. Showering with delicate pieces may be a concern, but the original line can face a shower without serious damage. 

Pura Vida bracelets are made from high-quality natural fibers like cotton and linen, and these fibers are water-resistant. While the bracelets may get soaked in the shower, they will easily air dry. The original collection is fully showerable, while the charm and platinum bracelets are best kept away from water. 

Pura Vida bracelets, rings, and necklaces are designed to encourage personal expression while you mix up your own style. Showering with the full collection you build may not be advisable to prevent the sterling silver and silver-plated charms from tarnishing. 

Want to know more about how to keep your Pura Vida bracelets safe in the shower and ways to extend the lifespan of your Pura Vida jewelry?

Read on.

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Will Pura Vida Bracelet Tarnish?

Your Pura Vida bracelet and other jewelry like rings and necklaces can tarnish if they have charms or engravable metal elements to them and you expose them to a shower, swim, or excessive sweat. Perfume and body lotions can also tarnish the strings and metal charms.

While the Pura Vida rings are said to be .925 sterling silver, some of the rings are silver-plated. Silver-plating may tarnish if exposed to water. Chemicals in shower water may also create a deposit that may trigger rust, weakening the metals. 

If you live in an area in the U.S. that has elevated hard water levels, your shower water may also leave a deposit of calcium carbonate on the natural fiber strings, making them brittle. [1]

The same would apply to Pura Vida necklaces, where deposits of hard water chemicals can perish the strings and metal charms. 

Should You Wear a Pura Vida Bracelet in the Shower?

The originals range from Pura Vida is considered shower-safe. However, if you frequently expose the stringed bracelets to hot water and the chemicals of shower gels, their colors will fade. Instead, save showering with your Pura Vida bracelets for a beach side shower when surfing.

Pura Vida rings may be waterproof, but they can still tarnish when exposed to harsh water. The silver rings are prone to developing a pitted appearance in a high pressure shower as silver is a soft material. You may also find that the rings can stain your fingers green if they are silver-plated. 

Anklets from Pura Vida may be fine to wear in the shower, as long as you remember they may become tarnished by hard water chemicals and then perish. The original line of anklets will hold up best to frequent showering, but the colors will fade. [2]

Can You Wear a Pura Vida Bracelet Every Day?

Pura Vida jewelry is made for daily wear. Based on the jewelry line’s philosophy, the idea is to live a carefree life, while supporting good causes. Therefore, the idea is not that Pura Vida jewelry such as bracelets, anklets, necklaces, and rings should last forever.

Instead, wear your Pura Vida bracelet daily, enjoying the impact your purchase makes in a less fortunate craftsman’s life. The quality of Pura Vida jewelry is fairly good, and each piece is handmade to ensure perfect knots and design elements. 

Being made from natural fibers, the jewelry items aren’t meant to last more than a few seasons of continuous wear. 

How to Maximize Your Pura Vida Bracelet Lifetime

Your Pura Vida bracelet may not be designed to last for years, but you can extend the lifetime of your bracelets and necklaces by following the appropriate care guide. [3]

Avoid Body Oil and Perfume 

Take care not to handle your Pura Vida jewelry with hands that haven’t been washed or that have been lotioned. The oils in your skin and from the lotion will compromise the jewelry’s integrity and can cause the natural fibers to rot. 

Minimize Water Exposure

While the Pura Vida originals line of jewelry holds up well to water, it is still advised that you remove all Pura Vida jewelry before showering, swimming, or taking a bath. When the strings become overly soaked, they may not dry and could develop mold. 

With too much water exposure, the plated and precious metals used may also begin to wear away. 

Buff With a Dry Cloth

If your Pura Vida jewelry begins to look a little faded, you can use a lint-free white cloth to wipe and buff the charms and natural fiber strings too. Avoid scrubbing at the jewelry, and don’t use any abrasive jewelry cleaners. 

Air Dry When Wet

Should your Pura Vida jewelry become wet, take the time to dry the stringed items in a shady place, avoiding harsh sunlight that could shrink fibers. If you’ve been in the ocean for a swim, rinse your jewelry with clean water before air drying to further prevent damage. 

Store in a Small Jewelry Bag

When you aren’t wearing your Pura Vida jewelry, ensure the items are safely stored in a small jewelry bag. The jewelry bags will help prevent tangling and rubbing of the strings and charms. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wear Pura Vida rings in the water?

While you can wear Pura Vida rings in the shower or when bathing, it is advisable to avoid putting your hands in water while wearing these jewelry items. The metals of the Pura Vida rings are soft, with some being sterling silver and others plated to achieve the carefree look without paying a heavy price.

Why do some Pura Vida bracelets tarnish, while others are fine?

The amount of exposure to chemicals, oils, and other corrosive skin care products can lead to the sealing layer of Pura Vita being removed by harsh water. Once the sealant layer is removed, your metal elements will begin to perish.

The Ultimate Guide to Wearing Jewelry in the Shower

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