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Can You Wear Pandora Jewelry in the Shower?

Pandora jewelry pieces are exquisite features on any lucky lady’s arm, neck, or wrist. If you own a stunning Pandora piece, you won’t want to take it off, not even in the shower.

But can you shower while wearing Pandora jewelry?

Genuine Pandora jewelry is made from solid precious metals like gold and silver. No brass core is used, and while this means the jewelry won’t discolor in water, Pandora jewelry can dull and sustain damage in the shower. Wearing Pandora while showering, swimming, or at the gym, is not recommended.

Learn why you shouldn’t wear Pandora jewelry in the shower, bath, or pool, what to do if you accidentally showered with your jewelry on, and how to clean tarnished Pandora necklaces, rings, and earrings.

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Is Pandora Jewelry Waterproof?

The simple answer is that Pandora jewelry is waterproof. 

That said, the metals Pandora jewelry is made of may not get soggy or rust from water, but they can become damaged in other ways when exposed to water and chemicals.

Will Pandora Jewelry Rust or Tarnish in Water?

Pandora jewelry won’t rust from water exposure, but depending on the metal, it may be soft and could become damaged or scratched in the shower.

Over time, the friction of water or of a loofah rubbing over a chunky bracelet, pendant, or even a necklace may cause the precious metals to rub through.

14k Pandora gold jewelry is made from a gold composite. It is not made from the purest gold, which makes it soft.

As such, your 14k Pandora gold necklaces or earrings can easily bend out of shape, especially when exposed to hot water that will make them more malleable.

When Pandora jewelry is exposed to shower, bath, or pool water, it is also exposed to hard water, minerals, and friction.

Over time, you will notice your Pandora necklace has begun to grow dull and there is a buildup in the links or along the decorative imprints.

Even chemicals like shower gel contain minerals that could potentially wear through the gold or silver bands of your Pandora jewelry (or any other jewelry for that matter).

A few drops of clear filtered water won’t do any damage to your Pandora jewelry, but increase the water pressure and add some chemicals, and it’s the end of your Pandora jewelry.

Water, chemicals in shampoos and other beauty products, as well as steam, can cause precious metals to become pitted, dulled, and bent.

Can You Wear a Pandora Bracelet in the Shower?

You may believe that a Pandora bracelet will be safe to shower with, but don’t take the risk. [1]

When washing, your wrists rub on the loofah, and this pressure and friction may be enough to wear through the links of your bracelet.

The minerals in water may also collect in the bracelet links, creating an unsightly white or gray deposit.

Since most of the U.S has hard water, you can expect limescale deposits to form on your Pandora bracelet if you shower while wearing it.

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Can You Wear Pandora Rings in the Shower?

Pandora rings are also not safe from damage if you wear them in the shower. One careless tap against the ceramic tiles or the shower tap, and your beautiful rings could be bent out of shape.

Additionally, your hands are a body part that’s most covered in shower products like shampoo and shower gel, meaning your rings will pay the heaviest price.

If the shower water should warm the temperature of your Pandora rings, they can easily become bent out of shape and the stones may also loosen and fall out.

Can You Wear Pandora Earrings in the Shower?

Even Pandora earrings should be removed before taking a shower. It is very easy to accidentally unhook one of your earrings and lose it down the shower drain.

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Can You Wear Pandora Necklace in the Shower?

Pandora necklaces will wear through where they fit around the neck. Your neck is an area where you scrub vigorously when showering.

When you stand with your back to the shower head, this is also where the greatest direct water pressure will be experienced, potentially damaging the necklace links and clasps.

I Got My Pandora Jewelry Wet. What Do I Do?

You can still save your Pandora jewelry after accidentally showering with them on.

First, remove the jewelry and dry them on a clean, lint-free cloth.

Do not use a jewelry cleaning fluid as this may strip off the top protective layer from your necklace and other Pandora items.

Instead, dry your jewelry as best as you can with the clean cloth. You can even wrap your jewelry items in the cloth and leave them overnight, or you can air dry them.

Once you believe the Pandora jewelry is dry, use a suitable jewelry cleaning cloth to polish them back to a nice buff.

Use a silver cleaning cloth for silver, gold for gold, and platinum for platinum. Work gently so you don’t damage any links or moving parts on the jewelry.

How to Clean Tarnished Pandora Jewelry

When your Pandora jewelry items have been through the shower or pool a few times, you may already see tarnish and damage. Cleaning it requires patience and the right method. [2]

Fill a bowl with hot filtered water and add a drop of dishwashing liquid. Gently whisk until the water and soap is foamy. Place your tarnished Pandora jewelry item in the soapy water and let it sit for a few minutes but not more than five minutes.

Holding the jewelry item in one hand, use a soft toothbrush to scrub the jewelry item. Pay special attention to the joints, between the links, and in the grooves of the jewelry pieces.

After scrubbing completely, rinse with more clear filter water. Dry with a clean lint-free cloth and allow to air dry for 24 hours. Use a silver or gold or platinum jeweler’s cloth to polish the Pandora jewelry to its previous shine.


Can you wear Pandora jewelry in the pool?

You should remove Pandora jewelry before entering a pool. Pool water is chlorinated, and this can tarnish the metal of your jewelry.

Can you wear Pandora jewelry in a sauna?

Removing Pandora jewelry before using a sauna or hot tub will prevent damage and tarnish from the heat, steam, and humidity that surrounds these facilities.

The Ultimate Guide to Wearing Jewelry in the Shower

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