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Can You Put a Chandelier Over a Bathtub? Tips & Ideas

Installing a chandelier over your bathtub gives the room a romantic, luxurious look. You can easily purchase a chandelier for around 200 dollars, so they are no longer an accessory for the rich and famous.

Placing a chandelier over your bathtub comes with specific considerations that should not be overlooked. Whether it involves building code compliance or just choosing the right chandelier for the room.

This article will give you everything you need to know when it comes to choosing a chandelier to hang over your bathtub. We will cover building code concerns, break down the factors to help you choose the right chandelier, and give you other tips and ideas.

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How High Should a Chandelier Be Above a Bathtub (What Does the Code Say?)

Building codes vary from region to region. A general point of reference would be to hang the chandelier 8 feet over the bathtub’s lip or the center of the room.

Unfortunately, some of us do not have high or vaulted ceilings that can meet these requirements. Most building code regulators will allow a chandelier in your bathroom installed under 8 feet as long as it’s rated for damp conditions and not hanging directly over your bathtub.

In any case, consult the building regulations in your area for more information. These regulations exist to avoid electrical hazards and accidental deaths.

How to Choose the Right Chandelier to Hang Over a Bathtub


Pricing should be a factor when it comes to buying anything, but the least expensive chandelier is likely not the best choice for your bathroom. Chandeliers that will serve your bathroom best will usually be priced in the mid to high range. However, you can always get lucky and find some deals or sales that can save you a lot of money.

Size Consideration

The size of your chandelier will be dependent on the size of your bathroom. A small bathroom will feel even smaller with a large chandelier. Taking measurements of your bathroom along with a few pictures while you go shopping can help you choose the best chandelier for your space. If you have a huge bathroom, then you have a wide array of chandelier options and can generally choose any size chandelier you desire.

Rated for Wet and Damp Locations

Besides pricing and size, another important consideration is whether the chandelier is rated for wet and damp locations. Chandeliers made for the bathroom will say they are rated for damp locations and will give you an IP rating. IP or ingress protection designates how well this lighting fixture is protected against water. By looking into your local code regulations, you can find the IP rating you need for your bathroom chandelier.

Light Bulbs Color Temperature

The bulb’s color temperature produced by your chandelier can make a huge difference in the ambiance or overall feel of your bathroom. You have many options with color temperature and can choose something bright like the sun or low like candlelight.

Additional Features

If you have the money to afford it, you can get some additional features with your chandelier. For example, some units are remote-controlled, allowing you to turn your lights on and off effortlessly. In addition, some chandeliers come with three color dimming, which allows you to control the brightness of the light through a remote.

Alternative Options

A chandelier is not your only option for luxurious, stylish bathroom lighting. Pendant lighting makes a bold statement but may hang down too low to be safe for the bathroom. Recessed lighting does the opposite by being installed inside your ceiling and will make the light seem to appear out of nowhere. In a pinch, you can use candles to supply romantic scenery to your washroom.

Tips for Hanging a Chandelier Over a Bathtub

Is Installing a Chandelier a DIY Job?

Installing a chandelier is not the most challenging job. But to install a chandelier successfully, you will need some basic electrician skills. You will have to make some electrical connections.

If you are comfortable working with electricity and have the essential tools required to get the job done, you shouldn’t have too many problems installing a chandelier on your own. Although you will need a helper to assist you in lifting a heavy chandelier. Installing a chandelier would be considered an intermediate-level DIY job.

Follow Instructions

Any brand new chandelier you purchase will come with installation instructions. It’s always best to follow these instructions, even if you have installed a chandelier before.

Chandelier installation will differ whether your lighting is cord, rod, or chain hung. Also, some chandeliers do not have an electrical box. The instructions can help you avoid any issues and install your chandelier properly in any of these situations.

Tools Required

  • Ladder (stepladder)
  • Voltage tester
  • Power drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Wire strippers
  • Electrical tape

Safety Tips

  • You should turn off any electricity leading to your chandelier before conducting any work.

  • Know the weight allowance for your ceiling. Chandeliers can be very heavy and may require extra bracing to rest safely on your ceiling.

  • Avoid slipping hazards such as a slick ceramic bathtub or wet floor while you install your chandelier.

  • You should only install a chandelier in a completely dry bathroom.

  • Assemble the canopy cover and set it to the proper depth before you attempt any wiring.

  • Take extra care when removing or using old wiring and consult an electrician if necessary.

  • You will need a helper to safely install a chandelier as many units can easily weigh in at 70lbs or more.

Chandelier Over Bathtub Ideas

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