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Oval vs Rectangular Bathroom Sink: Which One to Get?

When choosing a bathroom sink, one of the first considerations you should make is the shape or design of the basin – do you get an oval or rectangular sink?

These are two of the most popular sink style options for homes, and both styles have a unique set of pros and cons. The oval sink is a somewhat more traditional and simpler option while the rectangular bathroom sink is considered more modern and sophisticated.

With that in mind, choosing the ideal bathroom sink style depends on your personal preferences and design space. The design should do two things – enhance the efficiency of your bathroom space and improve the bathroom’s overall appearance.

If you’re still unsure which sink style to get, take a closer look at the comparison between oval and rectangular sinks to see which one is better suited for your bathroom.

oval vs rectangular bathroom sink
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Pros and Cons of Oval and Rectangular Sink

Choosing Oval Bathroom Sink

Oval bathroom sinks are considered the classic option, a safer design style, and arguably the most ‘basic’ sink style. They have rounded edges, and you can choose from a basin or a pedestal sink style in this shape.

If you prefer something old-school and conventional, you won’t go wrong with an oval bathroom sink.

Pros of Oval Bathroom Sink

  • The classic design of oval sinks makes it easier for them to pair with almost any bathroom style or color.

  • Because of the simplicity of its style, oval bathroom sinks will fit any design and color of the countertop.

  • Oval sinks are space savers, they are an ideal sink design for small bathrooms. They also work in small bathroom corners, making them perfect for bathroom/half-bath settings.

  • The bowl-shaped design of an oval sink means the sink is somewhat deeper, providing excellent water depth and preventing water from splashing all over the counter. The rounded shape is also great for drainage.

  • Because there are corners, there are no nooks and crannies for dirt to get trapped in. Thus, oval bathroom sinks are generally easier to clean and maintain.

Cons of Oval Bathroom Sink

  • They could be considered out of date, depending on how you view them.

  • Since they are generally smaller, oval bathroom sinks are not usually ideal if you have a large bathroom space. The sink will be lost in a bigger, open space.

  • They are not geometric, so they may not blend well with a modern bathroom design.

Choosing Rectangular Bathroom Sink

While oval sinks are classic, rectangular bathroom sinks are modern. They feature clean lines and squared corners. Rectangular sinks usually have similar front-to-back and width measurements. But most often, they won’t have equal depths.

Rectangular sinks are a newer trend in bathroom design, something unique and striking to add to your bathroom space.

Pros of Rectangular Bathroom Sink

  • Rectangular sinks are unique, stylish, and will always be a standout bathroom fixture. They are a nice option to add as a striking touch to the room without doing a massive remodel.

  • The straight and clean corners of rectangular sinks make them sleek, an excellent choice for modern bathroom designs. If you prefer Scandinavian styles, rectangular sinks fit this aesthetic.

  • If you have a large bathroom space, a rectangular sink will complement the extra space perfectly.

  • Rectangular sinks are generally shorter in height, allowing ample storage space underneath.

  • Since they are generally wider, you usually get extra storage space around a rectangular sink’s rim. This counter space comes in handy for storing all sorts of items, like your moisturizers, facial wash, hand soap, and toothbrushes.

Cons of Rectangular Bathroom Sink

  • They take up more space than their oval sink counterpart, making a smaller countertop feel cramped.

  • Since they generally have shorter depths, rectangular sinks are more likely to splash water. Sometimes, the flatter bottom surface is prone to trapping water, especially in the corners or around the bottom of the basin.

  • They are harder to clean and maintain because the corners can accumulate dirt and mold.

Oval vs Rectangular Bathroom Sink FAQs

Oval vs. rectangular sink, which is cheaper?

Generally, you will find that oval bathroom sinks are cheaper than rectangular sinks. Although rectangular sinks are still priced fairly inexpensively, they tend to cost more because of their larger size and fanciness in style.

Can you replace an oval with a rectangular bathroom sink?

You can replace an oval with a rectangular bathroom sink if you want to. Switching from a traditional oval bathroom sink into a rectangular one can boost your bathroom’s entire look. It can modernize the space, particularly if you’re remodeling the bathroom.

But keep in mind that a rectangular sink will take up more space than your old oval sink, so you might want to consider how much available space you have. Most likely, your new rectangular sink will not fit into the countertop cutout of your old oval sink. But if you switch from an oval pedestal sink to a rectangular pedestal sink, the fit shouldn’t be much of a problem.

So Which Bathroom Sink Should You Get, Oval or Rectangular?

When it comes to choosing between oval and rectangular sinks, it largely depends on three things – personal choice, bathroom space, and style.

If your bathroom has a classic design, an oval bathroom sink is the better option. But if you’re updating your bathroom space to achieve a sleek and modern look, then there’s no question that a rectangular sink is the best choice.

Another thing to consider is the available space in your bathroom. If you’re shopping for a bathroom sink for a smaller space, get an oval sink. Conversely, if you need a sink for a larger bathroom, a rectangular sink is preferable.

Lastly, if your bathroom has a bathtub, choose the bathroom sink style that matches your tub to get a more coordinated look!

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