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Folding Shower Bench 101: Pros & Cons, Things to Consider

So many people want to install a shower bench these days.

But the real question is, “Which bench is the right one for my shower?”

folding shower bench

While there are many options to choose from, few benches are as compact and cozy as a folding shower bench.

Here’s why you should seriously consider investing in one.

Folding Shower Bench Pros


Design is one of the primary reasons why most people incorporate a shower bench into their bathroom.

The foldable bench for the shower adds to the room’s aesthetics and makes it more appealing, enhancing the feel of the ambiance and giving your bathroom a classy look and feel.

Space Management

While adding a shower bench to a bathroom is a great idea, not everyone has that luxury of space to accommodate any extras.

However, this doesn’t mean you should give up on getting a bench!

This is where the folding bench comes to save the day, as it allows you to make better and more efficient use of your space while still enjoying the benefits of owning a bench.

A folding shower bench takes up hardly any space, and you can fold it when not in use.


The shower bench in the bathroom gives you the feeling of being in a spa, as you can sit on it and relax while bathing.

Having this option can serve as a great form of relief after being tired all day at work.

If you did not plan for a shower bench when designing your bathroom, you can add a wall-mounted folding bench.

Installing a folding shower bench in the bathroom will be easier, and it won’t require your whole bathroom to be remodeled.

Folding Shower Bench Cons


Folding shower benches may seem out of place sometimes, and this can be because they are often an afterthought.

In some cases, you will have a pretty good fit for the design while other times the design will appear to be artificial.

You might need a little additional effort to ensure that your bench matches perfectly with the bathroom’s aesthetics.

Try combining your bench with towel racks or shower panels to enhance your design aesthetics even further.

Risk of Injury

It can be easy to get injured while using the folding shower bench when it’s not properly installed.

Several serious injuries can occur when the bench is mounted incorrectly to the wall.

A wrong placement could also cause a problem if the bench was not designed for use in the bathroom.

Ensure your bench is level and firm, as a slight deflection could lead to a bathroom accident, especially in the elderly.

Moisture and Molds

Because folding shower benches are drilled into the wall studs, they’re at risk for spreading moisture and even mold.

This can be avoided by installing the bench properly and using waterproof sealants to seal up any holes left.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Folding Shower Bench

Before installing a folding shower bench, there are certain things you must consider.

This includes the allocation of space, choice of materials, and your budget.

Allocation of Space

The first thing to consider is where to install the folding bench in the shower, as this plays a huge role in the design and prevention of accidental falls.

Think about where you would prefer to have the bench and where it will be most useful.

Preferably, it should be near the showerhead, as long as the water gets to you while on the seat.

Other things to consider include where you place bars to grab along with the bench and if it’s accessible for a wheelchair user.

Choice of Materials

Your choice of materials for a shower bench may include teak, bamboo, marble, and granite.

However, for a folding bench, bamboo and teak are the most popular choice of materials.

They are water-resistant in their natural form but the processed form of bamboo may require some oil treatment.

Teak is often chosen as a better option, as it’s been found to be more durable and require lesser treatment.

Your choice may also depend on other factors, including your preference, design, and budget.


Folding shower benches come in various pricing ranges, which could significantly impact how you choose them.

Make sure to add the cost of labor and material required for fixing the bench to your budget once you have considered other choosing factors.