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Bamboo Shower Bench: The Pros & Cons, Styles, Caring Tips

A shower bench is a fantastic addition to any bathroom.

It enhances the experience, provides extra storage, and even boosts your safety.

But figuring out the perfect material for your shower bench can be tricky.

The answer to this question might not be easy, but this article will explain why a bamboo shower bench might be the perfect fit for your bathroom.

bamboo shower bench

Can a Bamboo Bench Go in the Shower?

Bamboo benches can be used in the shower due to their water-resistant and anti-microbial properties.

They require a bit more care than teak or plastic, but they are a great option for a shower bench.

Bamboo is a fast-growing renewable resource that is lightweight and durable, making it suitable for indoor or outdoor shower needs.

It is also naturally odor-resistant and comes in various designs for any size shower.

Proper cleaning and maintenance are essential to keep a bamboo shower bench looking its best, and it can last for many years with the right care.

5 Game-Changing Benefits of a Bamboo Shower Bench


Unlike other benches made of tiles and stones, the bamboo shower bench is quite versatile.

You can easily remove it and use it anywhere else since it is not integrated with the bathroom.

Besides, you can also swap it out whenever you like without going through the hassle of bathroom remodeling.

Extra Storage

A bamboo bench only takes up a limited amount of space while providing you with a lot of extra space to store other items.

A bamboo shower bench with a storage shelf will be especially helpful if your bathroom space is small and you intend to make the most of it.


Natural bamboo can last for years and is easy to maintain.

Its pure form is water-resistant, meaning that your bamboo bench won’t wear out due to constant water contact.

A refined bamboo, however, ought to be handled with care.

But no worries!

The maintenance process for refined bamboo is relatively straightforward, so you’ll get improved durability with less effort to maintain in the long run. 


Nowadays, using eco-friendly products is more crucial than ever when everyone is encouraged to be more conscious of the environment.

Bamboo is entirely eco-friendly and has no negative environmental impact because it is grown in plantations.

By choosing the bamboo bench over others, you also get to partake in the numerous benefits of using eco-friendly furniture.


The bamboo shower bench provides a pleasing aesthetic look, and you can pick one that matches your bathroom style the best.

More importantly, the bamboo bench is not an integrated part of the bathroom, so you can replace it at any time.

Cons of a Bamboo Shower Bench

Needs Extra Care 

Bamboo’s only drawback is that it needs extra care, as you have to chemically treat it to make it resistant to molds and insects and make it stronger.

Refined bamboo must be oiled from time to time to maintain its waterproof state.

Over time, the wood could become mushy and soft due to constant use. 

4 Bamboo Shower Bench Styles to Choose From

The bamboo shower bench comes in different styles to suit your taste and your bathroom aesthetics.

The following are some of the most popular bamboo bench styles.

Corner Bamboo Shower Bench

A corner bamboo shower bench sits in the corner of the bathroom and works perfectly to save space.

You could also opt for it if you love the idea of a corner bench but would rather it’s a sustainable option like bamboo.

Bamboo Shower Bench with Storage Shelf

This style has an extra layer beneath where you can store other valuable things such as your shampoo bottles, shaving stick, scrubs, soap, and other cosmetic products.

A bamboo shower bench with a storage shelf helps reduce clutter in the bathroom.

Bamboo Shower Bench with Supplementary Bath Mat

This style comes with a bath mat that sits in front of the bench where you can rest your legs and let the water from the shower drain to the mat before walking around.

You can also use it to rest your feet while shaving or wiping your legs.

It is recommended to pair your bench with a bamboo bath mat than a regular foot mat.

Folding Bamboo Shower Bench

A folding bamboo shower bench can either be attached to the wall or serve as a simple seat folded when not in use.

The one attached to the wall provides stability and can support up to 400 lbs when installed correctly.

A folding bench placed on the floor helps you save space by folding it away when not in use. 

How to Take Care of Bamboo Shower Bench

Bamboo shower benches need extra care compared to tiles, granite, and marble with better durability.

The first step to caring for your bamboo bench is understanding that its waterproof abilities are diminished in its refined state.

Hence, you want to ensure you keep it completely dry after use.

It should also be treated at least once a week to help maintain its durability.

This can be done with a solution of vinegar and water or linseed oil which penetrates much quicker.

This helps the bench last longer and prevents it from molds, mildews, and insects.

Avoid using harsh products such as bleach, as it could dry out and crack the bench, which allows more infiltration of water.

Bamboo vs. Teak Shower Bench

Bamboo and teak are pretty similar, and deciding which is best will be based on the factors you’re looking for in a shower bench.

While teak has higher durability due to its brilliant resistance against water, it loses its color quickly and may have stains such as watermarks.

Preventing this will require frequent oil treatments to help retain its color and quality.

If you would instead opt for a more sustainable option, then bamboo might be your best bet.

Not only it is more eco-friendly, but it is also less expensive and has a more elegant look.

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