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Can I Wear My Lokai Bracelet in the Shower?

Showering while wearing your jewelry has always been a big no-no.

Even gold jewelry can tarnish in the shower, so can you shower with a Lokai bracelet? After all, it’s rubber, right?

Surprisingly, the answer is both yes and no.

Yes, you can shower with your Lokai bracelet, but you shouldn’t do it daily as this will cause the rubber material to perish far quicker than it would if you didn’t, and here’s why.

lokai bracelets
Lokai Bracelets

Can You Shower With a Lokai Bracelet?

While you can shower with your Lokai bracelet on, you shouldn’t do this every day.

True, many consumers have reported showering with their Lokai bracelet without any visible sign of damage to the unique bracelet, but showering with your Lokai bracelet should be avoided. [1]

While the Lokai bracelet is durable and offers all the benefits of genuine rubber, it is not indestructible. Over time, the rubber will begin to form micro tears and the special water from Mount Everest will begin to evaporate.

And yes, the white bead really does contain water from Mount Everest, while the black bead contains mud from the Dead Sea.

Though your rubber beads may seem to be 100% intact, the microtears in the rubber will allow for water vapor to escape, especially during a warm shower.

Wearing your Lokai bracelet during a sauna is also a bad idea as the heat will stretch the rubber, causing more micro tears that will release the water content of the Mount Everest bead.

Is Lokai Bracelet Waterproof?

The Lokai bracelet is made entirely from rubber or silicone. The rubber beads are linked to each other, with no joining thread between them. The Mount Everest water in the white silicone bead is sealed inside the bead.

Silicone, which is a form of rubber, is entirely waterproof. However, over time, the rubber will form micropores and microtears. When the rubber is placed under pressure, these minor imperfections will expand, allowing liquid and gas to pass through.

Therefore, while a Lokai bracelet is waterproof, it is not impermeable to water. It also means that over time, your Lokai bracelet will lose the Mount Everest water contained in the white bead.

I Got My Lokai Bracelet Wet. What Do I Do?

Life happens, and it’s impossible to keep your jewelry entirely dry. You may be caught in a rainstorm or end up diving into the pool on a summer’s day without realizing you are still wearing your Lokai bracelet.

What now?

As soon as you realize your Lokai bracelet is wet, it is a good idea to take it off and dry it carefully with a paper towel. Don’t rub at the bracelet or try to get into the grooves between the beads as any pushing and pulling on the beads will widen the silicone micropores.

Silicone takes a long time to perish. It may be years before your Lokai bracelet develops enough micropores to lose its shape or for the Mount Everest water to evaporate.

When you keep your silicone Lokai bracelet dry and at room temperature with no undue pressure applied to it, you can expect it to remain in perfect condition for longer.

Leave your Lokai bracelet to dry overnight on a folded paper towel and wear it again the next day.

If you stepped into the shower, and you’ve started soaping up, you need to first rinse your Lokai bracelet with clear water. Don’t go for hot water or particularly cold water. Lukewarm water is best for rinsing your Lokai bracelet as it will do the least amount of damage to the rubber. Be sure to remove any traces of soap.

Lokai bracelets have also been known to discolor over time. This may be due to exposure to chemicals that change the composition of the silicone beads, and rubber can stain as a result of direct contact with a harsh chemical or colorant.

How to Make Your Lokai Last Longer? Tips on How to Wear a Lokai Bracelet in the Shower

If you go to the gym or frequent public pools, you may need to shower and may not be able to take your Lokai bracelet off. So you may wonder how do you keep your Lokai bracelet safe while you shower.

  • Use a lukewarm water temperature while showering and don’t rinse with cold water or use extra hot water.

  • Avoid soaping your Lokai bracelet.

  • Before you step out of the shower, use a cool temperature water to quickly rinse the Lokai bracelet to remove any remaining soap or water chemicals.

  • Install a shower filter to remove any calcium or lime that could form deposits as a result of hard water.

  • Don’t scrub your Lokai bracelet as this can cause microtears in the silicone.

  • Once you have finished showering, place your Lokai bracelet on a paper towel and let it air dry overnight.


Can you wear a Lokai bracelet in the pool?

While a Lokai bracelet is waterproof, it is not chemical resistant. Pools are either chlorinated or saltwater-based, and either of these will be corrosive to the silicone beads of your Lokai bracelet. Regularly swimming in pool water with your Lokai bracelet will eventually cause it to discolor and perish.

Can you wear a Lokai bracelet in the sauna?

Lokai bracelets are made from silicone, which has a certain heat tolerance. With extreme heat such as a sauna, silicone will soften, and when you step out of the sauna, the bracelet will be exposed to a dramatic temperature change.

The result of this softening and hardening is that the silicone will be placed under pressure and may become brittle. You may start seeing surface damage if you regularly use a sauna while wearing your Lokai bracelet.

The Ultimate Guide to Wearing Jewelry in the Shower

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