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5 Most Popular Shower Bench Colors

Your bathroom is your personal retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and it deserves the style, comfort, and thoughtful design.

Introducing the shower bench is a smart way to add functionality and style to your bathroom.

Shower benches also come in different styles and colors.

Choosing the perfect color for your shower bench is a great way to ensure that it looks stylish and coordinated with other items in your bathroom.

But when it comes to picking out the perfect shower bench color, it can be overwhelming!

shower bench colors

Shower Bench Colors

The following are our top 5 shower bench color options for your inspiration.

Black Shower Bench

Give your bathroom a chic, spa-like feel with the black shower bench.

Expertly crafted in black to bring you luxury and elegance, this sleek piece is equipped for all of your washroom needs.

This black shower bench also provides a wide surface area without taking up valuable space, and its elegant frame allows you to have ample room when freshening up or bathing yourself.

What Color Goes With Black in the Bathroom

Whenever you combine black with other colors in a bathroom, it is always considered a very risky choice.

Many people wonder if adding black to their bathroom will work because of how difficult it can be to incorporate a dark shade.

The best way to achieve that is by providing contrast in colors and material.

Here are some very interesting options.

Black and Beige. If combined with black tones, beige appears to provide serenity and calm. If you add beige rather than white, you will immediately notice how the bathroom takes on a calmer look and feel.

Black and White. White is a very common color in bathrooms, and it is commonly coordinated with neutral shades. White is also an excellent color choice to contrast black lines. That makes the bathroom furniture’s geometric design even more striking.

Black and Gold. Gold and black is a luxurious color combination that never fails to impress. The timeless elegance of black is enhanced with gold.

White Shower Bench

A white shower bench is a perfect choice for anyone with a sense of style.

Functional and fashionable, this sleek white bench will never look dated.

Think of this white shower bench as an investment because it will increase your bathroom’s functionality, beauty, and efficiency.

What Color Goes With White in the Bathroom

It’s tough to go wrong when a beautiful color is used with white, and there are many choices available.

White and Black. These classic colors combine well for all bathrooms, from the most traditional to the most contemporary.

White and Pale Blue. A bathroom paired with pale blue and white would be perfect, especially if it is brightened up with natural light.

White and White. Bathrooms have traditionally been white, at least to a certain extent. You might want to embrace this reality rather than fight against it by making it the center of your bathroom’s color scheme. Everything white – from lights to towels to fixtures.

Brown Shower Bench

A brown shower bench will enhance your décor while standing up against wear-and-tear from being in the water each day.

This brown shower bench offers functionality and beauty that will help make your bathroom or contemporary styled shower a place you enjoy.

Whether you’re looking for brown colors or other wood tones, this shower bench will make just the right statement.

What Color Goes With Brown in the Bathroom

It is appealing to use brown in the bathroom, especially if you have a large space.

Most brown shades have warm undertones, so paired with cool-colored accents, brown shower benches look spectacular.

The brown color is generally highly inspirational, cozy, and sleek when paired correctly with the right shades.

Brown and White. If you want a truly dramatic appearance, choose a deep brown shade with a crisp white tone.

Brown with Yellow. This warm color perfectly complements brown to give any room an element of elegance. A splash of energetic charm can be added to your living space with yellow shades that look lively and fun.

Brown and Blue. This color pair is a match made in heaven, as the cool tones of blue complement the warm hues of brown in the wooden furniture.

Gray Shower Bench

The gray color suits both contemporary and traditional bathrooms alike.

Boasting a sleek and modern design that blends into the marble or stone shower floor and walls, a gray shower bench is perfect for those looking for an aesthetically pleasing bathroom accessory.

What Color Goes With Gray in the Bathroom

Nothing beats gray right now when it comes to popularity and charisma. There is increasing use of gray in areas where white was traditionally considered the gold standard.

A modern bathroom is an excellent example of the change, and people now rely on gray to create a variety of looks.

Gray and Pink. Pink may not necessarily be a popular choice for a modern bathroom, but it stands out from the crowd and makes the gray color pop. Consider this combination beyond the stereotype, and you will easily see how it can create a cozy and comfortable space.

Gray and Blue. Blue bathrooms never fail to impress, and they never go out of style. Gray and blue are a fun way to liven up any space. It provides you with endless design possibilities, as you can even combine it with white.

Gray and Green. The color combo of gray and green in the bathroom is uncommon, so you need to find the right balance if you want to pull it off. Avoid mixing very dark shades of green with gray when planning your bathroom, as it will create a dull and sometimes garish atmosphere.

Beige Shower Bench

Do you want to create a serene and tranquil environment in your bathroom?

A beige bathroom design is a perfect way to achieve this.

The beige shower bench is a modern, chic addition that will fit in with any bathroom decor.

What Color Goes With Beige in the Bathroom

Beige is a neutral color and complements just about any other color, especially those found in nature.

In terms of saturation and hue, beige tends to fall on the natural end of scales.

If you choose a color with similar saturation and hue, you can expect a comforting and satisfying effect.

The colors of this hue are not hailed as attractive or thrilling. Its versatility is its biggest strength.

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