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10 Best Feng Shui Plants for the Bathroom

Did you know your bathroom plants can do more than just spruce up the decor?

The right ones can actually boost your well-being according to Feng Shui principles.

Discover the 10 best Feng Shui plants for the bathroom and unlock the secrets to a more positive and harmonious space for self-care and relaxation.

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What Are Feng Shui Plants in the Bathroom For?

Since Feng Shui considers the bathroom as a place for energy to exit, incorporating plants that can absorb negative energy helps create a more desirable atmosphere for the bathroom.

Purposely placing plants inside the bathroom can also promote feelings of calmness, healing, and peace.

Not to mention, it can give the bathroom a spa-like atmosphere.

Feng Shui plants also represent the wood element, and they feed on the water element, which is abundant in the bathroom.

Instead of letting the water escape down the drain, adding plants to the bathroom provides a positive outlet for the water element by using it to feed the wood element.

But while Feng Shui plants can rejuvenate and beautify your bathroom, you should pay attention to their location and what kind of plants you put in there.

You shouldn’t place plants over the toilet that symbolize energies you don’t wish to be flushed away, like a money tree for prosperity and wealth.

Best Feng Shui Friendly Plants for Your Bathroom

The next time you shop for the perfect plants for your bathroom, keep Feng Shui principles and practices in mind.

Boost the positive energy of your bathroom with one or two of these Feng Shui-friendly plants.

Furthermore, these plants can create a space that resembles a spa rather than a traditional bathroom, ideal for self-care, relaxation, and healing.

1. Lucky Bamboo

Feng Shui Benefits: neutralizes bad chi.

Like its name, this Feng Shui plant represents luck and turning around bad fortunes.

The hollow structure of the plant is also believed to help with the movement of energy and generate positive chi.

This is why Lucky Bamboo makes an excellent bathroom plant.

Not to mention, they are incredibly low-maintenance and will give any bathroom incredible spa-like vibes.

Ideal Bathroom Placement: on the vanity countertop or on the toilet tank.

2. Snake Plant

Feng Shui Benefits: lifts energy upward and fights negative energy.

Snake plant is another hardy wood element that pairs well with the abundance of water energy in the bathroom.

Their upward-pointing leaves make them ideal for bathroom settings, which means uplifting energy in Feng Shui.

Placing them near places where water energy is stagnant or lost helps neutralize negative energy.

Ideal Bathroom Placement: on top of the toilet’s water tank, countertop, and any overhead fixtures.

3. Golden Pothos

Feng Shui Benefits: neutralizes heavy negative energy in the bathroom.

Despite the name, Golden Pothos doesn’t represent luck or wealth in Feng Shui.

That means they are safe plants for your bathroom and won’t cause prosperity to leave your house.

But what makes them among the best Feng Shui plants for bathrooms is that Golden Pothos has strong positive chi.

If you are particularly concerned about heavy negative energy in your bathroom, a pot of Golden Pothos is a suitable neutralizer.

Ideal Bathroom Placement:  on top of a cabinet, on top of the toilet’s water tank, or hanging above the toilet.

4. Ferns

Feng Shui Benefits: wisdom and positivity.

Feng Shui considers certain types of indoor ferns as good luck plants.

Boston fern and maidenhair fern are two options well-suited for your bathroom.

Bathrooms provide a highly humid environment where these ferns thrive.

They will also enjoy your bathroom’s medium to low lighting.

Ideal Bathroom Placement: on top of a cabinet or countertop, hang near the bathtub or shower.

5. Eucalyptus

Feng Shui Benefits: healing, calming, protection.

Eucalyptus is among the best plants to add to your bathroom to create a spa-like environment.

It can make the room vibrant and lively as well as make your bathroom smell incredible.

And when it comes to Feng Shui plants for your bathroom, it can’t get any better than Eucalyptus.

It’s a fortune plant that can clear negativity and bring overall wellness.

Ideal Bathroom Placement: tie them toward the back of the shower head for a soothing aromatherapy experience.

6. Palm Tree

Feng Shui Benefits: draws strong positive energy.

Another Feng Shui-approved plant for the bathroom is a palm tree.

They are believed to be a strong source of wood energy and are exactly what you need where there’s plenty of water energy escaping like the bathroom.

Areca palms, in particular, are famous Feng Shui plants for a reason.

If you believe your bathroom is a potential source of heavy bad chi, adding a palm tree will attract much-need positivity to the space.

Ideal Bathroom Placement: anywhere that can accommodate its growing size.

7. Peace Lily

Feng Shui Benefits: convert negative energy to positive energy.

The Peace Lily is a popular indoor plant, and it’s a favorite for Feng Shui experts too.

It’s among the plants that are highly suggested to bring inside the home, including the bathroom.

The Peace Lily’s white flower signifies both purity and peace, and according to Feng Shui, it can bring calming and harmonizing energy into any space.

Ideal Bathroom Placement: on a plant stand or the vanity countertop where there’s space to accommodate its rapid growth.

8. Philodendron

Feng Shui Benefits: relaxing energy.

There are plenty of Philodendron varieties, so you have an endless choice of which one you want to have in your bathroom.

Whichever you choose, know that Philodendrons are Feng Shui approved.

They represent great abundance and can bring a relaxing Feng Shui energy inside the bathroom.

Ideal Bathroom Placement: this plant can grow massive, so find a space in the bathroom that can accommodate its size and growth. If you don’t have enough space, consider getting Philodendron vines you can hang near the bathtub.

9. Spider Plant

Feng Shui Benefits: growth, thriving, wards off negativity.

Not only do Spider plants improve your bathroom’s air quality, but it’s also a symbol of growth and can neutralize negativity, according to Feng Shui.

Ideal Bathroom Placement: hang it on the bathroom wall, ceiling, or put it on a shelf.

10. Ficus Tree

Feng Shui Benefits: energy-boosting, encourages enlightenment.

The Ficus tree is another excellent example of one of the best Feng Shui plants for the bathroom.

Not only do they help filter out bathroom air toxins, but they also symbolize enlightenment and positive energy.

Feng Shui says that they will also balance out the negative energy in the bathroom.

Ideal Bathroom Placement: place small potted plants on the countertop, larger ones on the floor.

A Few More Tips

Adding plants indoors provides a generally positive effect on someone’s well-being.

And according to Feng Shui, strategically placing good luck plants in the bathroom can ward off the negative energy inside.

So, before you decorate your bathroom with some of the best Feng Shui plants, keep these other tips in mind.

Feng Shui says:

  • Avoid putting fruit-bearing plants in the bathroom.

  • Avoid plants that are generally famous for their flowers, like sunflowers or orchids, because of their associated symbolism.

  • Be wary when bringing plants with pointy profiles like cacti and succulents since they can only amplify the bathroom’s negative energy.

Even if your bathroom doesn’t present any obvious Feng Shui problems, there’s no harm in placing a pot or two of these Feng Shui plants in your bathroom.

They can also improve your bathroom’s air quality.

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