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How to Use Bath Salts in the Shower: 7 Simple Tricks

A relaxing soak in the bathtub with your favorite aromatic soothing bath salts can work wonders.

But even if you don’t have a bathtub or don’t like the idea of soaking in water for 30 minutes, don’t worry — you can still use your favorite bath salts in the shower.

It’ll take a little creativity, but here’s how to use bath salts in the shower to replicate your favorite spa experience.

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Benefits of Using Bath Salts

Bath salts don’t only make you feel pampered —  they also support your body in many ways.

They contain a significant amount of magnesium that can replenish your body’s needs.

Adding bath salts to your shower routine can do a lot of things for your health and wellness:

  • Soothe tired and stiff muscles
  • Hydrate and detoxify your skin
  • Aid in relaxation and sleep
  • Rejuvenate your body

Using bath salts in the shower is especially beneficial to people with magnesium deficiency.

Plus, it’s an effective exfoliator that can remove dead skin cells and make your skin feel smoother and softer.

How to Use Bath Salts in the Shower?

You don’t have time for a bath, or maybe you dislike baths but still want to enjoy bath salts?

Here are some simple but effective ways to enjoy the rich, soothing bath salts in your shower.

1. Sprinkle Them Here and There

One of the simplest ways to use bath salts is to sprinkle them all around your shower and continue with your usual routine. The salts will eventually dissolve as the water hits, giving off soothing steam.


Use bath salts with intense aroma or infused with essential oils for aromatherapy when using this method.

It also works best if you choose your bath salt carefully.

For instance, a bath salt with eucalyptus oils is perfect for a refreshing aroma to wake you up in the morning or clear your airways if you have a cold.

2. Use Them as a Shower Scrub

Making an exfoliating scrub out of your bath salts is another way to take advantage of not only its aromatic benefits but its salt component as well.

Salt is a natural exfoliant that effectively scrubs away dead skin cells, leaving your skin smooth and soft to the touch.

You can rub the bath salt directly on your wet skin or combine it with your oil of choice for a thicker scrub that is easier to apply.


Use coconut, olive, almond, or sunflower oil and even mix in a few drops of your favorite essential oils for added moisturizing benefits.

3. Place Them Inside Your Shower Pouch

If you feel like scrubbing the bath salt directly to your skin is a bit too harsh or strong, consider using it with a shower pouch.

Place a handful of your favorite bath salt inside the small sachet, wet it slightly, then rub it on your skin in gentle, circular motions.

This method is a soothing exfoliating treatment that also keeps the relaxing aroma of the bath salt longer.


If you don’t have a shower pouch at home, you can make and use a simple pouch made of terry cloth.

4. Season Your Skin with Bath Salt

If you have sensitive skin and don’t want to cause irritation and redness when using a salt scrub, you can simply take a handful of your bath salt and season your skin with it.

This method is perfect if you have extra time to let the bath salt soak into your skin.

Even without using it as a scrub, applying bath salt directly to your skin can still help release muscle aches, soreness, and tension.

Leave the salt on your skin for at least five minutes, then rinse.


Apply the bath salt only on wet skin to help it dissolve faster and seep its inflammatory properties into your pores.

5. Combine Exfoliating Soap with Bath Salt

Bath salt and your favorite bath soap make a perfect combination for an exfoliating shower routine.

Simply wet one portion of your bar of soap and season it with enough bath salt, press, and let it dry.

The next time you shower, your new soap with bath salt is the perfect way to cleanse and exfoliate.

6. Combine Bath Salt with Your Body Wash

You don’t have a bar of soap? Don’t fret because you can also combine your body wash or shower gel with bath salt.

Many body wash products already contain salts, but you can also mix yours at home.

This exfoliating body wash is perfect for keeping your skin smooth and radiant after every shower, better than a typical body wash.

7. Steam Aromatherapy

Another way to use bath salts in the shower is through steam aromatherapy.

This method works best with essential oil-infused bath salts or scented bath salts.

Simply put a couple of spoonfuls of bath salt in a cup filled with hot water and bring it with you in the shower.

Place it somewhere safe and inhale the soothing aroma as the steam diffuses the essential oil in the shower.


Use bath salts with peppermint oil for soothing headaches and clearing sinuses or bath salts with lavender oil for an evening shower to relieve stress and promote better sleep.

By the way, you don’t have to choose one salt — you can switch it up to make your every shower even more exciting, aromatic, and therapeutic.

Can You Make Bath Salts at Home?

Now, you know the countless benefits of using bath salt and how to use them in the shower if you don’t have a tub, don’t have the time, or don’t like the idea of soaking for endless minutes.

Perhaps, you think about making your own bath salts at home to spice up your shower routine.

The great thing is, you can make bath salts at home using only a handful and simple ingredients. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Salt. It can either be Epsom salt, Pink Himalayan salt, coarse sea salt, or any combination of your choice

  • Essential oils

  • Other oils like coconut, olive, sunflower, jojoba, and almond oil

  • Vitamin E oil (optional)

  • Dried flower petals (optional)

  • Baking soda for exfoliating and softening the skin (optional)


When handling essential oils for your bath salt, make sure to dilute or mix it with carrier oils first.

Some essential oils, especially citrus and peppermint oils, can cause burns when applied to the skin directly.

Enjoy a Spa-Like Experience with Bath Salts in the Shower

Support your health with relaxing and soothing bath salts, and you don’t have to have a bathtub to do it.

Don’t let the lack of a bathtub or a time for a long bath put you off. When you can’t indulge in a 30-minute soak in a tub, you can still use bath salts in the shower.

Take full advantage of the therapeutic and health-restoring benefits by adding bath salts in your showers today.

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