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Shower Cap: 11 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About

It is no secret that shower caps are a necessity in your bathroom.

They are perfect for maintaining your hair, especially if you don’t like washing your hair every day.

But did you know that a shower cap has plenty of cool uses outside the bathroom?

Find out eleven fascinating facts about shower caps, and you’ll never look at your shower cap the same way as before.

shower cap facts

Fact #1. You Can Use Shower Cap to Kill Lice

You probably know how uncomfortable head lice are if you’ve ever experienced it.

You have tried so many methods, and it seems like nothing is working, right?

Don’t give up yet.

Once you are sure that your hair is lice infected, treatment is the next line of action.

You can get a chemical shampoo over the counter by prescription.

Make sure you read directions and follow instructions.

Also, please do not leave the chemical on your hair for too long, as it can irritate the scalp.

If you are far from a pharmacy, then you can try suffocating the lice.

Yes, you heard me right!

Use oil (vegetable, olive, baby, etc.) and conditioner to suffocate the lice.

You can leave the treatment for as long as you want.

Apply the treatment and cover your hair with a shower cap.

Fact #2. You Can Wear a Shower Cap to Bed

You may be used to hairnets, but shower caps are great substitutes.

They help to achieve softer and stronger hair. Some of the advantages of sleeping with a shower cap include:

  • Protect from breakage: Experiencing constant breakage? Sleeping with your shower cap can do wonders. It helps reduce pulling and breakage. If you love wearing your hair in a bun, it can be very tight and cause your hair to break. It also helps keep your hair away from your face.
  • Hairstyle retention: I am sure you don’t like waking up in Georgia, and your hair is somewhere in China. A bed of hair in the morning can be a funny sight.

Shower caps are great DIY to solve this problem quickly.

It keeps your hair under lock and key. 

If you want to maintain your curls, go for a shower cap.

Fact #3. Use a Shower Cap When Dying Hair

Shower caps are every lady’s essential.

Talk about buying one and get ten free!

Shower caps are a good choice for semi-permanent hair dyes that are not infused with bleaching agents.

Covering your hair with a shower cap after dyeing your hair helps the color to take hold.

Fact #4. Shower Cap Can Serve as a Camera Filter

This is going to be interesting, I promise.

A shower cap can be used as a camera filter.

Want to create a softening effect with your camera?

Slip a transparent shower cap over your lens, and voila!

You have your desired shot.

Fact#5. You Can Put a Shower Cap Over Your Smoke Detector

WARNING: You should be very cautious when applying this tip because you are effectively turning off your smoke detector’s operation.

Do you have a smoke detector that goes off particularly often?

A shower cap can save your day.

Getting ready to paint or cook a big meal?

Put the shower cap over the smoke detector in order to prevent false alarms and staining.

A shower cap over your smoke detector can be a wonderful short-term solution, but it’s not perfect.

You need a smoke detector that works correctly, not the one that doesn’t work at all.

Make sure your smoke detector is installed properly and in the right place to fix your problem in the long term.

Often smoke detectors go off when located over ovens or toastmasters or outside of a particularly steamy bathroom.

Fact #6. Shower Cap in a Swimming Pool? 100% Dry!

When swimming in the pool, you will notice that swim caps don’t keep your hair 100% dry.

This is because they are not made too dense, but combined with a shower cap, they can provide extra protection against water when worn over a shower cap.

Ensure your hair is securely fastened with a protective shower cap, and wear a swimming cap on top.

Fact #7. Shower Cap Protects Your Hair in the Tanning Bed

Despite the lack of concrete evidence that hair loss can be linked to tanning, we still want your hair to be healthy and full of life.

So, anytime you want to use a tanning bed, make sure you have your shower cap nearby.

You’ll want to protect your hair from being exposed to UV rays, which are emitted from tanning bed lamps.

UV rays are capable of tampering with the chemical structure of your hair and changing the color.

Tuck your hair properly in a shower cap, as this is one of the effective ways to avoid severe damage to your hair.

Fact #8. You Can Use a Shower Cap to Pull Out Hair Clogs

If you don’t have your hand gloves near you, grab your shower cap.

Pulling hair clogs from your drain is gross!

Use your shower cap to remove the hair clog out, wrap the shower cap over it and dump it inside the dustbin.

Problem solved!

Fact #9. You Can Plop Your Hair With a Shower Cap

In case you have not been following the trend, let’s bring you up to speed.

Wet plop is trending right now.

The technique is the perfect way to keep your hair frizz-free, well defined, and gorgeous through styling.

Cotton towels are commonly used for wet plops but trust us when we say shower caps are great alternatives.

How do you do it?

  1. Wash your hair and condition it.
  2. Apply leave-in conditioner and cut into sections.
  3. Squeeze out excess water with your hand.
  4. Gather hair into a shower cap.
  5. Wrap a towel over the shower cap to avoid water dripping all over you, or place a towel over your shoulder.
  6. Plop for about 20 minutes.

We suggest you try this out!

Fact #10. Shower Caps Help You Protect Make-Up

Who would have thought that shower caps can come in handy when preparing for a hot date?

We did!

Get your makeup and hair done, then place a shower cap gently over your face and another on your hair as you slip on that gorgeous outfit.

Not only does it prevent your hair and makeup from getting messed up, but it also saves you the horror of getting makeup on your clothes a few minutes before your date arrives!

Fact #11. Men Also Wear Shower Caps

It is not only a woman’s world when it comes to shower caps. Men can also use them.

If you are a stylish man and you have a curly haircut or even dreads that you would like to maintain, by all means, engage the use of a shower cap.

Shower caps for men come in bigger sizes and more masculine designs.

We definitely won’t want you wearing a pink shower cap.

That’s a wrap-up.

The time has come to take advantage of your shower cap in a whole new way!

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