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6 Best Orchids to Grow in the Bathroom

Have you ever wondered if those exotic, captivating orchids you admire in magazines and greenhouses could thrive in your own bathroom?

Contrary to popular belief, the answer is a resounding yes – orchids can not only survive but flourish in bathroom environments.

Discover the best orchids for bathrooms that will flourish in the humidity and uplift your spirits every time you step into your own personal oasis.

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Are Orchids Good for Bathrooms?

Most orchids can thrive in a more humid environment, and the first place that comes to mind when talking about humidity is your bathroom.

The condensation from your hot, steamy shower makes the bathroom more than a suitable place to grow orchids.

Orchids do require light, but usually low light or indirect sunlight will suffice.

Again, that’s something most bathrooms are known for with just a single window, but some don’t have any windows at all.

In short, bathrooms provide an ideal growing environment for some dark and damp-loving orchid varieties.

Growing orchids in the bathroom also come with a couple of benefits.

  • Orchids can make your bathroom smell amazing. They are among some of the best flowers that can release heavenly scents.

  • Scented orchids especially boost the relaxing vibe in the bathroom, especially while you’re taking a luxurious bath.

  • Adding plants and florals like orchids to the bathroom provides a tropical element to brighten and liven up your space.

Can Orchids Survive in the Bathroom?

While bathrooms provide a great environment for orchids, it’s in no way a perfect place for them.

For orchids to survive, they require more than high humidity and high temperatures.

It is worth noting that the humidity levels and temperature in the bathroom fluctuate.

This means that while it’s damp and warm after your shower, it will only stay that way for a short while.

The condensation dries, and the bathroom can turn significantly cooler after a while.

Needless to say, these fluctuations in humidity and temperature are not ideal for any plant.

But that doesn’t mean your orchids won’t survive in the bathroom.

In fact, it most likely will, but it’s important to set up your bathroom so that the humidity levels and the temperature stay constant.

How to Grow Orchids in the Bathroom

Growing orchids in the bathroom is quite different from growing other indoor-friendly plants, but it’s not as difficult as you might think.

More importantly, it’s not impossible to keep a thriving orchid in the bathroom with proper care and maintenance.

These tips will help you grow your orchids healthily and even hope for beautiful blooms, even as a newbie.

  • Use the Right Potting Materials

Never plant your orchid in soil.

It does not drain well enough and won’t provide ample air circulation to the roots.

Always use the right potting mix, and it can either be coconut husks, bark chips, cork, or Sphagnum moss.

  • Provide Proper Lighting, But Not Direct Sunlight

Orchids are shade-loving plants, and while they need some light, exposing orchids to direct sunlight is a no-no.

Instead, keep them under indirect sunlight or use artificial light.

  • Avoid Over Watering

Excessive watering is a common mistake, even for moisture-loving plants like orchids.

Otherwise, root rot can become a major problem.

The common rule is to water your orchid with ¼ cup of water or three ice cubes per week.

  • Provide Proper Air Flow

Providing good air circulation prevents mold and root rot from developing in your orchid.

If your bathroom has an exhaust fan, remember that it isn’t running all the time.

Opening the bathroom window frequently or running a small fan set to a low setting should help.

  • Beware of Chemicals in the Bathroom

There are plenty of chemicals in the bathroom’s air from bathroom cleaners, cosmetics, including hairspray, and it could affect your growing orchid.

Chemicals in the air can cause bud blasts where the orchid starts dropping its buds that once were developing nicely and eventually die.

It’s also why providing proper airflow to get rid of these chemicals is essential.

Best Orchids for Bathrooms

There are a variety of orchids.

Some can grow well in high humidity and often high temperatures, typically found in bathrooms.

However, other orchids cannot survive these conditions.

High humidity can cause them to become infected by mold and start rotting.

So, if you’re planning to keep an orchid in your bathroom, choose the right species.

These orchid varieties love the extra moisture and indirect light they can get in a typical bathroom.

1. Pansy Orchid

If you want a showstopper in your bathroom, you won’t go wrong with the bright colors and bold patterns of a Pansy Orchid.

This variety came from the cloud forests of Brazil, so it will thrive in the high moisture and heat of your bathroom.

This orchid might need daily misting, but avoid misting the leaves.

2. Moth Orchid

Moth Orchids grow in the shade, making them one of the ideal low-light orchid varieties to have in the bathroom.

They are also widely accessible, sold in many convenience stores and supermarkets.

Not to mention, Moth Orchids are easy to care for and beginner-friendly.

A mature Moth Orchid will produce flowers for the entire year.

3. Dancing Ladies

Dancing Doll Orchids or Dancing Ladies are a good option if you want a sunny, bright pop of color in your bathroom.

They have distinctive floral designs that make them a crowd favorite.

Even though this orchid is a light-loving variety, it never requires direct sunlight.

So, find a place for one near the window where it can get a few hours of light every day.

4. Octopus Orchid

Octopus Orchid or Cockleshell is an orchid that inspires relaxing thoughts of the ocean because of its clamshell-like lip and the dangling petals that look like tentacles.

This variety loves filtered sunlight, and you will love its interesting fragrance in the bathroom.

5. Lady Slippers

Those who have never grown orchids before can start with Lady Slippers.

They are among the easiest orchids to take care of, and in ideal conditions, they will bloom every year.

Lady Slippers are also suitable for low-light bathrooms since this variety doesn’t typically receive direct sunlight in their native habitat.

6. Masdevallia

If you’re looking to spruce up your windowsill, this orchid is perfect for that space.

It loves low to medium light, so a west or east-facing window that can give a Masdevallia light in the morning and afternoon is a great place for it.

But remember to keep it away from direct sunlight, or the leaves will turn yellow.

How to Spruce Up Your Bathroom with Orchids

Get creative with decorating your bathroom by using orchids.

Try any of these ideas that can conveniently brighten up your bathroom and even bring some tropical aroma to the space.

Display Them on the Windowsill

Placing plants on the window sill is one of the classic ways to display plants in the bathroom.

But it only remains a great option for displaying orchids if your bathroom window has blinds or curtains.

It’s best not to overexpose your orchid to sunlight.

Make a Shower Caddy Garden

Transform your shower into a tropical spa with a shower caddy garden.

Not only will it look great, but placing orchids in your shower caddy adds a romantic feel and brings an aromatic fragrance to your shower too.

Dress Up the Countertop

If you need a place to put your orchid on, countertops usually have some extra space for an orchid or two.

Place your orchids along with your decorative soaps or put them on a mirrored tray.

Build a Vertical Orchid Garden

You don’t have to stop with one orchid.

Your bathroom can use more, even without a lot of space, because a vertical orchid garden is a space-saving option that will quickly turn your bare bathroom into a rainforest oasis.

Hang Orchids Near the Shower or the Bathtub

If you’re short on bathroom space, hang your orchid near the shower or the bathtub.

Just make sure it’s not directly in the path of the shower’s stream because while orchids love a damp bathroom, you don’t want them getting soaked.

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