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Where to Hang Wet Washcloths in the Shower

Sometimes it feels like washcloths don’t belong anywhere in your bathroom.

And leaving a wet washcloth draped haphazardly somewhere in your shower, on the countertop, or on top of any available bathroom fixture is a habit most of us practice.

But not letting a wet washcloth dry properly can quickly create a foul musty odor. Not to mention, the same washcloth is probably going to be damp the next time you use it.

Here’s the best way to hang wet washcloths in the shower and bathroom.

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Why Is It Important to Hang Washcloths to Dry?

Your washcloths easily get smelly when you just throw or drape them somewhere. Here’s why:

  • Not hanging your wet washcloth in a proper place means it takes longer to dry. And anything damp, especially in the bathroom, invites bacteria and mold, causing that musty smell.

  • Leaving washcloths anywhere in a dark and damp bathroom makes it a petri dish for dust and dirt. As a result, your damp washcloth would begin to smell.

Where to Hang Wet Washcloths in a Tiled Shower

Again, properly hanging your wet washcloth is critical to reducing its drying time and preventing bacteria growth. If you’re still looking for the best ways to hang wet washcloths in the shower, check out any of these excellent options.

Towel Hooks

There’s a reason why towel hooks on the wall are a common choice for hanging wet washcloths in the shower. They are fairly easy to set up and don’t take up much space which makes them ideal for smaller showers and cramped spaces. A towel hook comes with suction cups that you can stick to the tile wall if you don’t fancy drilling holes in your shower tile.

It is important, however, to expose as much of the washcloth as possible to the air to speed up the drying process. A crumpled washcloth will trap moisture, prolonging the drying process.

If you decide to use hooks and have multiple wet washcloths to hang, make sure you space the hooks further apart so that your washcloths don’t overlap with each other. Never hang multiple washcloths on a single hook.

Use Towel Rings

Another alternative to towel hooks is towel rings. A towel ring is another good option for hanging wet washcloths in a small shower. Towel rings have the same functionality and limitations as towel hooks.

Avoid hanging multiple wet washcloths on a single towel ring as moisture and dirt could get trapped between the creases and layers.

Towel Bars on the Wall

Towel bars provide even more exposure for the washcloth’s surface area than hooks and rings allowing washcloths to dry much quicker. Towel bars come in singles or sets that can look great on a shower wall. In addition, they provide you with a wider support structure where you can hang other bathroom accessories.

Choose a towel bar if you have a big enough wall in the shower. Plus, you can purchase towel bars in varying lengths to fit your space or your needs.

Towel Rack on the Shower Door

If there isn’t enough space for towel bars on the shower wall, make use of your shower door. Try to find towel racks that fit the shower door well. If you’re due for a door upgrade, you can find new shower door designs that already include bars where you can hang your washcloths to dry.

Set Up a Fold-Out Drying Rack

If you’re hanging multiple wet washcloths at the same time, installing a fold-out drying rack is a great solution for your shower. This expandable drying rack is a space saver for smaller shower areas. You can conveniently expand it when you need to hang your washcloths to dry and fold it back up when it’s not in use.

Foldable drying racks are not the most stylish option but they are incredibly functional. Fold-out drying racks come in many designs and you can choose how many washcloths they can accommodate.

Use a Wooden Ladder to Utilize Vertical Space

This one is another space-saving technique for hanging wet washcloths in the shower. If you don’t have the horizontal space to hang multiple washcloths at the same time, take advantage of your shower’s vertical space with a wooden ladder.

Take Advantage of the Shower Curtain Rod

The options above are fantastic, but there’s another option that doesn’t require any installation or setup. The shower curtain rod where you hang your shower curtain could be an ideal place to hang your wet washcloths too. It’s a simple and practical trick that makes use of the airflow in the bathroom to dry damp washcloths quickly.

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