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Can You Shower With Kendra Scott Jewelry?

If you’re lucky enough to own a fine piece of jewelry from Kendra Scott’s collection, you’ll want to keep it in the best shape possible. What if disaster strikes and you step into the shower, forgetting that precious Elisa necklace around your neck?

Can you even shower while wearing your Kendra Scott bling?

Never shower or exercise while wearing Kendra Scott jewelry. The chemicals in water, shower products, and hair products will tarnish your gold, silver, or rose gold-plated Kendra Scott jewelry. If you love your bling and want to keep it shiny, leave it outside the shower, pool, or sauna.

Learn why your beloved Kendra Scott pieces should be kept away from water, beauty products, and humidity, and what to do when you have accidentally exposed your bling.

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Can You Wear Kendra Scott Jewelry in the Shower?

While it may look stunning to see your Kendra Scott necklaces against your skin while you take a shower, you should always remove your jewelry before showering. [1]

The chemicals in tap water, as well as shower and beauty products, can damage your Kendra Scott necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Even your loofah’s texture scratches the surface of your jewelry.

Is Kendra Scott Jewelry Waterproof?

Most metal jewelry is waterproof, from simple silver plated necklaces to 14k gold bracelets. However, waterproof doesn’t mean these items won’t become damaged by being in water.

Jewelry makers use specialized processes like gold-plating or rhodium-plating to create the look of a precious metal. However, these plated costume jewelry items easily tarnish in water-rich environments.

While your Kendra Scott necklace won’t dissolve if you shower with it on, you’ll find that there will be signs of the metal being tarnished with repeated water exposure.

Even precious metals like gold and silver will become dull and lose the surface buff that makes your necklaces shine if they are worn in water or while sweating heavily.

Does Kendra Scott Jewelry Tarnish or Rust in Water?

Kendra Scott jewelry is considered to be costume jewelry because it is not solid gold or silver but rather brass-plated over with gold, silver, or rhodium.

Rhodium-plated Kendra Scott jewelry will be the most resistant to tarnish and rust. However, even rhodium can rub through when exposed to friction, water, and chemicals.

Water exposes your Kendra Scott pieces to chemicals like lime and calcium, which creates a deposit on the jewelry pieces, eventually dulling them.

Friction and chemicals can also combine to scour the surface of your gold-plated necklaces and earrings, which damages them irreparably.

I Got My Kendra Scott Jewelry Wet. What Do I Do?

If you had a shower while still wearing your Kendra Scott jewelry, you need to take swift action and ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Start by drying the jewelry item on a lint-free microfiber cloth that can absorb any moisture from the jewelry piece.

Allow the item to air dry overnight and clean with the Kendra Scott cleaning cloth carry bag the jewelry came in.

If you find the design of the jewelry has retained moisture, use a hygroscopic agent like dry rice to further remove any moisture from the links, clips, and clasps of your Kendra Scott jewelry.

Simply place the jewelry item in a container with dry rice and allow the rice to work for a day. Then wipe the jewelry with the cleaning cloth to restore its shine.

How to Clean Tarnished Kendra Scott Jewelry

Cleaning Kendra Scott jewelry that’s already tarnished is not always successful. For dull jewelry, use the special cleaning cloth that came with the jewelry.

However, if the item is badly rusted or shows signs of wearing through to the brass core, you may need to consider throwing it out.

Never use a metal cleaning agent as this will likely strip away the plated layer that gives Kendra Scott jewelry its appeal. [2]


Can you wear Kendra Scott jewelry in the pool?

You should never wear Kendra Scott (or any other jewelry item) in a pool as the pool water contains chlorine and other chemicals that may interact with the jewelry’s plated layers.

Do Kendra Scott necklaces turn your neck green?

Kendra Scott necklaces won’t turn your skin green while they are in good condition. However, if your necklaces begin to rub through, exposing the brass core, green stains may appear on your neck.

The green stains on your skin happen because the brass core oxidizes. With prolonged use, the brass will create green oxidative salts that will stain your neck.

The Ultimate Guide to Wearing Jewelry in the Shower

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