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How to Convert a Laundry Room Into a Bathroom

When it comes to remodeling or room conversion, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination and building codes. Turning a laundry room into a bathroom is a legitimate concept that can benefit you if you need another bathroom and have no place to put it.

Some people may be turned off by the amount of work it takes to turn a laundry room into a bathroom. However, you should view a room conversion just as you would a complete remodel. There will be a significant amount of time, money, and planning to realize this dream.

For those willing to take the plunge, we have compiled information to help you decide if a laundry room conversion is the right choice for you. We will discuss how long it takes, the cost, other essential things to consider, and alternatives to conversion.

Let’s jump right in.

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Is It Possible to Convert a Laundry Room Into a Bathroom?

Like many things in life, your possibilities are limited by what you can afford. So long as you can pay to convert your laundry room into a bathroom, it is possible.

There is no specific building code against turning a laundry room into a bathroom. But once your room is converted, it will be subject to all the typical building regulations placed on bathrooms.

Is Converting a Laundry Room Into a Bathroom Worth It?

Your laundry room conversion will definitely be worth it as long as you find a suitable place to put your washer and dryer. Adding a bathroom to your home will undeniably increase your property’s resale value.

But a house without any place to put a washer or dryer will negate some of the financial benefits of having an additional bathroom. Your home will also turn into a construction site while the conversion is taking place.

The main drawback of this type of conversion is creating a new air duct and water lines for your washer and dryer. The worst-case scenario is if there is no space for your washer and dryer, forcing you to spend a lot of time at your local laundromat.

How Long Does It Take To Convert a Laundry Room Into a Bathroom?

The amount of time a project like this can take depends on different factors.

How many hours a day will you or your contractor work on this project? Do you need to remove and replace plumbing and electrical connections? Is your new bathroom going to have any custom features?

There are a lot of variables at play, but in most cases, a conversion of this type should take between three weeks to a month to complete.

How Much Does it Cost to Convert a Laundry Room Into a Bathroom?

United States

The price of your conversion ultimately depends on the features included in your new bathroom. A good estimate would be between $5000 and $12,000.

With a basic bathroom costing you around $5000 and something more elegant with heated flooring and designer tile bringing you up to the high end of the price scale or beyond it.


The price of laundry to bathroom conversion in Canada is very similar to the price paid in the United States.

You should expect to pay around CA$5000 for a basic conversion or well over CA$15,000 for a high-end conversion.

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, it will appear like you’re paying more for a laundry room conversion, but this is due to currency conversions.

You can pay anywhere between £8000 to £18,000 or more to bring a new bathroom into your home.


According to George from the Vivid Bathrooms, “Due to a strong skills trade shortage in Australia, the cost of an average laundry to bathroom conversion is well above that of the other countries mentioned above.

If you live in a major city in Australia, expect to pay between $25,000 (AUD) to $30,000 (AUD) for a complete laundry to bathroom conversion package. The majority of this cost is the labour cost associated with the project.”

Things to Consider When Converting a Laundry Room Into a Bathroom


Plumbing is an important consideration to make when converting a laundry room to a bathroom. While both laundry rooms and bathrooms use water lines, they use them in different ways.

A laundry room requires a single hot and cold water line, while bathrooms need hot and cold lines for both the shower and sink and an additional connection for the toilet.

It pays to be strategic when planning your conversion and utilize your plumbing to the best of your ability.


Lighting is a compromise you may have to make when converting a laundry room to a bathroom.

You can save money by keeping your laundry room’s original lighting. But for most people, a laundry room’s lighting would not serve its purposes in a bathroom.

So you will either have to settle for the laundry room lighting, which will save you money, or pay for the additional electrical work to have new lighting installed.

Washer and Dryer Relocation

One of the most vital decisions you can make is where to relocate your washer and dryer. You shouldn’t even go through with this conversion unless you have a place to relocate these appliances.

The kitchen, the garage, or the basement are three popular places to put a washer or dryer but be mindful you may need to install new water lines and an air duct.

Alternatives to Converting a Laundry Room Into a Bathroom

Add a Sink to Your Laundry Room

Adding a sink to your laundry room gives the space some additional utility. You can use the sink as an additional wash-up area to wash or dry more delicate items or for additional kitchen duties.

Your laundry room already has the cold and hot water lines you need; you’d just have to extend your plumbing to the sink.

While having an additional sink can be helpful, it is nowhere near a complete bathroom.

Install a Shower Stall in a Laundry Room

Installing a shower stall in your laundry room is a great alternative if you don’t want to commit to a full conversion.

You reap the benefit of having an additional place to shower with only having to install additional plumbing along with the shower and stall itself.

If having another shower is the main reason you want another bathroom, then this alternative is a great choice.

Install a Toilet or Toilet Stall in Your Laundry Room

Installing a toilet or toilet stall may conjure images of a public restroom; it can be a viable alternative to a complete conversion.

Washers, sinks, and showers use similar plumbing, so installing a toilet will take some additional plumbing work.

You can install a toilet stall if your laundry room lacks privacy. Unless you also install a sink in your laundry room, you will need to access another bathroom after you do your business.

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