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Can You Wear Crystals in the Shower?

A shower should be a place where you can realign your energies and revitalize your body and mind for the coming day. Why not take some crystals with you to help balance your vitality?

However, you may wonder if you can wear crystals in the shower and whether those crystals will still be as effective when you’ve used them in the shower.

Showering with crystals has numerous benefits from cleansing your energy to balancing your aura. However, showering with crystals comes with the challenge of preserving the purity and energy of these special stones. From rose quartz to amethyst, crystals can be worn in the shower with proper care.

Learning how to harness the power of crystals in the shower while preserving their energy is important to keep enjoying the full benefits of a crystal shower.

Discover which crystals are showerproof, how to care for your shower crystals, and what crystals to avoid when showering.

Various pendants made of crystals.

Are Crystals Waterproof?

Crystals are most often worn as jewelry elements in necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Larger stone lodes or raw crystals may also be used in the shower, where their energy fields may extend to include the showerer.

Since crystals are stone, they are essentially waterproof. However, the metals used to string crystal beads and make necklaces, bracelets, or rings can tarnish with constant water exposure.

While crystals are waterproof, they may become faded and dull with prolonged water exposure.

Will Crystal Jewelry Rust or Tarnish in Water?

Pure crystals won’t rust or tarnish in natural water, but when the water is chemically processed (as with most tap water in the U.S.), the crystals may begin to buildup deposits of harmful chemicals such as lime deposits, calcium carbonate, and even heavy metals.

These metals and mineral deposits may harm the crystals in your shower, giving them a faded and pitted appearance.

Can You Wear a Crystal Bracelet in the Shower?

You can wear a crystal bracelet in the shower, though it’s advised that you carefully follow up with the manufacturer whether the metal or string components of the crystal beads are waterproof and won’t tarnish with regular contact with water. [1]

When wearing a crystal bracelet, you should also avoid rubbing or scrubbing body wash or other hygiene products over the crystal surfaces of your bracelet with a face cloth or loofah.

Can You Wear Crystal Rings in the Shower?

Crystals are popular additions to rings, and you may want to keep wearing your topaz or rose quartz rings while showering, but it’s advised that you remove your crystal rings when showering.

The chemicals in the water and your shower products may seriously damage the crystal’s energy field, especially since your hands will be in the foamy shower gel while you shower.

Can You Wear Crystal Earrings in the Shower?

If you aren’t washing your hair, which eliminates the risk of shampoo contacting your crystal earrings, you can probably keep them in. From a practical point of view, crystals can be exorbitantly expensive, and you may easily lose a crystal earring while showering.

It’s better to remove your precious jewelry when you step into the shower.

Can You Wear a Rose Quartz Necklace Daily in the Shower?

For a great detoxing shower, you can absolutely shower with a rose quartz necklace on. The beauty and energy of rose quartz will stimulate the heart chakra, help alleviate tension and anxiety, and regenerate tired muscles.

The benefits of rose quartz aside, this is one of the harder crystals, making it ideal for showering as long as the links or clasps of the necklace won’t tarnish in water.

I Got My Crystal Jewelry Wet. What Do I Do?

Apart from drying your crystals off when they get wet, you may need to rebalance their energy to retain the pure vitality that crystals bring.

To properly dry crystal jewelry that is wet from a shower, follow these steps: [2]

  1. Rinse the jewelry with clear water. Use lukewarm water to rinse the jewelry with, being sure to remove any soap.

  1. Gently dry the crystal jewelry with a lint-free microfiber cloth.

  1. Place the crystal jewelry on a large square of paper toweling to further absorb any excess moisture that may linger in the beads and metallic links and rings.

  1. Once the crystal jewelry is dry, you can perform a cleansing ritual for the crystal pieces. (More on this next).

  1. After the crystal jewelry has been realigned, you can continue wearing the items as usual.

How to Cleanse Crystal Jewelry

There are four main ways to cleanse crystal jewelry. These methods help realign your crystals’ energy. [3]

1. Ground Your Crystals. If you have a crystal that’s become dull and won’t channel energy as it did before, you can bury the crystal in the ground, leaving it overnight. The next morning, simply rinse it with cool water, dry it, and wear it as usual.

2. Sunbathe Your Crystal Jewelry. After a shower with your crystal jewelry, you may want to use the power of the sun to bathe and cleanse the crystals. Use this method for quality pieces where the metal is stainless steel, silver, or gold and won’t start to rust.

Place the crystal jewelry in a bowl of clear natural spring water. Set the bowl in a secure and secluded area where there is plenty of sunlight, and where there is also some moonlight. Leave overnight and remove from the water the next day and dry.

3. Smudge Your Crystal Energy. Smudging is one of the oldest cleansing rituals around, and you can easily consult with a herbalist or healer to advise you on the type of herbs for smudging.

4. Return to the Source. Crystals vibrate natural energy, and if your crystals are tired and have lost their spark, you can allow close contact with a motherstone or larger crystal core to help rebalance your crystals’ energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What crystals are used in the shower?

There are different crystals that will help correct your energy while you shower. Popular choices include selenite, malachite, obsidian, and tiger’s eye. Each of these crystals will respond differently to your unique energy levels.

What crystals can be worn in the shower?

Several crystals can be worn in showers. Rose quartz is a popular choice, creating and supporting self-love and healing. Smokey quartz has grounding and stabilizing properties. Citrine offers joy and confidence, while emerald signals forgiveness and acceptance.

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