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Can You Shower After a Lash Lift?

While lash lifts have certainly become the hottest thing in beauty circles, it creates some complications when showering. Can you shower as soon as you’ve had your lash lift, and will your new lashes resist the moisture of a hot and steamy shower?

Find out how soon you can shower after your lash lift and how to take care of your lash lift in the shower for the next couple of days while it settles.

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Showering After a Lash Lift: Yes or No?

Whether using a regular, LVL, or keratin lash lift, avoid moisture for at least 24-48 hours after the lash lift has been applied. Avoid swimming, steaming, saunas, showering, and any other water exposure to ensure a quality eyelash lift.

The chemicals your lashes are treated with are very sensitive to the moisture of any kind, and if you shower with your newly curled lashes, you will end up with lashes that wilt back onto your bottom eyelids.

Since the lashes are soft and pliable, they will absorb the moisture of a shower, whether this is the steam or the actual water drops from splashing or rinsing, and your lashes will lose their shape.

It should be pointed out that there is a vast difference between a lash lift and getting lash extensions. While a lash lift involves your own eyelashes, during a lash extension the technician glues false lashes to your existing lashes. The eyelash glue can easily soften in a shower, and your face shouldn’t come into contact with water in the first 48 hours to preserve the lash extensions.

Can You Wash Your Face After A Lash Lift?

For 24 hours after a lash lift, you should avoid washing your face. However, you should try to avoid water exposure to your face for at least 48 hours or more to ensure the lash lift sets correctly.

Wiping your face while carefully avoiding the eye area is possible, but even then, you should take care not to get any moisture on your lashes.

How Long After a Lash Lift Can I Shower?

Once you have left the salon, you may want to have a shower as there may be a slight chemical reaction on your eyelids that could make you want to wash your face. It is important not to wash your eyes or take a shower for at least 24-48 hours. 

If you do take a bath while not washing your face, then be sure to have your bathroom dehumidifier or exhaust fan running to draw out any steam. Moist air can damage the results of your lash lift or lash extensions while they are still setting.

Only after a minimum of a full day or 24 hours will your lash lift have settled enough for a quick shower. Even then, it is advisable to avoid rinsing your eyes and rather use cool water to reduce the presence of steam.

How To Take a Shower Safely After a Lash Lift

After 24 hours, you are probably more than ready for a shower. However, your lash lift is not permanently set yet.

Twenty-four hours after the application of a lash lift, your lashes will only begin to be semi-permanently set. While they may be able to tolerate a light spray of water, your lashes are still soft and can easily lose shape again.

Your first shower is going to be tricky if you want to ensure your lash lift remains in shape. Here’s what to do:

  • Tie your hair up and don’t wash your hair until at least 48 hours after the lash lift because washing your hair increases the chances of water running into your eyes and onto your lashes.

  • Turn your shower’s temperature selector or warm tap to cool, ensuring there is as little mist or steam as possible.
  • Step under the showerhead, being careful to keep your face turned away from the water spray.

  • Wet your body, turn off your shower, soap your body (while still avoiding your face), and quickly rinse your body.

  • Try to keep the whole shower process under 10 minutes and reduce splashing as much as possible.

When you get out of the shower, immediately turn on the exhaust fan or open a bathroom window to reduce steam buildup. You can then wipe your face, avoiding the eye area, with a damp cloth.

What If You Accidentally Got Your Lash Lift Wet 

What if you get caught in the rain or you take a shower without thinking, and your lash lift is now wet?

One of two things will happen, depending on how wet you got your lash lift and how long after the start of the lash lift the exposure to water happens:

  • If you are fresh from the salon and your lash lift is less than eight hours old, you may find that the fixing solution rinses out and your lashes simply hang limp.

  • Should you have succeeded in curing your lash lift for at least eight hours, your lashes will cure faster because of the moisture and they may become brittle.

Knowing what to do can save your lashes and help you avoid a painful embarrassment.

Step-by-Step Guide To Saving A Wet Lash Lift

1. Dry Without Rubbing

Use three-ply tissue paper to allow your lashes to dry. Gently hold the tissue paper to your lashes, but don’t press on them or dab at your eyes. Certainly, don’t wipe your eyes.

2. Evaluate Carefully

If you are successful in drying your lashes, you will now need to assess the damage (if any) in a high-quality mirror with bright lighting to show you exactly the condition of your lashes. Carefully consider whether each lash is still separated and curved at the lifted angle or if the lashes are sagging.

With lashes that are still curving up like the beautician recommended, you are probably in the clear and your lash lift will continue to cure on its own. You may need to apply more nourishing serum at a time that is suitable. Your beautician can help you with a recommended timeline in this case.

3. Reapplying Lash Lifts

Should your lashes be sagging or starting to detach and break off, you will need to consult with your beautician. They may be able to apply a second lash lift with half the developer time. If the breakage is too extensive, you may have to opt for lash extensions to save the day.

Lash Lift Aftercare Tips For Water Procedures

A lash lift will last an average of six to eight weeks, after which your eyelashes will start sagging with new lashes replacing the curled ones. Having a few tricks up your sleeve to make the most of your lash lift is not a bad idea.

Lash Lift Aftercare Tips

  • Don’t shower for at least 24 hours after your lash lift.
  • Shower in cool water for the next day or two.
  • Don’t rub or wash your face in the shower for the first two days after the lash lift.
  • Use a baseball cap to keep sweat out of your face when light exercising for the next day or two.
  • Wait 24-48 hours before applying mascara and makeup after having a lash lift.
  • Don’t use a sauna or hot tub for at least 48 hours after a lash lift to avoid steam soaking into the lashes and hard curing the lift treatment (this will make your lashes brittle.)
  • Don’t engage in intense exercise routines for the next two days after a lash lift to avoid excessive sweating.
  • Don’t swim for 24-48 hours after a lash lift. Even sitting in water can expose your lashes to harsh chemicals and water droplets.


Can you shower before a lash lift?

Yes, you can shower before a lash lift, but for at least six hours before your lash lift, you should avoid water to allow the eyelash follicles to dry out sufficiently to apply the lash lift.

Can I shower 24 hours after a lash lift?

After 24 hours of applying a lash lift, it is safe to take a cool shower for a short period of time. Avoid showering for more than 10 minutes, and do not wet your face or rub your eyes.

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