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4 Best Succulent Plants for Your Bathroom

Believe it or not, those adorable succulents you love can thrive in a place you might not expect: your bathroom!

While these low-maintenance plants are known for their desert resilience, many varieties actually flourish in the humid, low-light environment of a bathroom.

But with so many succulent types, choosing the right ones for your bathroom is key.

This guide will unveil the best succulent plants for your bathroom, ensuring a pop of greenery that thrives, purifies the air, and adds a touch of spa-like serenity.

bathroom succulents

Are Succulents Good for Your Bathroom?

Bringing succulents into a bathroom has numerous advantages.

If your bathroom space feels bare, the benefits of these plants will inspire you to get a pot, or two, of succulents to bring inside.

  • Succulents, like other plants, absorb carbon dioxide and other toxins from the bathroom’s air which are produced by the numerous chemicals you use, like cleaners.

  • Besides purifying the air quality inside of bathrooms, succulents also continuously produce more oxygen, giving you more fresh, clean air to breathe.

  • Succulents are relatively easy to take good care of, and there are plenty of varieties to choose from.

  • Lastly, adding succulents to your bathroom can make the space look effortlessly pretty, giving the room a soothing touch of greenery to make you feel calmer and more relaxed. They are also wonderful decorative pieces that you can keep in colorful pots and terrariums.

Can Succulents Survive in Bathrooms?

Fortunately, succulents are one of the few plants you can grow in the bathroom.

And they can even grow well in low light and high humidity conditions, given that you provide them with what they need to survive.

Such as:

  • Indirect Bright Light

Succulents thrive best when they can get sufficient light throughout the day.

At a minimum, you should provide them with some indirect bright light for at least four hours a day.

And while a few select succulents can adapt to low light conditions, sunlight is still necessary for them to feed through photosynthesis and thrive in your bathroom.

  • Superior Drainage

Succulents love humidity, but they can’t tolerate excess moisture in the soil.

They love having excellent drainage, so always grow your succulents in drainage-friendly soil.

And while you might be tempted to plant them in fancy, colorful teacups, succulents would be best off potted in ones with drainage holes.

Given these two succulent growing requirements, plus watering them from time to time, succulents can easily survive in the bathroom.

Can Succulents Thrive in Bathrooms with No Windows?

Despite the fact that succulents love ample sunlight, they can still adapt to low light conditions.

This means your succulents will survive without natural light, like in a windowless bathroom.

You just have to be extra creative about choosing the right species.

Naturally-green succulents are more forgiving of shadier growing conditions—for example, Haworthia and Aloe Vera.

Another solution to growing succulents in a bathroom with no windows is using a grow light.

A grow light will ensure that your succulents are getting enough light to grow well.

Growing and Taking Care of Bathroom Succulents

Bathrooms aren’t the most suitable growing environment for succulents that love dry climates and sunlight.

But a bathroom can be a suitable place to grow succulents given that:

  • You follow the ideal watering schedule for succulents
  • You choose the right type of succulents for bathrooms

How Often Should You Water Succulents in Bathrooms?

Succulents are easy to care for because they require very little watering, especially if they are kept in a humid environment like a bathroom.

You should only water succulents once the soil has completely dried. 

This could be once every week or two.

But always remember, it’s better to underwater succulents than to overwater them as succulents are prone to root rot when overwatered. 

Another tip is to wait for a signal from your succulents before you water it.

For example, when the leaves start showing early signs of drying out, you can water your succulents then.

Best Succulents for Bathrooms 

Some succulents are not likely to survive indoors, especially in bathrooms.

These succulents require ample direct sunlight and are less tolerant to a humid climate.

But the following types of succulents are suitable for growing in bathroom settings.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the best bathroom succulents.

They thrive in low-light conditions and don’t even need direct sun exposure.

Aloe Vera is a smart choice if your bathroom doesn’t have any windows.

aloe vera

They also adapt quite well to humid conditions and are very tolerant to moisture, so keeping them in an extra humid bathroom is perfectly fine.

Not to mention, Aloe Vera is incredibly hardy.

Even beginners can grow Aloe Vera in the bathroom successfully.


Haworthia is another great succulent for bathrooms because it can add a unique accent to any space.


And the best part is that it’s easy to take care of.

In fact, your biggest concern would be not to overwater the plant.

Sansevieria (Snake Plant)

Snake plant or Sansevieria is a fantastic succulent choice for bathrooms.

It’s great for absorbing toxins from cleaning products and other chemicals in the bathroom.

snake plant

Although they prefer dry and bright outdoor spots, snake plants are pretty tolerable.

Just make sure to place it in an area where it can get ample sunlight.


If you have a bathroom window, Echeverias will fit right in.


Aside from providing it with enough sunlight, growing Echeveria in the bathroom is hard to mess up.

They only need well-draining soil and a thorough watering occasionally.

Where to Keep Succulents in the Bathroom

One essential tip to keeping your succulents in the bathroom thriving and happy is being strategic with where you put them.

And there are endless ways to use succulents to decorate your bathroom.

  • Put Them in the Windowsill

This one is a good option if your bathroom has low light.

  • Keep Succulents in Hanging Baskets

Try this option if you have a shortage of bathroom space to place your succulents. They can be hung near the window, so they won’t get wet and get enough sunlight.

  • Put Them on the Wall

If your bathroom has a shelf on a wall that gets enough bright light, it can be an ideal place to house your bathroom succulents.

  • Just Place it on the Vanity

Put succulents on your vanity far enough from the faucet so it won’t get splashed with water.

Things to Keep in Mind

Having succulents inside the bathroom is among the cheapest ways to elevate the space.

Not to mention, they purify bathroom air and give you a healthy dose of oxygen.

But while they are hardy and low maintenance species, it doesn’t mean they don’t need some TLC.

Also, consider your typical bathroom conditions, to make sure that your succulents get their basic requirements to thrive.

Some tips to keep in mind:

  • Make sure that your bathroom succulents get their minimum light and water requirements.

  • Pot your succulents in well-draining soil and in pots with drainage holes. They need superior drainage to avoid rotting, especially with the high humidity found in bathrooms.

  • When watering succulents, use the soak and dry method. Avoid using a spray bottle, or the water won’t get deep enough for the roots to absorb.

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