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6 Tips To Make Sure Your Eyelash Extensions Stay In Place After Taking a Shower

Done right, eyelash extensions can really amp up the appearance of your eyes. Juicy volume, dashing looks, charming winks…

Are you ready to lose all that bliss with a single shower gone wrong? Neither are we!

It’s true – eyelash extensions are not especially fond of water. Taking care of them in the shower is just as vital as ever, especially since so many people these days use both.

shower with eyelash extensions

Tips On Showering With Eyelash Extensions

Here are some showering tips to keep your eyelash extensions in place and enjoy showers as much as you want!

1. Don’t Use the Shower Immediately

Eyelash extensions are artificial lashes glued to your eyelids, which means they are likely to be ruined if they aren’t intact. As a result, it is highly recommended not to take a shower or wash your face immediately after getting your eyelashes done.

Ideally, you should refrain from wetting your eyelashes in the first 48 hours. Your technician can also tell you when best to wash your face. If you haven’t fully finished sticking your lashes, you can wipe and dry your face with a towel while being careful not to damage the lashes.

2. Avoid Hot Steamy Showers

You should probably lower your shower temperature if you usually use a steamy, hot bath since your lashes will not stay in place if the water’s too hot. The steamy shower’s high temperature can weaken the glue that holds the lashes together with your eyelids.


Steam rooms or saunas are also not an exception since constant steam exposure will slowly weaken the glue.

3. Use Swimming Goggles

You can always opt for swimming goggles that are proven to be effective at keeping water from lingering around your eyes, protecting your lashes from getting wet.

Ensure the goggles are dry and chlorine-free, and you can also test them before using the extensions to be sure they are a perfect fit and won’t get water into your eyes.

4. Use Shower Eye Shields

Shower eye shields, also known as face shields, are a perfect solution for women who want to protect their eyelashes from water and steam when taking a shower. The hypoallergenic shield prevents irritation to even the most sensitive skin while allowing you to cleanse and rinse your face with ease.

To utilize them, you have to remove the medically tested protective tape from its adhesive strip, press the shower visor against the forehead skin above the eyebrows, and jump in the shower.

5. Handle with Care

Handling your lashes with utmost care at all times might just be all you need to keep them in place. You will almost always have to touch your face, whether you are mopping it dry or applying facial scrubs and cosmetic products. While you do any of these, be gentle with your lashes and avoid rubbing them rigorously. You can wash your face separately before or after a shower, so you can pay special attention to how you handle your lashes.

6. Review Your Cosmetic Products

The chances are you were using great products that work well on your face before the extensions. However, now that you’ve got extensions, you need to be extra cautious. It is essential to avoid using oil-based cosmetics, such as oil-based makeup, to prevent the adhesive from wearing away.


Use oil-free cleansers instead and put them on a cotton pad for easy application. Be careful with how you apply cosmetic products around your eyes; preferably, use q-tips. We understand that you wouldn’t want to give up your eye makeup, but if you must, be sure to purchase eye makeup that doesn’t contain any oil.

What to Avoid

Avoid wearing mascara on your lash extensions; they are unnecessary since the extensions already do a great job to amp your eyes’ appearance. However, if you still want to go ahead, ensure the mascara or any eye makeup used is water-based, as waterproof products might damage the adhesive. Try not to use eye curlers or rub or pull your eyelashes.

What Happens if You Accidentally Get Your Eyelash Extensions Wet?

Let’s face it: getting your eyelash extensions wet is almost inevitable. You might have forgotten you had extensions on or accidentally splashed water on yourself, or you might have cried.

What do we do now?

If this happened in the first 48 hours when you’re supposed to leave them to dry, it’s natural that you worry about ruining them. You might lose a few lashes, or the glue becomes stiff, and the lashes won’t end up lasting as long as they should. In case it occurs after 48 hours, chances are the glue has already dried up, meaning that you will be safe as long as you keep them dry afterward.

When you cry, your eyelashes won’t usually be affected unless the glue is still wet. You only need to worry about crying within the first 48 hours. So don’t even think of rewatching that Gray’s Anatomy scene!


Ruining your lashes with water depends on the timing, how much water splashed on it, and how well you’re able to manage the situation.


Eyelash extensions, especially if they are high quality, can be expensive, so you want to manage them the best way you can to make them last longer. Lash extensions usually last about 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the type used and the growth cycle of your natural lashes.

Please use these tips to prevent damage to your lashes, but discuss any additional care or treatment you might need with your lash technician.

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