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Can You Shower After Using Drano?

There is nothing worse than when your plumbing starts backing up. Drains no longer drain, and soon they become blocked up with hair, soap scum, and other debris. This is when you turn to a drain de-clogger like Drano.

Applying Drano can take time, and knowing when it’s safe to use your shower again is important to achieving a great drain clean-up and also keeping yourself safe from harmful chemicals.

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Can You Use Drano in the Shower?

While you would happily reach for Drano to clear up your outside drain and kitchen drains, you may be less likely to fill your shower drain with Drano. After all, soon you’ll need to shower again, and will it be safe?

Applying Drano to your shower drain is safe. Drano will get to work dissolving the hair, soap scum, and other blockages in your shower drain, improving the drain flow, and ensuring you don’t end up with a blocked drain.

A shower drain is one of your home drains that has to deal with the most biological matter that can potentially block a drain. This is why Drano is ideal for cleaning up a shower drain. Drano won’t damage the pipes, drain cover, or surrounding floor tiles.

Knowing when you can safely shower after using Drano is essential for a successful drain cleaning and also to ensure your own health.

When Can You Take a Shower After Using Drano?

If you have poured Drano into your shower drain, you can take a shower within an hour. This is the minimum time needed for Drano to clear down the drain and for the chemical gasses to dissipate.

Should you be reeling with a really blocked shower drain, you need to know how long to let Drano sit to fully dissolve all the blockage in the drain system. The best approach is the following:

  • Apply Drano after your night shower

  • Allow Drano to act overnight on the blockage

  • Leave Drano overnight for six to eight hours

  • In the morning, run the hot water tap for a minimum of two to five minutes before you get in for your morning shower

Running the tap to flush the last Drano product down the drain ensures you don’t inhale harmful chemical gasses that are produced during Drano’s action process.

The process where Drano unclogs your drain creates harmful chemical gasses that can damage the delicate tissues of your lungs.

As a precaution, you should wait until Drano’s gasses have cleared before you shower. If you leave Drano overnight, the gasses should be safe by morning.

Should you follow the quick route, you will want to carefully flush your shower drain before showering again after applying Drano.

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