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How to Tighten a Loose Glass Shower Door Handle

Having a loose handle on your otherwise perfect glass shower door can be a pain. However, during the morning rush, or any other time you need to take a shower in a hurry having a loose door handle is the last thing you need.

A loose shower door handle can get worse over time, leaving you with stripped screws, damage to your glass door, or eventually, you may reach out to open your door, and it will literally fly off the handle.

shower door handle

Tightening up a loose glass shower door handle seems like a pretty straightforward process, and oftentimes it is. But for those who feel out of their element when it comes to fixing things or simply desire more information on this subject, then this article will help you solve your loose handle issues.

How to Tighten a Shower’s Door Handle

Different models of shower doors may require different methods or tools to tighten their handles. However, the process we will cover works for most shower doors in general.

If you have some specialty door handle that cannot be tightened by following the guide below, you should contact the shower door manufacturer for further instructions.

Tools Required

  • Screwdriver
  • Allen Wrench or Hex Key Set (preferably one that can connect to a screwdriver)
  • Clean Rag

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1.
Begin by closely inspecting your shower door handle.

Step 2.
You should find two small Allen Wrench or Hex Key screws on the outside handle.

Step 3.
One Allen Wrench screw will be located off-center on the top of the handle. The other is located directly on the bottom of the handle.

Step 4.
Unscrew these outer screws with the proper sized Allen Wrench or Hex Key. You can place a clean rag over your glass if you are worried about scratching it.

Step 5.
With the Allen Wrench screws removed, you can remove the outer handle. Take care to hold the inner handle in place in case it is extremely loose.

Step 6.
With the outer handle removed, the screws that actually keep your handle tight and flush against the glass will be exposed.

Step 7.
Use a Phillips screwdriver to tighten those screws while using your hand to keep your handle straight.

Step 8.
With your handle straight and tightened, you can reattach the outer handle with the Allen key screws, and you should be good to go.


Should I use a thread-locking product like Loctite to keep my handle permanently tight?

You can use a thread-locking product to get rid of any worries that you handle will get loose again. The issue with using a product like Loctite is that it is difficult to remove, so if you want to install a different handle on your shower door, you will have a tough time getting the original handle off.

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