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How to Clean a Teak Shower Bench to Preserve Its Shine

Teak wood is exceptionally durable, produces a pleasant smell, and is naturally fragrant, all of which makes it excellent for both indoor and outdoor furniture.

Including your shower bench!

And due to its resistance to mold and rot, the teak wood doesn’t break down quickly. That’s why teak is the perfect material for making shower furniture.

Despite high durability, your teak bench may still fall victim to dust, dirt, and other residues over time.

As a consequence, your teak furniture may gradually discolor. But don’t worry — you can restore teak with proper regular maintenance and care.

If you’re looking for a tutorial on how to clean a teak shower bench or any kind of teak furniture, you’ve come to the right place.

teak shower bench

How to Clean Teak Shower Benches

Teak shower benches are very easy to clean, and you can do that with everyday household items.

Your teak shower bench will look stunningly new with a few household products, elbow grease, and some guidance.  Be careful — if you don’t clean it right, you can cause more harm than good. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to clean a teak shower bench.

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  1. Choose your cleaner wisely. There are several teak wood cleaners out there. You can buy one in a store or make one yourself at home. Some brands are more effective than others, so check out reviews for cleaners you are interested in.

    You can make a cleaner at home by mixing water, vinegar, and about two spoons of dish or hand soap. How much you mix should depend on how big your bench is.

  1. Apply the cleaner to the bench. Once your cleaner is ready, rub some onto the bench and leave it on for two to three minutes.

  1. Grab a soft scrubber and start scrubbing. You should do this as gently as possible. Scrubbing too hard can scratch or scuff the wood. Make sure to clean all the hidden corners and bench edges.

  1. Rinse your bench. Once you are done scrubbing, rinse off the bench with some water. If the bench isn’t clean enough, repeat the steps above until you are satisfied with the result.

  1. Dry the bench. You should let the bench dry off for as long as possible. Once it’s done, apply some teak oil to protect the wood and add some extra shine. Make sure to wipe away any excess oil.

Before using the bench again, you should let the oil dry thoroughly. This usually takes a day or so. Using the bench before it is completely dry can ruin the protection layer it provides.

Maintaining Your Teak Shower Bench

While cleaning can restore your shower bench to its former shine, there are some other ways you can extend its lifetime. 

Here’s a list of things you can do to keep your teak shower bench in good health:

  1. Do not use power washers on the bench. Power washers operate at very high pressures. Using one on your teak shower bench will damage the wood. Once the surface is damaged, water can get into the wood and cause even further damage. Avoid using power washers on your shower benches at all costs.

  1. Do not use hard scrubbers on your teak shower bench. Rough materials like scouring pads and steel wool should never be used on your teak shower bench. They can scratch the wooden surface and destroy the finishing. Scratches can also pave the way for further damages to be done to the bench. Soft materials like mild sandpaper are the only acceptable materials for cleaning your bench. Nevertheless, this should only be done when necessary.

  1. Always pre-treat your teak shower bench. Pre-treating your furniture with a protector preserves its color. The right teak protector stops your furniture from turning grey or black. It also protects it from any damage caused by the sun. you can apply teak protector after cleaning your bench.

  1. Rinse your bench after using it. Rinsing your bench after each use can aid in getting rid of dirt and residue quickly. This will ensure that you don’t have to use cleaners on the bench often. Regular rinsing will also keep your shower bench shiny.

  1. Apply teak oil on a frequent basis. Once you are done rinsing and drying the bench, use some teak oil on the surface. The oil will help maintain the shiny look of the bench and give it an additional layer of protection.

  1. Do not keep your bench under direct sunlight. Sunlight can cause the bench to lose its color quickly, so try not to expose it to direct sunlight.

  1. Do not expose the bench to water too frequently. Teak wood is water-resistant, but exposing the wood to water regularly can cause damage over time. Thus, your teak shower bench should be kept away from moisture whenever possible.

  1. Never use bleach on your teak shower bench. Bleach can cause wood to crack. If you want your bench to last as long as possible, avoid getting bleach on it.

  1. Make sure you clean your bench often. Teak wood might be rot-resistant, but stains and residues can still leave a mark on your shower bench. Make a habit of cleaning your bench as often as you can.

Make sure to follow these tips, and your bench will remain sturdy and shiny for as long as possible.


How long does teak wood last in the shower?

Teak has an innate resistance to rot. Teak furniture, including shower benches and chairs, is commonly expected to last 70 years or longer.

How often a teak shower bench need be oiled?

Usually, shower benches made of teak wood will need to be oiled every 3 to 4 months.

Will a teak shower bench mold?

Although teak wood is naturally resistant to mold and rot, it can still develop ugly mold and mildew on its surface over time.

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