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11 Practical Tips to Prevent Frizzy Hair After a Shower

For too long, I believed frizzy hair after a shower was just my fate.

Every shower felt like a toss-up—would my hair turn out sleek or be a frizzy mess?

I longed for those effortless hair days.

But then, I stumbled upon some fascinating information about the science behind frizzy hair.

Armed with this newfound knowledge, I explored different techniques and products.

And guess what?

It made all the difference!

This knowledge not only transformed my shower routine but my hair too.

Let me share these 11 game-changing tips to prevent frizzy hair after a shower and reclaim your smooth, shiny strands.

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Why Does My Hair Get Frizzy After I Shower?

There are several reasons why hair gets frizzy after a shower.

Knowing why your hair is frizzy will help you decide on a treatment plan, so let’s find out why your hair gets frizzy after taking a shower.

Heat Opens the Hair Follicles

When you shower, your hair is exposed to a different microclimate than what you are used to.

For starters, it’s warm and humid, and this causes your hair follicles to open.

In case you don’t know, your hair shaft is lined with sheaves or follicles that rise up in response to heat, friction, and water.

When these follicles don’t lie flat, your hair shaft is not sleek and your hair looks frizzy.

So a hot shower, despite your use of hair products, will result in frizzy hair.

Friction Lifts the Hair Follicles

When you shower, you may scrunch up your hair, or you may rub at it excessively while shampooing.

This can lead to excessive friction that lifts the hair follicles, leading to more frizzy hair post-shower.

Hot Water Lifts the Hair Follicles

When hair is exposed to hot water, the follicles also shift position, losing their sleekness, causing frizzy hair.

Using the Wrong Hair Products

Hair products contain chemicals like parabens, silicones, and other minerals.

Some of these chemicals are dense in structure.

When your hair is exposed to chemicals in hair products, the hair follicles can’t settle back into place.

Water Dries Out Hair

As with water drying out your skin after a shower, it also dries out your hair strands.

This is why using a good quality conditioner or oil treatment is so essential to lock moisture into your hair strands.

Dehydrated hair strands will be rough with follicles that have shed and shrunk so they no longer fit the hair shaft correctly.

This leads to frizzy and damaged hair.

Showering Tips to Avoid Frizzy Hair

Now you know a few reasons for your hair frizzing in the shower, let’s consider how to avoid those conditions when taking a shower.

Avoid Excessive Water Exposure

When your hair is washed with water, your hair will dry out and become frizzy.

Washing less frequently will help smooth your hair and lock in natural moisture for longer.

Try only washing your hair in the shower every other day or once a week even.

Don’t Shower in Hot Water

Hot water releases the natural bonds of your hair follicles, so don’t shower in hot water as this causes frizzy hair.

Use a cooler water setting to help rinse hair.

Frizz-free shampoos are formulated with ingredients that target the root cause of frizz – rough, uneven hair cuticles.

These shampoos contain smoothing agents that coat the hair follicle, creating a smooth surface that reflects light for a polished look and reduces flyaways.

Gently massage your hair shampoo into the scalp when washing, but avoid putting too much shampoo on the length and ends of your hair.

Rinse with cool temperature water before you turn off the tap to improve shine and anti-frizz.

Alcohol-based hair products might seem like a quick fix for greasy hair, but they can wreak havoc on your strands in the long run.

These products strip away natural oils, leaving your hair dehydrated, brittle, and prone to frizz.

How to Prevent Frizzy Hair After a Shower

There are several ways to prevent frizzy hair after a shower.

Here are 11 tips to help smooth your frizz.

  • 1. Don’t towel dry your hair.

  • 2. Use a wet t-shirt to wrap your wet hair instead of a towel.

  • 3. Only dry the roots of your hair, not the length or the tips.

  • 4. Dry your hair on a low temperature setting.

  • 5. Only brush your hair once your hair is dry to prevent breakage.

  • 6. Comb through your wet hair with your fingers instead of a comb or brush.
    • 7. Use an anti-frizz conditioner to nourish the hair and prevent dryness.

    • 8. When blowdrying your hair, use a protective serum or heat protecting spray that keeps the follicles sealed.

    • 10. Use a rejuvenating hair mask once a week to rebuild your hair from heat and styling damage.

    • 11. Reduce the amount of hair styling products you apply as these leech moisture from the hair shaft.

    Best Frizzy Hair Treatment Products

    There are several hair treatment products on the market specially designed to treat and manage frizzy hair.

    While these products aren’t a solution on their own, they can help tame frizzy hair when used in combination with healthy hair practices.

    We love these frizzy hair treatment products:

    Great for Fine Wavy Hair
    10-in-1 Anti-Frizz Hydrating Heat Protectant Hair Cream
    $12.99 ($1.73 / Fl Oz)

    Designed for all hair types, your coconut oil and bamboo leave-in spray fights frizz, enriches growth, and protects from harm with naturally potent nutrients!

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    04/08/2024 06:54 am GMT

    This leave-in treatment is also heat protecting, which makes it a great styling product when your hair tends to get wild from a blow dry.

    With the pure oils of coconut and bamboo, your hair is nourished, smoothed, and detangled all in one.

    Anti Frizz Hair Serum
    John Frieda Extra Strength Hair Serum, Nourishing Hair Oil for Frizz Control
    $8.99 ($5.32 / Fl Oz)

    With an updated formula, fall in love with this iconic serum, which can now be used for not just wet but dry hair. Nourishing unmanageable, frizzy hair and leaving locks with a silky, smooth finish.

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    04/08/2024 07:00 am GMT

    This is a hugely popular anti-frizz treatment and heat protector.

    John Frieda’s Frizz Ease is also great for visits to the beach as it protects your hair follicles against humidity too.

    As a bonus, it is also 100% safe to use on color treated hair.

    Up to 72H Frizz Control
    Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum for Frizzy, Dry Hair
    $6.97 ($1.37 / Fl Oz)

    With the frizz taming power of Moroccan Argan oil, this Anti Frizz serum penetrates into frizzy, dry, unmanageable hair for lasting smoothness and shine.

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    04/08/2024 07:06 am GMT

    With Garnier’s Fructis Sleek, you will enjoy smooth, nourished, and frizz-free hair.

    Since this is a leave-in treatment, you can also use it as a styling aid to help smooth frizzy tresses.

    With Argan oil, this frizz-proofing hair treatment is a great smelling beauty routine staple.

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