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Can You Wear Van Cleef Jewelry in the Shower?

If you’re fortunate enough to have a Van Cleef jewelry item, you may never want to take it off. However, these delicate jewelry items are not appropriate to wear in wet conditions, and here’s why.

Van Cleef jewelry is made from delicate gemstones such as mother-of-pearl and malachite, which are soft by nature and vulnerable to chemicals found in tap water, salt water, and fresh water. Showering with Van Cleef jewelry is not recommended. Instead, remove your Van Cleef jewelry pre-shower.

The brilliant luster of Van Cleef jewelry can easily tarnish in water, so keep these precious items out of the water and away from other chemicals such as beauty and body products.

Learn all about how to care for your Van Cleef jewelry right here.

Various Van Cleef earrings

Is Van Cleef Jewelry Waterproof?

Van Cleef jewelry is considered to be water-resistant.

Their jewelry pieces won’t melt the minute you step into the shower, but the mother-of-pearl, malachite, and letterwood will begin to show damage almost immediately.

Therefore, you should never shower while wearing your Van Cleef jewelry. [1]

Will Van Cleef Jewelry Rust or Tarnish in Water?

The gold metal Van Cleef jewelry is rust-resistant, but the gemstones used in the unique Van Cleef designs may show tarnish if exposed to water.

The letterwood elements are especially delicate, and contact with water or soap will damage the surface qualities almost immediately.

Can You Wear Van Cleef Rings in the Shower?

Van Cleef jewelry should not be worn in the shower, bath, swimming pool, ocean, or even when you expect to get wet in a rainstorm.

We often forget to remove Van Cleef rings when performing everyday tasks such as washing dishes, brushing our teeth, or rinsing our hands.

In a post-Covid world, we are constantly spraying our hands with sanitizers. The harsh chemicals in these sprays are really harmful to your Van Cleef rings. Therefore, it’s best to wear Van Cleef rings when you are not going to get them wet or covered in chemicals. 

When showering, first remove your Van Cleef rings to protect them from the shower water, scratching with a loofah and face cloth, and any damage from the body wash you use. 

Can You Wear Van Cleef Bracelets in the Shower?

While you may not always get your wrists wet, there are occasional drops that spray from washing your hands or sanitizing in shops. Therefore, it’s best not to expose your Van Cleef bracelets to water or any chemicals. 

Remove your Van Cleef bracelets before showering to keep the precious gems protected and keep the letterwood patina safe from staining. 

Can You Wear Van Cleef Necklaces in the Shower?

Van Cleef necklaces should not be worn in the shower. Even when applying body lotion or perfume, you should wait until these are fully dry and absorbed into your skin before donning your Van Cleef necklaces. 

The moisture, chemicals, and liquids of hygiene products and sprays can damage your Van Cleef necklaces, as can the water from showering. 

Even if you have an all-gold and diamond necklace from Van Cleef, you shouldn’t expose this to shower water. The hard shower water may cause a deposit on the necklace, staining it and dulling the luster of the diamonds. 

Can You Wear Van Cleef Earrings in the Shower?

Wearing earrings in the shower is generally not a good idea. Not only can you hook one earring with the loofah while washing and losing it, but you can also damage the delicate mechanism of the earrings. Van Cleef earrings are particularly dainty and shouldn’t be worn in the shower. 

When washing your hair, the shampoo foam will run onto the earrings, damaging the fragile gems that are used in making Van Cleef earrings. It’s better to remove these earrings before showering. 

I Got My Van Cleef Wet. What Do I Do?

If you have accidentally gotten your Van Cleefs wet, use a lint-free cloth to dab the jewelry dry. Then use a paper towel to rest the jewelry items on, letting them dry in a safe place overnight.

Avoid placing your Van Cleef jewelry in the sun. Don’t rub vigorously at the jewelry as it may scratch the surface.

How to Clean Tarnished Van Cleef?

If you’ve accidentally gotten your Van Cleef pieces wet and they have become tarnished, it may require specialist intervention.

For diamond and gold pieces, you can use clean pH-neutral water and a mild liquid soap to gently clean the jewelry before drying with a lint-free cloth. 

Other Van Cleef pieces such as those with mother-of-pearl and malachite may require more intensive cleaning. Luckily, all Van Cleef boutiques offer a cleaning service, so professional staff can clean your precious treasures. 

For the day-to-day cleaning, use a dry lint-free cloth to gently wipe away any buildup or spots. Avoid excessive scrubbing or rubbing. [2]

Frequently Asked Question

Can you wear Van Cleef jewelry in the pool?

Van Cleef jewelry is not recommended for exposure to water of any kind. The chemicals in both saltwater and chlorinated pools are too harsh for the delicate gemstones in Van Cleef jewelry. Remove all Van Cleef jewelry before you go for a swim.

Can you wear Van Cleef jewelry in a sauna?

Manufacturers of Van Cleef jewelry recommend their jewelry should not be exposed to high temperatures or high humidity, which is exactly what a sauna is. Therefore, remove your Van Cleef jewelry before you steam it up in the sauna. 
High temperatures and high humidity will tarnish the delicate mother-of-pearl and malachite gemstones that are used in some of the signature Van Cleef pieces.

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